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January 2013 Archives

Big things are happening to our love lives this weekend! Yes, I’m talking about YOU! It doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship, there’s a cosmic shift when it comes to love and it all starts this Friday, […]

As I mentioned yesterday, lucky planet Jupiter is going direct today (January 30) after about four months in retrograde, and it means today’s your lucky day! OK, it’s my lucky day, too, so I’m expanding on my plans to buy […]

We’re all getting lucky this week, thanks to jolly Jupiter moving direct in Gemini on Wednesday, Jan. 30. As a Gemini, I’m especially excited about this — I believe it will give me just the lucky boost I need. Lookout […]

Chinese New Year is based on the lunar cycle, so the dates are always a little different. This year (2013), Chinese New Year begins on February 10, the same day of the New Moon in Aquarius, and it will end […]

Calling all drama queens! There’s a Full Moon in Leo tomorrow (Saturday, Jan. 26), and it’s just your style. A Full Moon in this dramatic, glamorous and attention-getting sign always means SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN. I’m not sure what […]

I have quite a few female friends who either recently had babies or who are expecting babies in coming months, but no one who is expecting this week. Which is too bad, because I just found out it’s baby genius […]

Ok, here’s a question for all of you who are in relationships or almost-relationships or any kind of “it’s complicated” situation: Has your love life gotten even MORE complicated in the past couple of weeks? I just want to remind […]

I love to eat, especially in the middle of winter, and I’m not very fancy about it. I’m just a pizza-pasta-meatloaf-and-mashed-potatoes kind of gal who likes to shovel it all in and then feel the comfort of all that yummy […]

Well, I must say it’s going to be a great week — how can it not when so many of us have the day off from work to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr! But it actually gets even better than […]

Here comes the Sun, nah na nah na, and I say it’s better than alright because it’s in airy Aquarius! The Sun moves into breezy, brainy, independent and zany Aquarius on Saturday, January 19 — the same day Mercury moves […]