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I think you will love this:  Janice Taylor and I are beginning an online, blog conversation.  This is the beginning.  We will talk back and forth between our Beliefnet blogs from time-to-time.  Our conversations will be about specific themes and questions around the subjects of weight loss and maintaining, healthy diets, lifestyles, exercise and recreation, beliefs and spiritual practices, and who knows who else and what else?  Overweight politicians and government leaders? Opera singers?  Skinny models?  Hmmmm, not sure about those – why don’t you weigh in and make some comments and suggestions?

We are both totally committed to your best health and happiness, although we have very different approaches, experiences and styles of writing.  I think Janice is a whole lot of fun, and gives some really cool advice on making the process a light delight (and I agree that’s important).  It will be great to see how we think and write about specific points.  We will probably agree on a lot, but there could be times we don’t, so you’ll just have to check back every day on both blogs to see for yourself.  This is all about helping you do what we did: lose weight, find balance and keep it going. So, with YOU in mind and heart, let the conversation begin!

Janice suggested that we start this week with the question:  What are YOU hungry for?  That’s right to an important point.

It’s a long story with me, hunger.  When I was 400 pounds I would have said I was hungry for – BROWNIES.  Dozens of them.  Or ice cream.  Or a girlfriend.  A high-paying job.  Attention.  Recognition.  To not weigh 400 pounds.  To be able to eat anything and not gain weight.  To not have to special-order clothes and EEEEE-width shoes.  To fit into movie theater seats.

Now, I honestly say I am hungry for carbohydrates.  (Just kidding, that’s not all.) That is my biggest struggle, and it happens almost every afternoon and night.

What solves my problem of too many carbs (i.e. sweets)?  I feed myself with LOVE.  I ask God for help; to show me the way.  I meditate and feel His presence; the love that heals and preserves me.  God’s love is always there, and I am deeply hungry for it.  That total sweetness is what I am most hungry for.

I always let myself have some carbs, but consistently within a structured food plan, like the one I wrote about in my book – I preach it, I practice it.  I keep track of what I’ve eaten throughout the day, and I try to allow myself some grains (carbs) in the afternoon and evening.  Crackers.  Toast.  A piece of cake once in awhile.

I make sure to fill myself with the love of friends and family too.  Every day and evening.

Janice, what are you hungry for?  READER, FRIEND… WHAT ARE YOU HUNGRY FOR?  Please post a comment below!  Join the fun!

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