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shake shack dubai ramadan by Krista on Flickr

shake shack dubai ramadan by Krista on Flickr

This is a guest post by Taher Suratwala.

Ramadan is here and life is turned upside down. No breakfast, no coffee in the morning, strange and totally different sleep schedule, falling asleep at work, fasting breath, no working out and lots of sitting. It’s as if someone picked up my routine and gave it a vigorous shake.

I love it.

All the changes are to accommodate the fasting and to ultimately get in touch with a more spiritual side.

Eleven months of the year, I’m stuck in my ways and pretty stuck to my routine. If I don’t have coffee in the morning it’s a tough day! But Ramadan comes and I’m reminded I am capable of changing everything to meet some goal. I even quit coffee (for Ramadan) to convince myself I can.

People are capable of so much with the right motivation. Here’s to a good shake up this year!

Taher Suratwala is a husband to his beautiful wife, a father to his two wonderful children, and a son to his wise parents. During the day, he makes use of his math, statistics and economic background as an actuary and occasionally writes on his blog, B Like Water.

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