Doing Life Together

Doing Life Together

Why Joe Jonas, Why?

OK I admit, I am a little stuck on celebrity issues these past few days. That is what happens when I jump on the Arc machine at the Y and stay on it for 60 minutes. So here is the latest celebrity news that upset me.

I watched E-News and saw an interview with Joe Jonas, the middle brother of the Jonas trio. For years, my daughter was enamored with the Jonas Brothers so I feel like I kind of know the boys. I liked the fact that they were clean cut and sang lyrics that weren’t demeaning girls and telling them to have sex with anything that moves.

But Joe, come on. He was debuting his new music video. The video was about a love relationship and showed him and another girl naked in a bath tub (the shot was quick and you couldn’t see any significant body parts but the picture looked like they were nude in the tub together) . What does that say to screaming tweeners?


He was also in bed, half dressed with a girl that we later see in a tee and panties. Let’s just say they were both quite physical.

Joe Jonas in a hook up? NO I yelled at the monitor, “Joe, WHY did you have to do that!” Then Joe tells me he is going on tour with Britney Spears!!!OK my world didn’t collapse but I was really bummed. Wonder what Mama Jonas thought of that video? How about his pastor?

The one group (I’m still holding hope for Taylor Swift) I thought was relatively G rated now has one member going PG13 and touring with Spears. It’s so disappointing. The video makes it look like Joe Jonas is like the rest of the secular culture, bedding a woman he has feelings for and making it look like it’s the normal course of relationships.


A lot of moms won’t like what their baby girls are going to see with Joe’s new video. To be fair, compared to most music videos, this one is mild and even sweet in moments, but this is a Jonas Brother! I don’t want to see him in bed like every other pop star. I wanted him and his brothers to buck the odds and hold on to those Christian values. Remember the purity rings?

Taylor Swift–Don’t let me down.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment annemarieke

    I love Joe very very much, but when I saw this video I was shocked! I still pray for him every single day of my life (and for nick and kevin ofcourse) to see the REAL happiness.. I have cried a lot…
    I will never let them go, because I am a Jonatic!
    Please pray with me..!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Ashley

    I do agree i thought he was a Christian! Not a bad infuence like Britney Spears. You were a Christian why did you stop? You knew this was a fallen world Joe. Dont let all the drugs, alchol, etc. get to you! Be a Christian again think about all the Christian fans you had but not anymore i was a fan but after that video (I am not even a teen and i saw it) i hated that video. You knew this Joe and i will be praying for you!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment ab

    Are you really that shocked? Come on we live in a world where either your a REAL Christian ( accept Christ as your Saviour} or a fake one where anything goes. We have become so indulgent in self and material things that nothing really matters anymore. When I say we I am not one of those…I guess I am the minority.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment holiday longing

    Preach it sister!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Taylor

    To “I will tell you why” correction I was 11 or 12 when I got my purity ring, I knew perfectly well what I was promising to God,my parents, and myself. And now at 17 I still intend to keep my promise of no premarital sex. You dont know that their father or mother forced them to have those rings I asked for mine. It is not that hard,granted it is a bit more difficult for guys but not impossible. He came out as a christian, no we cant say he isnt one anymore, but the Bible says we will know them by their fruits and he is not showing christian fruits. Sadly I did look up to him somewhat, and no I am not going to lose my way because he kind of tool a left turn but it does sadden me.

  • A confident man

    I think that most pop culture is centered on profit.
    Don’t get angered if you see a very morale and confident singer becomes slutty and immoral after signing a juicy contract with a major.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Cherimommy

    Totally agree! So sad to see one whom you thought was different from everyone else cave in. I was pretty shocked to also see that one of his new songs feature Lil Wayne and has an explicit label on it. Let’s hope Kevin stays true to his wife and Nick chooses to keep his clean image.

  • Linda Mintle

    I agree with you on one point. Our role models should not be celebrities! And I would never suggest that anyone’s faith be based on the actions of others. Christianity must be based on a relationship with Christ. But the pop culture has such an impact on kids that I am routing for anyone who can stay true to their faith in the public eye against such odds given the pressure of their business. I don’t know what Joe Jonas currently believes. How could I but I watch what he is does and decide if the behavior lines up with the Word of God. That is what we all have to do with our lives. Is what we live consistent with the Bible? I have to judge my own life by the same standard. For example, when I gossip, is that consistent with the Bible? And because the brothers have confessed to be Christians in the past, it was a disappointment to see behavior that encourages lust and premarital hookups. Whether their Christianity was all image based as you contend is really not the point. It was out there and lots of teenage girls saw them as supporting purity and faith. And whether true or false, the impression was that they were different because of their faith in Christ.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Me again

    I guess what I’m saying is that who is to say that he ISN’T living out his beliefs now? So you say the impact is great on kids who wanted to watch how he lives his faith. Well, why should he behave in a way that he doesn’t agree with for the sake of others? He is a grown man. Obviously, his parents support him. His father is a pastor, and also one of Joe’s managers. He was fully involved with the decision to make this video. His brothers support him too, one of which is dating a woman considerably older than him and they are clearly involved in a physical relationship. Joe was very honest when he stated that the purity ring, while something he was raised with and is not ashamed of, has been put to rest in his past. It is a decision he made himself and he owns up to it. Having worked in the industry for a number of years and seen many young stars lose their way, I can attest that the Jonas boys are still the most polite, grounded, mature and level-headed stars in Hollywood. You would have a hard time finding anyone who would disagree with me. Obviously, a great deal goes on behind the scenes, and much effort is put into making sure those things don’t come to light. Despite that, however, they are still very good guys. Even Taylor Swift, that you are “holding out hope” for isn’t devoid of indiscretions, especially where her relationship with Joe is concerned. She has skeletons in her closet as well. I commend Joe for his honesty. He has to live for himself, no one else. I highly doubt he is bedding every woman that throws herself at him, which would be a considerable number. He has had several long-term relationships and has always been respectful to the women he dates. He is walking out his faith, as you say. It’s just that his faith is different than your faith, or the faith he was raised with. I don’t really believe he is succumbing to any pressures or pitfalls of fame. I’m fairly sure that if he were not a celebrity, but a normal young man, he would still not have a ring on his finger. A kid’s role model should never be a celebrity. It should be a parent, a teacher, a coach, a minister, or another adult with whom they relate to and admire. I’ve found that when a child looks up to a celebrity or a sports star or whatever there is always confusion and disappointment when something happens that knocks their “role model” off the pedestal they’ve been put upon. Every celebrity of course has a public face and a private face. It’s when the private face leaks to the public that we have a problem. Someone else’s faith cannot become the basis for which another lives their life. That is true for Joe, who cannot blindly follow the teachings of his childhood when those teachings don’t speak to his heart. And the same goes for the kids that looked up to him as an example of a Christian who is proud to publicly show their faith.

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Dr. Linda Mintle

    Sorry about the typos in my last comments. I typed from a tiny screen!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Dr. Linda Mintle

    I appreciate your take. It is still sad to me that people in pop culture of artist status can’t stand for biblical values. I get the pressure.I understand that they have to figure out their own religion and not just lean on there parents. We all do that. Like the three Hebrew men who refused to do bow down to the idol in the face of death, they had to decide what they would do. We need more people like them with courage to stand up for biblical values and not be ashamed. Joe is a role model for lots of church kids who carefully watch how he walked out his CHristianity. So the impact is great. I pray for him to act true to what he really believes and not fall prey to the influences of media and larger culture.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment I will tell you why

    Well Linda, I hope they come up for a cure for naive soon and that you’re the first one in line when it hits the market. Joe Jonas is not doing anything wrong. In fact, for the first time, he is actually being honest. He didn’t change. What changed is his contract with Disney. It’s done with and now he can be himself. The same goes for the other Jonas guys too. There are no purity rings anymore. There haven’t been for a very long time. He’s now an adult who has decided that he believes differently than what he was taught as a child and that is his right. Guess what? His parents haven’t disowned him or their other sons who have also chosen different lifestyles. While it’s true that these guys were raised with those kinds of beliefs, it’s also true that they were very young when their parents presented that “choice” to them and that they had no idea what they were agreeing to. By the time they were old enough to understand what it was that they “promised”, they were already on their way to superstardom and their pastor/father/manager had already thrown them under the bus by having them reveal what the rings were supposed to stand for, thereby branding them with the “Scarlet V” forever. So then what were they supposed to do? Take the rings off? Admit the truth? Why should they? That’s a personal decision. It wasn’t their decision to use the beliefs of their parents to sell records. They were just naive kids who wanted to be stars. It was their father’s decision, and Disney loved it. How could they have possibly changed their minds publicly at that point when millions of little girls and their parents were counting on them to be somehow superhuman and pure and perfect? So they kept the rings on, and behind the scenes they lived their lives the way they chose to as the young men they were. Disney paid a lot of money to make sure it was all kept a secret. Now how do you think that made them feel about themselves and their careers, especially when they had to hear the praise from the moms and the ridicule and taunting from the media about their supposed virginity? Sadly, their music didn’t define them, but their “purity” did. So fast-forward a few years and that brings you to today. They are all grown men now. They are no longer signed with Disney. They no longer live with their parents. They can finally be themselves and own their decisions. So is it still wrong that this young man has chosen to no longer pretend to be something he isn’t and to believe something he doesn’t? The video in question is very tastefully done. It isn’t raunchy or degrading to women. It’s actually very beautiful and romantic. There is nothing wrong with it at all. He is going to have to live down the mistakes of people who should have known better for a very long time. They were taken advantage of as kids by greedy industry executives who wanted to sell you a product, and yes, that includes their own pastor/father/mamager. And from the looks of your blog, you bought that product. That isn’t Joe Jonas’ fault. He has to make his own way in the world. He is still a good man. He is still polite, grounded, and doesn’t take anything for granted. If his only sin is that he doesn’t believe in waiting until marriage to have sex, well then I think he’s doing just fine compared to most of Hollywood. And yes, that also goes for your precious Taylor Swift. There’s a lot going on there that you’d probably also rather not know about.

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