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Some people are predicting a “crackdown,” at least in the United States, but the people in a position to know disagree: American Catholic marriage tribunalists are denying rumors of a Vatican crackdown on the high number of annulments granted in […]

“The crisis of authority endures. There has been some accountability for the abusers, but not nearly enough for the bishops who enabled them. And now the shadow of past sins threatens to engulf this papacy. Popes do not resign. But […]

The Palm Sunday Blessing of the Streets in Santa Ana, California — an annual tradition that many feel has helped spur a dramatic drop in violent crime in the community. Read all about it here.

For some handy answers, James Martin, S.J. has pulled together a number of the conclusions drawn from the National Review Board that investigated the scandal in this country.   It shows how complicated the problem really is — and how it […]

At mass this Palm Sunday, New York’s Archbishop had a few things to say about this week’s news — and was roundly applauded for it: Archbishop Timothy Dolan was greeted with applause after finishing Palm Sunday Mass by defending Pope […]

Some helpful context on some stories that have been in the news lately. From the Associated Press, three years ago: Students in America’s schools are groped. They’re raped. They’re pursued, seduced and think they’re in love. An Associated Press investigation […]

I alluded to it here, but it’s worth its own post: “To be connected with the church is to be associated with scoundrels, warmongers, fakes, child-molesters, murderers, adulterers and hypocrites of every description. It also, at the same time, identifies […]

John Allen has taken pen in hand and written an op-ed piece for the New York Times that puts the present crisis in a valuable context: Considerable skepticism surrounds the Vatican’s insistence that in 1980 the pope, then Archbishop Joseph […]

This is how Maureen Dowd begins her latest column: Yup, we need a Nope. A nun who is pope. If you want to read on, go right ahead. You can’t say you weren’t warned. 

As often as we’ve all heard this song, I doubt anyone has heard “The Prayer” performed like this — see if you can spot some of the familiar faces (including The Priests!) adding their voices to this soaring rendition.  And […]