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Learn about Neptune Direct at Tarot.comAs if we need things to get any fuzzier! Yet, following hot on the hazy heels of Mercury Retrograde, dreamy planet Neptune is turning direct on Sunday, November 11.

Watery Neptune is known as the planet of illusion and confusion, and it’s been retrograde since early June. This means we’ve actually been LESS dreamy in the past five months. But now that Neptune is going to be moving forward, our reality check is over and we’ll feel the fog rolling in again.

I wouldn’t mind this one bit if Mercury wasn’t also in retrograde right now. I mean, life can be pretty harsh, and these hazy times give us a break from reality in which we can daydream and philosophize and create art.

I love all that stuff — fantasy and faith are important parts of life. But with Neptune Direct and Mercury Retrograde at once, we might feel a little more confusion than we need in coming weeks. If you find yourself shrugging off your responsibilities to slack around, you can blame it on this.

But never fear, once Mercury goes Direct on November 26 we’ll settle into a nice, even state of being that allows us to balance fantasy and reality better. For now, though? Join me in my den of slack!

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