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How I Kick a Common Cold

Holly, I feel you and your sniffles! I’ve caught every little bug this year (thanks, stress!). But, in general how I kick a common cold is the following (oh and I am sooo not a medical professional, so definitely check with your doctor before taking any of my advice).

1) Load up on Emergen-C Lite. I’m a big fan of these powdery packets. They each have 1,000 mgs of vitamin C and the “lite” version doesn’t have much sweetener–fake or otherwise–so it goes down fizzy and easy. And it’s only got 5 calories if you care about that sort of thing. I try to chug 3 a day when I feel something coming on.


2) Cut out all sugar and dairy. I stop eating anything sweet, including fruit, for a few days to help “alkalize” my system–help shift my PH level from acid to more basic. One theory says this can ward off any disease because the icks thrive in an acidic internal environment, but not a basic or more neutral one. It’s controversial, but makes sense to me. (Here’s a list of acid and alkaline foods). Dairy products also acidify the system, plus they just make me phlegmier.

3) Eat lots of leafy greens. Also along the alkalizing line of thought. Plus they’re packed with minerals and chlorophyll and all things healthy bodies thrive on. I like to order an all-green juice from the health food store–and I ask them to add a little green apple or carrot juice to take off the bitter edge.


4) Sleep. Might seem like a no-brainer, but deep sleep restores everything and all heals so much faster.

5) Drink hot tea with lemon. The lemon cuts the phlegm, the hot water soothes. (Holly actually just created a brilliant a gallery on the health secrets of lemons you might like.)

6) Take acidophilus. Getting your colon working properly ensures that you process toxins and keep things moving along properly.

7) Take Wellness Formula. I pop these giant horsepills of a multi-vitamin every three hours (the label says to) when I’m run down. It really helps.


8) Take the oscililipholo-a-rama stuff. Ok, I can’t pronounce or spell it, but on the off-chance you’re coming down with a flu, these homepathic magic pills are great.

9) Drink lots of water. Also a no-brainer, but the faster you can get things flushed out of your sytem, the sooner you will feel better.

10) Have fun! The whole “laughter heals” thing is not a joke. Try to get in some giggles–you’ll release some happy-making oxytocin and your cells will function better and at the very least you’ll keep yourself from getting Common Cold Mopey Misery Syndrome. 

11) Give in. You know, sometimes the body needs to get sick. It’s telling you it has to release something and rest. Listen in to know when to stop battling and start popping in Gilmore Girls on DVD in your robe and blanket.  

What are your secret tricks for kicking out a cold before it settles in? 

  • Holly

    Thanks, Valerie – it looks like it’s #11 for me. My tonsils are puffy and my head is congested. Game over, man. I’m sick. There’s actually some relief in adding “and that’s ok.” There will be another weekend to meet my nephew, and meantime, this is why they made Gilmore Girls!

  • Jean

    Vitamin C and chicken noodle soup! I’m also down with the herbal tea loaded with lemons and honey. Works every time. This is so funny – I did a post on quashing colds in my blog as well. Must be the season.

  • Your Name

    My husband and I are beekeepers and I just have to plug the wonderful healing power of honey. I use it everyday and for the past couple of years, I have been able to avoid colds and sinus headaches. There are so many healing qualities of honey. Try to find a local beekeeper so that you can prosper from the pollen that the bees in your area are bringing back to produce their honey. If you buy honey from the store be careful that it is pure honey…nothing added. Happy honey hunting!

  • Nancy Abercrombie

    These remedies are fine, but they don’t go to the root of the cold. There are emotional reasons that gave you the cold. Find them in a little book called Never Have Another Cold. Scientists have not found a cure because they know the cure is a mind set. I have had only three colds in 40 years, since I learned this technique. It really works! I save lots of money by not buying medicine, tissues, cough drops, and I sure don’t miss the misery of having 2 or 3 colds every year.

  • Sandy Gurley

    My mother & I take an herbal pill from our local health food store Health Habit. The pill is called “Defense Plus”, and it has a lot of citrus extracts, grapeseed extract, and a lot more herbal ingredients that help your immune system. It really seems to help us stay healthy.

  • yur mom

    i have a sinus cold often and get sick often what do i do

  • Your Name

    Where do I find that book, “Never Have Another Cold?” And who is it by? I looked in my state’s library system and they don’t have it. They’re pretty good with a lot of books too!! What year was it published?

  • Sick and tired of sinusitis!!

    Dear YUR MOM: You use 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt + 1 teaspoon baking soda and put it in a Neti pot with water, warm water, because cold or cool water hurts the nose, ie it gives pain, doesn’t do any harm to nose. This bit I do twice a day as prescribed by my doctor, gotta try to rinse out nose using 1/2 the pot on one nostril, 1/2 the pot on the other…with time you get it a beginner though, use a full pot on each nostril with that concoction listed above the salt and baking soda with warm water. You get out some nasty stuff for the first 2 days but after that you look forward to ridding the sniffles and pain at that particular time of day when you must do it again. Works to rid sinusitis in winter time I know that for me!! I also have some type of immune deficiency in my immunoglobulins so if it works for me, I know it will work for any one!! Happy flushing :) LOL

  • Sue

    I would add one more point. Another safe alternative measure is walking! A recent study showed you are 3x less likely to contract a cold if you walk on a daily basis. How much walking? How can you fit walking into a busy life?
    Read the details at

  • Leana Bardill

    If anyone is intrigued by Valerie’s mention of the alkaline diet, they might want to check out the Alkaline Diet FAQ:

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  • how to get rid of co

    Your article is very interesting. Remember that health is wealth so take good care of your health. Make sure to drink lots water and ample rest.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Ellie

    Since I have a very bad immune system because of certain medications I have to take, the cold remedies were very interesting and informative.

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