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It’s officially fall in the northern hemisphere! That means vibrant coloured leaves on trees, cooler nights and days, and long shadows as the sun goes down. The start of holidays. But if you’re like the millions of Americans who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), fall can leave you feeling a bit blue. So what’s a person to do to beat the fall time blues?


  1. Get your Blues Kit ready now. Don’t wait until you start suffering. If you have SAD, you’ve probably used or come across different gadgets and ideas to help you. One of these is SAD lighting, which uses the full sun spectrum. Other things are medications, supplements, and mind-body therapies. Make a list of activities, home remedies, and anything else you think will help you. All the above items are part of what I call your Blues Kit. Make sure your kit is ready and handy for use.
  2. Make your environment brighter. If it means cutting down some branches to let more light into your living room, do it. Put up sheer curtains or blinds instead of heavy drapes. Change up dark linens or tablecloths for bright coloured ones. Make sure your rooms have enough lights for the dark evenings.
  3. Exercise regularly. Go for a swim. Nothing beats stripping down to swimwear and feeling warm water against your skin when it’s close to freezing outside. A bit of movement helps relieve body tension. It also releases endorphins, the feel good hormone.
  4. Get outside regularly. Take out the garbage and allow yourself to enjoy breathing in the cool air. Kick apart some leaves. Go for a walk around your neighbourhood. There’s lots of migratory birds this time of year so maybe you can spot a few flying overhead. Or visit your neighbourhood reservoir and watch the geese there.
  5. Feed your mind and soul. Watch a comedy for laughs. Get a massage. Guided imagery, acupuncture, meditation and yoga are all excellent at stimulating the brain and releasing feel good chemicals. Socialize. Meet up with friends or family. Go to the mall. There’s all sorts of neat seasonal stuff out there that even just looking at can take your attention off your anxiety or depression.
  6. If all else fails, go on a trip to someplace warm and sunny.

Sometimes none of these tips work. You might be able to find your own solution that works to relieve the anxiety and depression. Be aware that there are SAD support groups, forums, and associations out there that you can contact should you need help.


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