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We’re coming up on some strong Aquarius energy this weekend! Both the Sun and Mercury move into this intellectual and independent sign on Saturday, January 19, but personally I’m more excited about Mercury’s move here. As a Gemini, Mercury is […]

Love gets crazy sometimes, and we don’t always understand why. But not this time! If it happens to you this evening, the reason is very clear: Venus is conjunct Pluto on January 16. A couple of things could happen with […]

I found myself singing in the shower for no reason today. I’m not one of those people who does that … ever! For shame! My singing voice is like gravel in a bucket. Then I realized there IS a reason: […]

Calling all lovebirds, it’s time to make it or break it! January is dubbed “breakup month” because more relationships break up during this cold, dreary month than any other. I just read that six out of 10 couples will split […]

Most of us made our New Year resolutions a couple of weeks ago, but I decided to wait. Why? Because I was holding out for the New Moon in Capricorn on Jan. 11, 2013. New Moon’s are always about new […]

Guess what — I have no planets in my 12th House! In Astrology, the 12th House is all about unconditional love, emotions, sensitivity, privacy and imagination. Uh-oh, am I doomed? No, I’m not. It really just means I don’t have […]

Well, I hate to keep going on and on about Venus in Capricorn and what it means for love, but Master Astrologer Jeff Jawer just wrote the greatest blog about it and I simply must share. I’ve already mentioned how […]

So, as I mentioned yesterday, love planet Venus is moving into Capricorn on Tuesday, Jan. 8, putting a serious spin on relationships. This is, of course, the general energy of Venus right now — but did you know you all […]

Oh boy, here we go. Love planet Venus is moving into serious Capricorn tomorrow (January 8, 2013), and it has me a little bit concerned. I guess it’s really a good thing, but I’m not sure how it will play […]

It’s Capricorn season, and I’m totally in my element. I’m a Gemini, but I have a Capricorn Moon and so I relate very well to this serious sign. I’ve always felt that my Capricorn Moon balances out my personality. It […]