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One of the more remarkable aspects of the gospel we just heard is the WAY in which we heard it. This week is the only time that the gospel is proclaimed by someone besides a priest or deacon – every […]

This thoughtful piece by Fr. Raymond DeSouza offers an answer that seems to be on target: In the 1960s, like much of society and after the Second Vatican Council, the Church simply abandoned her disciplinary life. Doctrinal dissent was not […]

From across the pond, a report about a move many have been clamoring for: The Vatican will force the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, Cardinal Sean Brady, to quit if he refuses to resign over the growing […]

Canon lawyer Ed Peters is batting around Canon 915 — withholding communion from someone who persists in grave sin — and says the most obvious case for applying the canon seems to be Nancy Pelosi: I suggest that there is […]

It’s always been a “dry” holy day in Ireland — but not this year: A Limerick judge ruled Thursday that the city’s 110 pubs can open April 2 because the city is hosting a major Irish rugby match attracting tens […]

When she saw these images of the Annunciation, the wife of a deacon in Alaska sent me an icon created by her husband. It’s a stunner.  Below is the Annunciation by Deacon Charles Rohrbacher, from the Diocese of Juneau.

And now for something completely different: here’s part of the closing mass at the just-concluded Religious Education Congress in Anaheim. It includes the procession of all the clergy — including a dancing deacon.  Really. 

For today, the Feast of the Annunciation… “In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of […]

My siblings in Catholic media, Catholic TV in Boston, are taking the New Evangelization into another dimension: Avatars and Mad Hatters are already performing before American audiences in 3-D, and Shrek is coming soon. Now, a national Catholic television network […]

From Up North comes word of a deacon following in the footsteps of St. Lawrence: On a recent morning in downtown Anchorage, slush covered the parking lot of Brother Francis Shelter as groups of homeless people congregated around the doorway […]