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Welcome!  This is a totally different program that can help you lose weight and become healthier in a whole new way.  How is it new? Simple: most weight loss diets are about what you take in, this one is about giving back the excess weight and problems, and helping others in return.  Best of all, it’s free, very easy, and available 24/7, right here on  (*CONTINUED BELOW*)

How does “The Give-Back Diet” work? By giving back unhealthy foods day-by-day, by not buying or consuming them, by giving your problems to God (Spirit, Higher Power, or the divine name you believe in) and asking for help, and then by giving back to other people – it is possible to build new habits and enjoy lasting change.  

Most importantly, by shifting the focus off of your problems and old destructive habits, you become open to new ways and ideas of living.  By giving to others, we are uplifted and healed.  Sometimes, it’s possible to get all caught up in your own situations and it is difficult to see your own needs and challenges.  By reaching out and giving your attention and care to others in need, you gain another perspective and learn about yourself.

If you are self-centered there’s little or no room for God, or others.  Giving back problems, trusting in God 100% to show you the way, allows you to become re-attuned to what God has in store.  You come to rely on spiritual strengths, instead of being mired in your own weaknesses or shortcomings.

There will be daily tips and action ideas on what to eat to feel more satisfied with less food in the right combinations.  I’ll show you how to completely reorient your thinking, becoming mindful of what are the best foods, in the perfect amounts for you.  I’ll offer simple, joyful movements and re-creation that anyone can do.  You become part of a whole community of people on this program, receiving help and giving it back.  Each day I’ll offer you ways to enjoy your life again, unburdened by overweight or obesity – think of it as a LIFE give back! God, and the community are giving back to you, as you’re giving back.

Let’s get started. There are only a few things to do today, and every day for the next 8 weeks.  Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Action Plan:

  • See your doctor or go to a medical clinic for a checkup as soon as possible – hopefully today or tomorrow.  Make sure your body is healthy.  Ask your doctor to weigh you, and make a note of it.  It might be a good idea to ask her to help you figure your BMI score, too, and record it.  Also note your body measurements: waist, chest, hips, upper arm, and upper leg.
  • Return here, to everyday.  Each day I’ll give you some new ideas and some really simple tips.  I promise to guide you every step of the way.   I will only ask you to do a few very easy things every day, but it’s important to return here first thing each morning and do them!
  • Start a “Give-Back Diet Journal” today, like a diary, where you keep track of what you eat, what you do for re-creation and movement, your feelings, and how much money you’ve saved by making healthier choices in food.  It can be a blank-page book, or just some pieces of paper stapled together.  Best if it is pocket-sized, so you can take it with you.
  • First “Action Plan”: write in your journal the following words, “God (or ____) I ask You for help.”  Also write three of your biggest problems.  It might be that you eat too many sweets, or too many fatty or salty foods.  It might be that you overeat at night.  Perhaps you deprive yourself of food and then go on binges.  May be you are an “emotional eater,” or are lonely and want to “fill up.”  You know what your problems are, right?  Now, let’s get you the power to release them.  The first step is becoming mindful of them.
  • Now, begin writing anything and everything you eat, do and feel today.  This is about becoming mindful.  Just by knowing what and how much of what you eat will automatically cause you to begin making healthier choices.  Seeing your habits in print turns them around and gives them back to you in a whole new light.  One client of mine, Nancy, lost 70 pounds just by journaling and logging!  You can, too.
  • I’d like you to go outside for a walk for at least 10 minutes, but not more than 30 minutes.  If you have trouble walking, or it’s too cold outside, take 10 minutes to just move and gently stretch your arms and legs, standing or sitting.   This is about connecting your mind with your body, and giving back to your physical self.
  • Finally, post a comment below “giving back” your problems.  List the three biggest problems in your life. Share your prayer asking God for help, if you like.  This helps not only you, but also others, assuring each other that we’re not alone in our struggles and efforts.  Feel free to be anonymous, use a made-up name, or your real first name.  This immediately connects you with a large group of like-minded people.

Please do these things right now, before your mind gets filled-up with blocks or counter-productive old habits.  Come back tomorrow to read what others have posted, and for some new ideas and ways of being your best.

Please tell all your friends about this new program – invite them to join in too.

See you tomorrow!


I would LOVE to personally help YOU with my “Give-Back Diet” program.  Details at

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