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A priest friend dropped me an e-mail with his thoughts on the Kennedy funeral: i. We have a crisis in liturgy in this country. What it comes down to is that we are addicted to “therapeutic religion;” the religion that […]

From, of course, the amazing wizards at Brooklyn’s beloved Grassroots Films. Want to see what New Evangelization looks like? This is it. Big time. God bless GF founder Joe Campo and his amazing crew.

Actually, this happened one Sunday, after mass, outside the church. Parishioner (to Deacon), while shaking his hand: Nice sermon, Father! I always like what you have to say. We need more people like you. You and Bill O’Reilly. You two […]

Once again, the subject is baptisms. Caller: We have people from overseas visiting and I’d like to have our baby baptized while they’re here. Do you have any room in October? Deacon: Actually, no. October is booked solid. We try […]

Anyone wondering what was in that letter that Ted Kennedy sent to the pope got a glimpse this afternoon, when Washington’s retired Cardinal Theodore McCarrick read an excerpt at the graveside: McCarrick, archbishop emeritus of Washington, read from a letter […]

Here’s something unusual, and surprising: a profile of an order of nuns in the United States that is one of the few set up specifically for African-Americans: When Sister Georginah Githinji arrived in the U.S. from Kenya she thought of […]

One of the Church’s most famous recent converts spoke recently about what led to his conversion — and, not surprisingly, it had a lot to do with his wife: Tony Blair said his conversion to Catholicism had been driven by […]

I’m starting a new category here at The Bench: “Overheard in the rectory.” Because some of this stuff is just, well, incredible. My first installment, from a phone conversation this afternoon. Caller: “Hello, Deacon. I’m having my baby baptized at […]

Years ago, Rose Kennedy said that she used to dream that her youngest son would grow up to be a priest. Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. Not by a long shot. Over the past few days, we’ve […]

Canon lawyer Ed Peters shares his views on the Kennedy funeral: The homily, which started well enough but steadily deteriorated, fell into various holes like (I’m quoting from memory): “the fruits of [Kennedy’s] work in politics well-prepared him for God’s […]