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…to which we should reply, I guess, “And also with you.” The tee shirt design above is part of a wry and at times irreverent gallery of spiritually-inspired designs on display over at Beliefnet — and it even includes a […]

Big news out of the Vatican this morning, as one of America’s leading canon lawyers — and one of its most prominent lightning rods — gets a promotion. From Rocco: This morning, Pope Benedict named Archbishop Raymond Burke of St […]

The diaconate vocation keeps growing by leaps and bounds — and this item from the diocesan paper in Arkansas confirms it: The Diocese of Little Rock has accepted 50 men to begin the diaconate formation process, making it the largest […]

TV Reviews

A new front seems to have opened up on the communion wars — and it involves someone who isn’t even Catholic. Fr. James Martin, S.J. has the scoop: In one of the strangest religious stories of the month, Sally Quinn, […]

…you will receive communion from the Pope on your knees. That’s the word from the Catholic News Service: Receiving the Eucharist on the tongue while kneeling before the pope will become the norm at papal liturgies, said the Vatican’s liturgist. […]

I’ve heard of one or two priests who, for relaxation, like to knit. I kid you not. But this the first I’ve heard of a priest who likes to cross-stitch: Who would guess that a brawny, six-foot plus, motorcycle-riding guy […]

Remember the story of the pregnancy pact that swept the media last week? Um, er, uh…nevermind. As a footnote: could someone, please, slap Chris Cuomo?

The commercial below has stirred up a lot of controversy in the United Kingdom — this article explains why — but you have to see it to believe it. The ad has since been pulled. Frankly, it’s no more shocking […]

Well, this is something you don’t see every day: news that an American bishop is going to perform a valuable civic duty, and spend time doing what so many of us dread. I refer, of course, to jury duty. From […]