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After gobbling up tons of bandwidth over the Kennedys, let’s now turn to the other side of the aisle, and another political dynasty, okay? Rumblings about George W. Bush converting to Catholicism have been heard since before he left office. …Read More

Over at U.S. News & World Report, Dan Gilgoff (with a big nod to David Gibson) takes note of an interesting demographic point: Ted Kennedy’s death is an end to several different eras, but Politics Daily’s David Gibson warns against …Read More

Those words, from the Rite for Ordination for the Order of Priests, seem to sum it all up for the picture below. H/T to The Crescat via New Advent for bringing this to my attention. As noted: 4 June 1962. …Read More

I posted some of the remarks below in the comment box. I’m putting them here for further thought, and prayer. And I place this here, mindful of the fact that several readers have written me personally, deeply distressed at the …Read More

That is the one word summary for the sudden departure of Scranton Bishop Joseph Martino, who had more to say on the subject this morning at a news conference: After officially announcing his resignation this morning, Diocese of Scranton Bishop …Read More

The excellent diocesan paper Florida Catholic is touting an upcoming vigil for life by recalling one inspiring success story from last year’s vigil: The prayers of hundreds of participants in the 2008 “40 Days for Life” campaign at Planned Parenthood …Read More

If you’re interested in comparing funerals, you can pay your respects at Your Funeral Guy — yes, that’s the name of the site — for an overview of the funeral of Ted Kennedy’s sister, Eunice Shriver, held two weeks ago. …Read More

In Southern California, a La Cañada Flintridge resident arrives at a police checkpoint to try to see whether her home was spared from the fire. Photo: by Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

Below is the video of the one moment in Kennedy’s funeral mass where we heard from Boston’s Cardinal Archbishop, Sean O’Malley: the commendation at the end. Over at GetReligion, there’s an interesting discussion on the liturgy — and some questions …Read More

This was conveyed to me today by the parishioner in the story, who wanted to know if I’d heard about it. It was concerning my homily last weekend. Knowing the priest involved, I thought this was hysterical — and typical: …Read More