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“Wake up. Listen to the silent cries. The woman too emotional or the guy who just got fired.” The following video was created by a young poet. Her poetry eloquently describes what it’s like to be young and depressed. And […]

The millennial workforce is different from other generations. Millennials were born 1980-95. They are confident but impatient. Millennials are entrepreneurial, socially tolerant, and tech savy. Millennials are also the generation that has more workplace depression than any previous generation. Millennials are […]

Depression affects millennials more than any other generation. According to a study on depression and the workplace, depression affects 70% millennials, 68% of Gen X and 63% of boomers. That’s one out of five millennials suffering with depression. This means more […]

Growing up, most of us aren’t taught to look out for signs of depression. So if you’re experiencing it, especially as a teenager, it’s easy to think there’s just something wrong with you — and it’s easy for parents and other adults […]

The Buddy Project. Making Friendships and saving lives, one buddy at a time. Buddy Project is a movement created by youth to prevent suicide and self-harm by pairing young people as buddies. The Buddy Project focuses on children, teens and young […]

‘Prison Break’ star Wentworth Miller is giving away some unique autographed items in a contest run by Active Minds to support mental health on campus colleges across the United States. Donate $5 and you’ll be entered to win a Fun Prize […]

It’s important for suicide attempt survivors to tell their stories. To be the witnesses of what utter despair feels like, what despair makes you do, and how to go past that awful moment when you want to end your life. […]

Be a friend Worried about a college friend? Do you know how to talk to your friend about depression? Or what to do? Will you stand with your friend and say, “You’re not alone. It’s okay to talk about what no […]

Half of life promotion for youth suicides is getting your community involved in helping marginalized youth. Why help marginalized youth? Being marginalized or discriminated against increases youth suicides. Every person should have an equal opportunity to live a healthy life. But that isn’t […]

What is life promotion and how does it reduce youth suicides? Life promotion for youth is a new approach to preventing youth suicides. Youth life promotion is based on the belief that all young people are capable of finding their own […]