Flunking Sainthood

Flunking Sainthood

Attention Publicists, Authors, and Bloggers: Opportunities to Guest Post

beliefnet-logo.6.25.10.jpgFriends, as many of you know, I am going to be teaching part-time during the spring semester at Miami University of Ohio. I’m excited about this opportunity, but since this is in addition to my regular job as an acquisitions editor it means I’ll have less time over the next few months to devote to this Beliefnet blog.

I have always used guest bloggers once or twice a week, and that ratio is going to increase a bit through May. So please contact me through Facebook or Twitter if you would like to be considered for this opportunity. This blog emphasizes a number of things (spirituality, pop culture, religious humor, current affairs, social justice, the Mormon experience), so the general topics are fairly wide open. Some helpful hints:


  • The length needs to be below 1,000 words (expect to be edited for style, length, and sometimes content). Shorter is even better.
  • The post must be timely and of interest to a large number of readers.
  • It’s good to take a clear position on an issue.
  • Bloggers whose posts are accepted will write well and have a social network from which they can link to/announce the post.
  • Shoot me a quick query letter before you submit a post. I’ll be able to tell you whether the idea might be appropriate for the blog.

I’m also interested in running more excerpts and author Q&As on this blog; these typically happen on Wednesdays. Publicists and authors should contact me a few weeks before publication with pitches for new books on topics that are relevant to the blog.

I look forward to broadening our conversations. –JKR 

  • Dr. Michael J. Cohen

    Dear Jana,

    Is it reasonable for an Editor not to know or learn that a human being has two bodies: 1) their whole, full, literate-self body and 2) Planet Earth/Nature, their non-literate “Other Body”?

    We suffer our hurtful stress, disorders and dilemmas because our Literate-Self stories make us
    excessively disconnect from and abuse our Other Body, Earth, in and around us. You can help remedy
    this personal and global catastrophe:

    (Reading time: 90 seconds)

    Certified Organic: Nature as Higher Power

    Creating moments that let Earth free us from polluted thoughts, feelings and relationships

    Question: What would you think, feel or be if your other body, Earth, was taken away from you?

    Two decades ago the key book “My Name is Chellis and I’m in Recovery from Western Civilization,” clearly showed that the hurtful wants resulting from our excessive disconnection from nature are the source of most contemporary addictions and disorders. The book, however, did not provide a mental health process or tool to help us remedy our disorders so they continue to plague us.

    Today a singular remedy for nature disconnection is available to any reasonable individual. It simply asks, “How reasonable are you willing to be?”

    Does your natural sense of reason recognize the undeniable fact that you are reading these words at this moment and that this is self-evident? If it does validate this truth, then your reasoning also knows that many of your additional 53 natural senses are intact, – including your senses of sight, consciousness, literacy, trust, place and aliveness. In harmonious relationship, these senses make possible your ability to read.

    Restoring and strengthening our inherent 54 natural sense intelligence is the heart of “Certified Organic: Nature as Higher Power” (NHP). This practical, hands-on, 188-page workbook helps us benefit from our distraught response to, “What would you think, feel or be if your other body, Earth, was taken away from you?” We discover that we are seldom taught that Earth is our other body and act accordingly.

    NHP comes with an unprecedented warranty for authenticity, a guarantee that the book contains undeniable facts that are culturally suppressed. Their omission makes our body, mind and spirit want. In turn we addict to the detrimental fulfillments that produce our disorders.

    The accredited Organic Psychology methods and materials of NHP help us remedy our disorders via the art and science of Educating Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN). It enables us to restore over 50 of our natural senses that Industrial Society has injured in its traumatic conquest of the natural, in and around us.

    ECHN is a crucial component for mental health and rehabilitation; its organics help us increase personal, social and environmental well-being that lasts.

    For complete information:


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