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5 ideas for healing your soul when depressed | Terezia Farkas | depression help | Beliefnet

Sometimes the struggle with depression can seem like a battle for your soul. Here are five useful ideas to heal your soul when depressed.

  1. Depression can be an experience your soul chose to undergo in this lifetime. It’s an idea you probably didn’t think about. In this sense, your soul knew before it became manifest in your human body the life experiences it wanted on earth. You choose to experience the good and the bad of human life. You might not want to be depressed now, but your soul choose the experience. Realize there is a reason for your suffering that you now have simply muted. 
  2. Your soul may want to or need to experience depression in order to attain a higher spiritual level. Your soul is always seeking the next higher level, the next higher level of godliness. Be aware that while depression is painful and destructive, it can hold some lesson that your soul needs in order to ascend to the next level of being. Perhaps you needed to spiritually let go of a pain from some past lifetime. Maybe you were stuck at a spiritual level because your beliefs about depression prevented you from being forgiving and more loving towards someone depressed.
  3. Talk to God openly and honestly. Admit to God or the Supreme Being of your belief that you need help going forward. Your angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and soul family are forever at your side, waiting for you to ask for their help. They never abandoned you but are by your side, helping you with gentle words of encouragement. All you need to do is ask.
  4. Ask your local church or faith community for help. Many churches have groups that specialize in ministering to ailing members. Some don’t even require you to be a member in order for you to get help. Don’t worry if you question your faith or get into debates. Challenging your faith doesn’t make you evil. It’s flexing the boundaries of your belief and then finding some middle ground that’s comfortable for you.
  5. Don’t be hard on yourself if you are loosing faith. Loosing faith doesn’t mean you’re evil or that depression or the Devil won. God expects humans to loose faith now and then. That’s why grace exists. It’s the connection, the bridge, that lets you go back to God when you’re ready. Like the prodigal son. When you start getting out of depression, you’ll see the world in a more profound and true way than others. While people might see you as having lost your faith, you’ve actually become a more spiritual person. What you are now will be more loving, honest and true reflection of your soul.
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