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Shooting at the pentagon

The trend of “white right” violence is definitely increasing – we’ve had the abortion doctor murder, the austin suicide plane, and now a shooting at the Pentagon in Washington DC:

Officials said the man, indentified as John Patrick Bedell, 36, of the US state of California, died on Friday from head wounds recieved in a shoot-out with police near the US Pentagon building outside of Washington, DC.

Police said Bedell pulled out a gun at the busy commuter rail subway entrance that serves the Pentagon, shooting and injuring two police officers. Police returned fire, shooting Bedell in the head.


Richard Keevill, the chief of Pentagon police, said Bedell was “well armed” with two 9-mm handguns and several magazines.

“There was no distress,” Keevill told reporters at a press conference on Friday.

“When [Bedell] reached into his pocket, they assumed he was going to get a pass and he came up with a gun. He wasn’t pretending to be anyone. He was wearing a coat and walked up and just started shooting.

I was reluctant to label this terrorism last time but I’m increasingly convinced otherwise. It looks like this guy was a 9-11 truther believing that the attacks were a government conspiracy. Just as Joe Stack did, it seems that Patrick Bedell also had an internet rant or two which may shed light on his motivations. (Note – its not clear whether JPatrickBedell really is the same person – the FBI are still investigating).


UPDATE: Charles Johnson authoritatively documents Bedell’s extreme right-libertaran political views. Right wing commentators are scrambling to distance themselves, but less and less convincingly so. The Department of Homeland Seccurity report from last year warning of increasing right-wing extremism has been prophetic, indeed.

  • Sam Gaines

    I beg to differ. I realize that’s the meme being parroted in the media thanks to the $PLC and others who stand to gain financially from whipping up a scare, but the Austin plane terrorist was a Leftist who railed against capitalism and voted for Obama (how he gets to be on the “white right,” I do not know), and–reading Badell’s comments–it’s clear he supports cannabis legalization (hardly a right-wing cause), and the 9/11 truth movement started on the far left; the far right joined in later. Only the Pentagon shooter and the George Tiller murderer qualify, so we’re talking about a whopping total of two murders in, what, three years? Hardly a trend.
    Also, Amy Baker (who killed all the minority members of her department) was a confirmed leftist. Again, no trend of either right- or left-leaning terror-oriented violence; just frustrated people with severe mental issues.
    Meanwhile, interracial gang violence (including de facto ethnic cleansing) is taking place all along the West Coast, especially in LA, and no one bats an eye. Doesn’t fit the narrative, I guess.

  • Alicia

    According to everything I have read and learned about the Austin terrorist, his views were a muddled mix of Left and Right. Terrorism is terrorism, no matter who commits it. Of course, terrorism that is influenced by things people read on the Internet, or influenced by a radical cleric such as the guy in Yemen is a very different thing from terrorism that has an organized group, such as Al Qaeda, behind it.
    The increase in “lone actor” type terrorism can almost certainly be traced to the difficult times we are living in, particularly the bad economy. Angry, frustrated people will latch on to conspiracy theories or hate-filled ideologies that seem to offer an explanation and an outlet for their rage.

  • hootie1fan

    Sometimes the bad guy isn’t born in a foreign country with dark skin to Muslim parents.

  • Ambrose

    I’m also not certain whether to call these acts terrorism – I keep being reminded of the novel ‘Stand on Zanzibar’, in which the phenomenon of citizens running amok is a commonplace.

  • Alicia

    I think there is a definite difference between the “lone wolf” type terrorist act, and an act of organized terrorism. Both acts, it seems to me, intend to revenge perceived or real grievances, and both acts also seem to have the intent to terrorize, to strike fear into the hearts of the government or ordinary citizens.
    Perhaps one difference is that people in terrorist “cells” have been found to be strongly influenced by the direct peer pressure of those in their groups. Which is why these people often seem to be more rational than the “lone wolf” variety, even though I believe their thinking is equally disordered.
    Andrew Sullivan posted a video clip of an interview between a Pakistani Muslim journalist and a potential suicide bomber. As the journalist pressed him on his rationale for killing, it became clear to me that the potential bomber was operating from a place of utter nihilism. He even justified the killing of children (and said they would go to Hell) because his imam told him it was so.

  • karina_b

    Nice try… but then again it seems the trend of the lefties to want to turn non-Muslim criminals into terrorists and Muslim terrorists into “simply” criminals.

  • Islamic Forum

    Astagfirullah, I hate hearing about all these different shootings that are going on. I wish they never happened!

  • Chall8987

    What exactly is your definition of terrorism? You seem to pretty eagerly subscribe to the view that only dark-skinned people or people of different belief systems can commit acts of terror.
    Also, in what instance has any “liberal” tried to call a foreign terrorist merely a criminal?

  • mike

    I do believe the author of this piece needs to do some more investigative journalism. As a proud tea-partier and gun owner I would like to point out that Mr. Bedell is and was a registered democrat. I would also like to point out that the 9/11 trutheres are a byproduct of the liberal left. Perhaps the authors own bigotry is shining through in this piece. I knew it wouldn’t take long for the media to distort the facts…that the left is where the violence lies. Where was the violence last year during the town hall meetings? I know.. it was waiting for March 4th so the far left could smash windows and disrupt traffic, all in the name of education. What a joke. Will the lies never cease?

  • Alicia

    Upon learning more about Bedell, it seems he was a bipolar man who was trying to self-medicate with marijuana (never a good idea, IMO) and he was in an out of mental hospitals and in and out of trouble with the law.
    Patrick Appel, subbing for Sully on the Daily Dish yesterday, quotes a reader of Michelle Malkin’s, with whom he “finds himself in a rare moment of agreement” –
    “Violent psychopaths often incorporate some seemingly random overarching theme into their mindset, and on occasion that theme involves politics. Whenever someone like Bedell or Stack goes ballistic, every pundit jumps into the fray and tries to spin the outburst as “exemplifying” the political viewpoint of those with whom the pundit disagrees.”
    I believe acts of terrorism are still terrorism no matter who does them, but it is not clear that this actually was an act of terrorism, as I initially suggested.

  • a. gura

    Hey Mike,
    Isn’t your (real) name on a sex offenders’ list?

  • Your Name

    Very many interesting comments. Think we all can learn.
    White right are certainly capable of crimes.
    Economic troubles plague many now and without jobs
    there are also some who have more time to get into trouble..
    Have you thought about cause of revolution-illiteracy and poverty.

  • Henrrietta22

    Thanks for more info on John Bedell, Alicia. I read an article that said he grew his weed right out in front of everyone, because he wanted to show it was wrong to keep M. (can’t spell it) from people that needed it. He probably felt some relief from his Bi-polar health problem. Recently he had been blogging against the government for one thing and another. I think you’re right it was a mental screw-up with many other people adding to his irrational thoughts with theirs. There are so many going around on “forwards” presently. Anyone that pulls a gun on anyone is terrorizing them, so he was a terrorist of sorts. He’s gone and there won’t be a trial, so it doesn’t have to be labeled, I guess. Sad for his friends and family he must have left behind.

  • Alejandro

    Because this was committed by a White Anglo Saxon Protestant,he seems to have social forgiveness and is dismissed as an isolated incident by a very disturbed individual but had it been a Muslim then it would have been considered an act of terrorism and all Muslims would’ve been suspect.What a biased,screwed up world we live in!

  • Alicia

    I disagree, Alejandro. As I said above, I first considered this to be an act of terrorism, until I learned of the mental instability of the person who committed it. Terrorism is terrorism, no matter who does it, but not all acts of violence, even those against institutions, are necessarily terrorism. The guy in Austin committed an act of terrorism, IMO.

  • Your Name

    Killing is killing no matter what you want to call it. Why does it matter what political party one belongs to? Killing and mental-illness doesn’t have preferences, now does it? Why do people have to constantly separate ourselves from others? Does it make people feel better about themselves or more powerful? We definitely don’t learn by our mistakes or others. SAD——–

  • My Turn

    Alicia, did it ever occur to you that every single white person who has an issue and resolves it with a gun is conveniently found with a mental or an emotional instability. No one ever describes these criminals who conducted these acts of terrorism as Christian/Jewish or otherwise. You, yourself, have already forgiven him and went further and sympathized with his supposedly tormented mind.
    You know, I frequently receive government pamphlets that explains its fine prints in about six languages and Arabic is NOT one of them! There are almost 8 million muslims in USA. How can the USA government ignore such existence? NO, I agree with Alejandro.

  • Alicia

    “My Turn,” that is manifestly untrue. The guy who bombed the Olympic Park in Atlanta, Eric Rudolph, was a white Christianist/separatist, and was eventually caught. Timothy McVeigh was executed for the Oklahoma City Bombing. The guy in Austin was a clear case of anti-Government terrorism, in my opinion. The guy, now deceased, who shot up the Holocaust Museum lobby. All white extremists, all acts that I would consider terrorism.
    I realize I could list 50 more examples and it wouldn’t convince you.
    I certainly haven’t forgiven the man at the Pentagon, on the other hand, I’m happy that he only injured two men, and he’s dead now, so he can’t hurt anyone else. Making a distinction, however, between an appalling deed and the intention behind a deed is not a form of ethnic, racial or religious profiling.

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