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Hope starts with you when dealing with depression. Jasmin Pierre is using her experience with severe depression to give others hope. Jasmin ended up in hospital after self-injuring. While in hospital, Jasmin was told by staff that God saved her for a reason. Jasmin was angry at God for not letting her leave this world. She was hopeless. One night she decided she still wanted to speak to God. Jasmin realized that God was keeping her alive for a reason and that her life does have purpose. Jasmin ended up not being angry with God after that, even though things still felt horrible in her life.

“My name is Jasmin. At the age of 20 I was diagnosed with clinical depression. For almost six years I’ve been battling this illness. The worst of it came in 2014 when I nearly died. My video, Clinical Depression Awareness/Testimony tells how I got through everything and came out even stronger. I want people who are suffering from depression or from life situations in general to know that they can and will come out victorious as long as they have faith in God and faith in themselves. Never ever give up.” ~Jasmin Pierre

Jasmin’s faith in God keeps her moving forward. She believes depression can become an experience where you strengthen your relationship with God. God is helping you even when you don’t believe anyone or anything cares about you. Hope is what comes out of that faith.

“Whatever life situation you are going through, God will get you through it. Have faith in yourself that you can get out of the situation. What’s going on now, is not going to go on forever.”

Twitter: @JasGotFaith

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