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protein-bar-choc-box.jpgI generally eschew protein bars–too many calories for not enough nutrition or taste–but once in a while one comes along that dazzles me. About five minutes ago I unwrapped a bit of heaven–a Greens Plus Peanut Butter and Chocolate Protein Bar. Granted, heaven is easy to come by when chocolate and peanut butter mingle. But when they also meet whey, agave nectar, spirulina, and a whole bunch of other good stuff with zero refined sugar, I can stay a while. Yum.

The bar is also cold-pressed, meaning it’s a raw food, meaning it has a lot more of its nutrients intact than a regular cooked bar. The company also claims it’s low-glycemic, another bar rarity–no snack-crashes. And no weird “healthy” after-taste, and the texture is reminiscent of those old-school Tiger’s Milk bars. But taste much better, IMHO. You can buy them by the case (12 bars), or grab one at your local health food store. 

I’m thinking of doing a healthy protein bar round-up soon, if you have any faves to add to the list, please share below.   


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