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Thumbnail image for cheater_sign1.jpgOk, I admit it — I don’t think
I have it in me to forgive a cheater. Oh, I’m a forgiving person in general, believe you
me. But forgiving a cheater? Nope, no way. Future significant others beware —
don’t do it. I will put you through a roller coaster ride of initial
forgiveness, followed by passive aggressive remarks about how you “owe” me, and
finish it off with the grand finale of breaking up with you after all.Yeah, I know….unhealthy and probably not at all ethical, but what can I say?

What if it happened to you?
Would you forgive and forget, move on with your life? Kick him (or her) out; instant divorce?
OR….subject them to utter humiliation before allowing them back in
If you chose the last, then you
gotta admire this woman in Centreville, VA, who discovered her husband cheating
and came up with the best penance for him to get back into her good graces
— a very public humiliation.

Morning commuters in Tysons
Corner, VA, got a kick when they saw William Tayler standing on a busy
intersection with a homemade sign hanging around his neck, “I CHEATED. THIS IS
Watch the video here.
He had to stand out there from
9 a.m. until about 11a.m. when his wife texted him to come on home (presumably
all was forgiven).
What if it happened to you?
Would you take the ethical high road? And…not to make light of a painful
situation, but I’d also love to hear other creative “woman/man scorned”

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