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bishop gustavo lead photo.jpg“I don’t find it difficult to pray. All the training and experiences I’ve had help me to pray today in spite of a busy schedule. I was never told, ‘You have to pray this many hours every day.’ From an early age, I connected faith to action. Faith is assimilated through action. When people want me to do another workshop or retreat for young adults considering religious life, sometimes I tell them that that ‘alone’ is not going to do it. Why not have the young adults bring clothes to a family that’s just moved into the neighborhood from Mexico? If we want to know God’s love, we have to show God’s love in action.

At the same time, if I don’t have the experience of God in me, I cannot share it with anyone else. I spend an hour each morning and an hour and a half every evening in prayer. I like to pray in the chapel before the Blessed Sacrament. I need to be acquainted with the Lord. I cannot live without him. I need that time to allow Jesus to show me how to be a friend of his.”

Bishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller,
just named to be Archbishop of San Antonio.

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