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After Oregon shootings, an idea’s time finally comes. Victims from previous mass shooting incidents have been  urging the media to cool it when it comes to giving the gunmen the recognition that they crave. Fortunately, their pleas may finally be having an impact. Here’s what they want:


  • Limit the name and likeness of the individual from reporting after initial identification, except when the alleged assailant is still at large and in doing so would aid in the assailant’s capture.
  • Refuse to broadcast/publish photos and/or self-serving statements made by the individual. Elevate the names and likenesses of all victims killed to send the message their lives are more important than the killer.
  • Recognize that the prospect of infamy could serve as a motivating factor for other individuals to kill others and could inspire copycat crimes.  Keep this responsibility in mind when reporting.
  • Agree to promote data and analysis from experts in mental health, public safety, and other relevant professions to support further steps to help eliminate the motivation behind mass murder. Recognize that the individual’s name and likeness is irrelevant to media coverage of such acts unless the alleged assailant is at large.
Good works. In partnership with Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) K-LOVE will send 40 nutritious MannaPack rice meals for every EZ $40 gift given during K-LOVE’s Fall pledge drive from October 6-16, 2015. More than 700,000 meals are expected to be provided through the effort.
“We really believe in the work of Feed My Starving Children and we are thrilled to partner with them for our K-LOVE Fall Pledge Drive, says K-LOVE President and CEO Mike Novak, adding “What they do represents the true heart of ministry, making a tangible difference in hearts and lives for His Kingdom.”

Throughout the upcoming ten-day Fall pledge drive K-LOVE will help support FMSC in their goal to produce 270 million meals this year for children in need.  K-LOVE will feature the ministry partner across their national radio network with a reach of 18 million listeners, as well as their social media networks and website.
Encourage one another and build each other up – 1 Thessalonians 5:11
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