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Anyone who has ever climbed into a pulpit to deliver a sermon can appreciate these words from Fr. John F. Kavanaugh, S.J., in America: As a preacher myself, I know there are few moments to compare with the affection and […]

Are the U.S. service academies in the business of proselytizing? That seems to be the idea in this article from Wednesday’s New York Times — and, not surprisingly, not everyone is happy about it: Three years after a scandal at […]

Ordinarily, I’d say that any excuse to put Anne Hathaway’s picture on my blog is a good one. But there actually is a good reason for it: her ex-boyfriend is in big trouble, for claiming close connections to the Vatican: […]

In the unlikeliest of places — the New York Times — they had a story today about the unlikeliest of best-sellers, a Christian novel about God’s love. Take a look: Eckhart Tolle may have Oprah Winfrey, but “The Shack” has […]

An alert reader sent this my way: the story of a pastor in the Archdiocese of New York who is standing up for his church — and walking: Got a problem? Walk it off! That’s what Monsignor John Budwick is […]

What to give the Vaticanista who has everything? Those sharp-eyed folks over at the Catholic News Service have stumbled on a new web site for buying souvenirs of the Swiss Guard. Everything from DVD’s to watches to caps. Personally, I’m […]

When was the last time you saw a physically fit Catholic priest? Jack LaLanne in a Roman collar? The Catholic News Service has taken notice and is offering some advice for the long weeks of Ordinary Time: With studies confirming […]

Over the weekend, the Archbishop of Baltimore had a meeting to discuss his ongoing concerns over the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi. A priest who was there has blogged about it: On Saturday, Archbishop Edwin O’Brien met with a […]

A new report has some intriguing factoids about Catholic voting patterns — and what may lie ahead later this year. Like almost every other poll and projection, it bodes well for Obama: lthough Catholic Democrats outnumber Catholic Republicans in the […]

Hot on the heels of this great video of a young man dancing his way around the world, my brother-in-law dropped me an email and said to go to YouTube and search “free hugs.” I’d never seen this before. It’s […]