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Dreaming on the longest night, when the wolf eats the moon


The winter solstice is one of the great ritual events of the Northern year. At Newgrange, the great megalithic site in Ireland, older than Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt, a light box was constructed so that at dawn on the winter solstice the first shaft of sunlight would strike deep into the inner chamber, illuminating a stone basin that may have been a place of magical requickening.
The time of the longest night, before the sun turns back, was an edgy time for early peoples. A time when the power of the dark side is at its greatest. It was observed by western Slavs as Korichun, the time when the old sun god is defeated and killed by the Black God and the powers of darkness rule on earth until the birth of the new sun. Through this time, humans sought to call back the light by burning fires and by performing a chain-dance, in honor of the dying and reborning god.
Our early ancestors would have regarded tonight as an especially edgy time. For the first time since the 17th century, we will see the eclipse of the full moon on the eve of the winter solstice. Early peoples feared the time when the earth’s shadow erases the moon as a window for dark powers to intrude on humans. The Chinese fired guns at the lunar eclipse in an effort to scare away demons and evil spirits. An Iroquois friend describes the lunar eclipse as “the night when the wolf eats the moon.”
In a world lit by artificial fires, most of us are less sensitive to events in the night sky than our ancestors. All the same, our passage through the eclipse of the full moon, on the longest night of the year, may make all of us more ready than ever to hail the return of the sun. This is when the Sami, whose reindeer shamanism may have given us the first Santa, make offerings to Beiwe, the sun-goddess who revives the fertility of humans and of earth, to call her to come riding back through the sky in her chariot of reindeer bones. In the I Ching, the Chinese oracle, the hexagram associated with the winter solstice is #24, Fu, or Turning Back. It indicates that “the light that was banished is returning” and “the dead king rises again.”  We are on our way to Christmas, which the ancients would have recognized as a chapter in a never-ending story of a god-man who dies and is reborn.
Dreamers tonight may want to invoke spiritual guidance and psychic protection, and review their dream content with an eye to the old belief about the qualities of the longest night and the lunar eclipse. After the solstice tomorrow, however, will be an excellent time to dream consciously on the year ahead.
Lunar eclipse image from Grasslands Observatory

  • Colleen

    Fascinating article with personal resounding synchronicity – random Tarot Card today ‘The Moon’ plus last night here in Australia I watched an item on an ancient site in New England build in the style of Newgrange in Ireland and I wondered if you know of it or have visited it. The bodkins were arguing about its age and who might have built it [as usual]. I thought if you were to visit and dream you would be able to answer the puzzle. Do you know of it and where it is? Would any one else know or have visited it. Seemed to me its revelation at this moment on the eve of this very special Solstice/Solar Eclipse is significant. There were many stones of purpose and one angle stone that cut the horizon, seemed to me now would be the time to be there and to see if it tracked the rising Moon as it meets with the Shadow of the Earth and to see what is revealed. Hopefully someone will take witness of this event. Personally for me it is a time of emerging change and a journey although I do not know to whence I go, just that the forces are gathering and I am being made ready to commence, as the veil thins and I feel Death at my shoulder. I move forward with respect and caution and perhaps the greatest gift of all awareness.
    Blessings of Peace, Happiness and Thanks this Christmas to you Robert and all your readers who share your gifts.

  • Wanda Burch

    “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” [Victor Hugo, Les Miserables]. The moon is so bright tonight, it is like a sun – seems strange to think that it will go dark in just a few hours.

  • Savannah

    Thank you so much for this, Robert. I hope to stay awake long enough to observe the eclipse, and will remember to call in protection for the night! Hmmm… I wonder if those forces of the dark had any hand in the electrical failure that has been causing random outlets to lose power intermittently for about two days now, all across the shared property where I rent an apartment. The electrician has made a list, checked it twice and has absolutely no explanation. I’ll be curious to see if all will be restored tomorrow…
    Bright solstice blessings to you, and to all!

  • katie

    really fascinating.

  • Your Name connie evans

    A few weeks ago I dreamed of a large stone colored planet someone suggested it was the moon. It was not luminous.When I saw pictures of the eclipse It was the exact MOON of my dream. Further research led me to this site and this article. Not a coincidense?

  • Robert Moss

    Connie – sounds like a preview. Now you know you can dream an event ahead of time, perhaps you’ll want to learn how to expand that gift and dream information about possible future events that you can use to shape the future for the better. This is a key theme in my method of Active Dreaming, and you’ll find many practical (and fun) techniques in my books. Good ones to start with: Conscious Dreaming and/or The Three “Only” Things.

  • Mary

    You know, my deceased father has come to me over the past 10 years in dreams and always appearing happy and smiling, and about 30 years of ago – healthy. He and I chat and he explains things to me about what is happening to him on the other side. The night of the solstice, he came to me in a dream again, but this time very agitated and not himself. I woke up feeling very angry because this was not the personality I’ve encountered these past 10 years. I’m not sure if the solstice and concurrent eclipse had anything to do with this disturbance, but what came through to me in my dream state was definitely not the personality or temperament I’ve been communicating with this past decade.

  • Jane Jones

    Dreamt about blogging with friends. Isnt this freaky!

  • Robert Moss

    Mary – I would view that troubling change as a possible example of the disturbed psychic conditions during a lunar eclipse. If it were my dream, I’d reflect that what I encountered this time may not have been my father at all.

  • Robert Moss

    Jane – and here you are! Sometimes there’s hardly a wink between a dream and its manifestation.

  • mj

    MERRY XMAS GEORGE and to your family and staffs on cost to cost aswell YOUR family grandkids and so on safe good health 2011 BY MJ.

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