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Trying to cope with depression is tough. When it’s not easy to even get out of bed, it’s not easy doing anything! When you don’t have energy, your brain feels fuzzy, your body aches, and all you want to do is sleep. Depression keeps sleep away by filling your head with negative thoughts that go round and round and round all night.

So how do you cope with depression? Here are some simple self care tips.

1. Start simple and small.

Life isn’t about the destination. The journey is the challenge and reward. Don’t try to do ten things in a day if only one is enough to drain you of energy. There is always tomorrow! You may not believe that. But honestly, that pile of laundry isn’t going to crawl away if you don’t do it all today.

2. Don’t put expectations on what you do.

You are not perfect. No one is. So knock off the expectation that you can’t, or shouldn’t, make a mistake. Allowing mistakes into your life can be liberating. Go ahead. Misspell that word. Spill some milk.

3. Do something you feel like doing.

Don’t do something because it’s what you used to do. In fact, somethings you used to do don’t interest you or bring pleasure anymore. Sex. Your partner may desire you, but if you don’t feel the urge, trying to fake it won’t work. Depressed men tend to overcompensate for low sex drive by demanding sex or overdoing sex, usually without satisfaction. Again, do something you will enjoy.

4. Get enough sleep.

I know, sleep is impossible. No, it is possible. Instead of expecting to sleep through an entire night, take naps during the day. Even a power nap of 15 minutes will help. Again, keep your expectations small.

5. Eat what you crave.

Junk food. Chocolate ice cream. Big Macs. Eat what you crave! Depression will suppress appetite so if you’re actually hungry for something, eat it! Healthy foods are best. But some junk foods contain minerals and proteins that your body needs. 

6. Put tools into your wellness toolbox.

Write up a list of things that you can do to make yourself feel better. Things that are free and easy are best. Like playing with a pet. A long, hot bath. Listening to music. Things that quickly boost your mood. It’s a temporary fix but will help you cope with depression.

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