Dr. Norris J. Chumley Satisfied Life

Dr. Norris J. Chumley Satisfied Life

A Message of Welcome

October 29, 2008

Welcome.  You’ve come to the right place.  Let me assure you that you are valuable, and that everything in your life is just fine – although things may not appear to be so fine right now.  As a matter of fact, if you are like a lot of us, it’s really hard to be happy, fulfilled, and satisfied these days, what with limits and budgets.

That’s what this blog is all about.  It is called Dr. Norris Chumley Satisfied Life for good reason:  this is the place to explore being truly satisfied with every aspect of your life.  I’ll show you how, step-by-step.  I am a theologian and author, a specialist in living well and in loving God – you may know me from my books and videos, and many years on Beliefnet.com.  I’ve lost 160 pounds and maintained that weight loss over 16 years, thank God.  

What do I mean by  “satisfied life?”  It means having enough, and being enough.  Taking really good care of yourself in every way – keeping your weight in balance, eating well, using your body and mind, connecting with others and with God.  It means accepting and even loving yourself – just the way you are. In this blog – our blog — you’ll discover new ways to enjoy moving and being physical – handling stress and personal crises without resorting to overeating – spiritual practices that will calm you and nurture your whole being from the inside out.  Liberating yourself in every way from old habits, past-problems, debts, and mistakes.   

We’ll work together, day-by-day, becoming conscious of your old patterns and useless beliefs that may have once offered a false sense of satisfaction, but are now excess burdens. We will appreciate nature, and how we naturally belong in the divine design.  We’ll cook, eat and play together.  We will talk of relationships, and the importance of helping others.  I’ll write and speak often on the subject of “enjoying what you have, instead of craving what you don’t have.”  I’ll often encourage you to “enjoy who you are.”  

Most of all, this blog is about being centered in the moment that is now.  It’s about positive thinking, instead of negative sabotage.  Dr. Norris Chumley Satisfied Life is about you: your whole self just right, as you are, fully alive and satisfied.

Best Blessings,
Norris Chumley, Ph.D.

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    November 4, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    I have lost 144 lbs but i still eat sometimes.I try to stay abstinant but sometimes i fail but i will not give up

  2. Cynthia
    November 5, 2008 at 9:21 am

    I am a 42 year old recently divorced mother of a 13 year old son. That sentence in itself says a lot! I am an emotional eater. I crave potatoes (cooked any way but fries are the best) and chinese. These are my favorite comfort foods. I am 50 pounds overweight. I’ve tried many kinds of diets but I truly understand that I’ve got to exercise. My problem is I loathe exercising! It makes me depressed to think about doing it but I get depressed when I look in the mirror and see my fat stomach, hips and thighs. My mind is not made up to improve my lifestyle. I know this has to be a lifestyle change not a diet. I’ve got so many issues emotionally I’m trying to deal with. Some days it is overwhelming. I’ve enjoyed Dr. Norris’ words of encouragement and I’ve cut out a couple and hung them at my desk and they’ve helped me deal with some difficult times. I’ve got such a long way to go! I need to improve from the inside out!

  3. Ana D. Nolasco
    November 5, 2008 at 9:44 am

    Doctor Chumley: I really appreciate the sensible way that you use to write about life in general.
    I enjoy reading your blog everyday.
    Ana Nolasco

  4. hari
    November 5, 2008 at 10:20 am

    This comment is for Cynthia who is divorced with a 13 yrd old son. Having raised 4 grown and married children, I’d like to “warn” Cynthia that when a child reaches about 11 yrs old (some later), he will change seemingly overnight. He may seem to ignore or not to understand “everyday English” and seem to be from outer space. With divorce issues in the mix, I’m sure it is more difficult to deal with this child. What I can say is, if this happens, Cynthia, it’s not your fault. You are not a bad mother (the question I always asked myself when my kids reached that phase). But you will probably need help to deal with your child beside your divorce. He will still need boundary that you have to give lovingly without yelling or screaming. Don’t forget to pray. Best of luck.

  5. Karin
    November 5, 2008 at 11:21 am

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! At this present day in time, it is so easy to focus on your finanical situation, not being married and/or any illness that you may have. This message spoke to me in helping focus on loving me more. I was watching Joel Osteen on last week and he stated that you have to see yourself coming out of the situation that you may be in and tell your situation, that it is no longer welcomed in your body, house, and mind!

  6. Barbara
    November 5, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    Hi there and let me just say how inspiring you are to me! I appreciate your daily words of wisdom! I am finally losing weight……40 to go, but I lost 6# last month!!! Whoo Hoo!! I am eating just to be satisfied, not STUFFED! That feeling to me now is something that makes me just sick to even think about!!! Move, move, move away from the kitchen is another one of my mottos!!

  7. Edry
    November 6, 2008 at 9:36 am

    I feel thankful to God because im not alone in this journey.
    Not only with my weight but also with my life, family, selfconfidence
    Thanks Dr. Norris and all the friends that write in this blog.

  8. Pat W
    November 7, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    Please let me be a part of this group. I am so confused and while I want to lose weight, I am not motivated. I am 64 years old and I want a consistent pattern of behavior that is not destructive. I find your comments encouraging and I want to be a better person, one who encourages others.

  9. Pat
    November 18, 2008 at 7:59 am

    My pain today is unbearable. I lost my husband of 47 years just thirty hours ago and I am so numb; I don’t believe I can go on without him. He was my rock and I have always been the weak one. All I can think about now is joining him. God help me.

  10. Nancy Wetherbee
    December 25, 2009 at 6:10 am

    Oh Dearest Pat,
    I know your pain, my dear husband Bill passed away almost 2 years ago and he was the strong one I thought. I felt that God had no use for me any longer. But Pat, remember our beloved lord does know what he is doing. This first year will be your hardest and you will feel a lonely like you never knew existed however with prayer and people you can talk to or e-mail (like me)you will learn how to cope and you will become stronger than you ever thought possible. Just lean on God and all will be right in your soul.
    Love and prayer is being sent out at this moment my friend.

  11. Nancy Wetherbee
    December 25, 2009 at 6:15 am

    I need to send another comment as I would love to join with this group in trying to loose weight. I need to loose about 20 lbs to make me happy and about 50 lbs to make my Dr happy. (grin) I need help, instructions on how to eat, and prayer. May this Christmas be the beginning of a weight loss and a way to keep it off is my prayer.

  12. Sandy
    December 31, 2009 at 10:42 am

    Dr Chumley,
    I am so glad to have found you at the beginning of this, the year 2010! A year with potential and blessings and joy…and a healthier way of living. I am not making resolutions. I am making life changes to be able to live the life that my God has blessed me with.
    Looking forward to your encouragement and wise words!

  13. teacherdan
    February 21, 2010 at 8:46 am

    I came across this site on belief.net and am grabbing it like a lifeline. I was told this week that I will have to retire from teaching because of its effects on my heart. I have struggled with weight for most of my adult life. Now it has become a life and death struggle that I have to win.

  14. November 15, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    Insipring. We often miss the importance of good “balence” in our body mind and soul.

  15. June 17, 2011 at 10:06 am

    My ex husband of many years passed away this week because he didnt believe in doctors & eventually waisted away…Thank G-d I do believe in getting help when I need it…when I was 23 I almost lost my life for an allergic reaction…I got the help I needed & many years here I am well & alive…

    I am happy to be here on this site seeking help & giving help as we profoundly come to realize that being connected helps ease the challenges that we all face.

    Its not the end of the world that I still have 50 pounds to loose..I love myself & am happy that I have lost 50 pounds in the last 8 years

    Right 8 years…never get discouraged…keep believing in yourself..it might take a lifetime. be happy with who you are now love yourself completely with G-d inside yourself..continue your spiritual path making good choices for yourself…we are on this journey together..

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