Flirting with Faith
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I came across a blog post today that posed a simple question, What Books Influenced Your Christian Formation the Most? A number of thoughtful comments followed with lists of writers, some of whom I had read or heard of and others new […]

Woke up this morning still thinking about the impact on human beings of living through a time of Exponential Change.  I’m not referring to the masses. I have a difficult enough time figuring out where I fit in the world without […]

Leonard, Philly, Albert and Greta have really gotten me thinking about faith, fear and how we interact with and perceive one another in light of our different viewpoints on God (faith or no).  If you are coming to the conversation […]

In his comment on yesterday’s “I Was Never a Real Atheist” post, Nick commented: “While I agree that the ‘Geek Squad guy’ was mistaken in his assumption that you were never an atheist, it’s also the case that many former […]

That’s what the Geek Squad guy at Best Buy told me, anyway. It was a little over a year ago, and I was at the counter with my husband Martin’s laptop, hoping that his difficulty connecting to our wireless network […]

God decided to become visible to a king and a peasant and sent an angel to inform them of the blessed event.  ‘O King,’ the angel announced. ‘God has deigned to be revealed to you in whatever manner you wish. […]

“Oh my heart feels like a spring, and next to it lies my old deep sullen well. Let it. I’m not drawing from it these days.”- Rilke

Author Unknown   I wish you not a path devoid of clouds,Nor a life on a bed or roses.Nor, that you might never need regret,Nor that you should never feel pain. No, this is not my wish for you. My […]