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Michael Jackson and the muslims

Michael Jackson’s passing is almost as fittingly mysterious and dramatic as was his life. Everyone has their own MJ stories about how his music played a role in their lives, but tlooking back it seems like there were two of him, pre-Thriller and post-Thriller. Pre-Thriller, MJ was a musical icon, but afterwards with his descent into eccentricity, face bleaching, and retreat into a literal Neverland of his own making, MJ took on the status of living myth. The power of that myth persisted despite bankruptcy woes, accusations of child molestation, and other slings and arrows, so much so that last year when rumors of Jackson’s conversion to Islam began to float, they sent a shockwave of fascination throughout the world.


Though his conversion was never confirmed (and outright denied by his publicists), the idea of Michael Jackson as Mikael Jackson proved too powerful to let go. It’s fascinating how muslims in particular are now responding to his death; this thread at Talk Islam has attracted many readers who normally don’t comment to leave a message and express their sorrow and prayers. That MJ was a muslim is simply assumed as a given, and the thread is full of the muslim prayer for the dead, Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un. His death has clearly touched muslims as one of their own, and the question of his belief only adds to the mythos he leaves behind.

Rest in peace, Michael. Like Marilyn Monroe, you’ve become immortal in a way that almost no other celebrity has ever become.

  • Happiester

    After his transformation from dark to fair, Michael was undergoing some routine health promoting stuff to increase his life expectancy. One of that happens to be a chamber with controlled environment for MJ to rest or sleep. We were wondering for how long he would be living. I was suprised and shocked with his leaving. Rest in Peace my brother MJ.

  • awangkassim

    Be him a Muslim or not, he still goes to god.
    and dont let muslims take advantage of MJ’s death and condemn other infidels whilst saying about the greatness of Islam better than others.all human beings are Allah’s and he will take care of them after death.He is forgiving….not like humans, even with religion.
    may MJ rest in peace, prayers of all kind for him and al fatihah.

  • Your Name

    Your words seem to be too secular to believe upon. As everyone belongs to Allah is very true, but everyone does not believe that Allah Is his.
    That’s the difference that will make a person decide his destination – Heaven or Hell. It has been made clear in all the ages thru propehts that whoever is the believer will go to Heaven. Rest has only one place and it is Hell.
    So there is nothing to take advantage of MJ’s death as you said. Muslims world does not believe on such advantages rather than the support of their Allah and the signs of Prophet (Pbuh).
    But yes if MJ died as a true Muslim then we are proud of him. Bcoz finally he took the right decision and chose his path to Heaven. May Allah forgive his Sins and place him in Heaven based on his Iman (believe). That’s the biggest thing a Muslim have.
    Rest!! what fame he achieved on the World in Music and Pops is truly worthless and is not going to return him anything there.
    But still his fascinations of Musics have really produced huge no. of fans. Then where these fans were gone when he accepted Islam and took the shahadat openly? That shows so many don’t like MJ but his musics.
    And I like him for his-being in Islam.
    Take Care
    Allah Hafiz

  • Ejaz

    Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un.
    Allah is the source of mercy(Ar Rahman). May Allah forgive his sins.

  • ibnu_abdullah

    salamun alaikum to all
    awang kassim, u should learn more about Quran & hadith. It is true islam IS THE ONLY WAY OF LIVE. Allah swt has said in the Quran, those who did not worship HIM, ‘the disbelievers’, are the arrogants & will be punished & sent to hell forever. The Most-Forgiving applied only to those bad Muslim, whenever Allah swt decides to forgive him/her for their sins, or them Muslim who unintentionally killed other muslims, or on such occasions & (again) Allah swt decides to forgive him/her, because Allah swt is the Most-Knowing of what happened in the past.
    Al Fatihah to MJ

  • Your Name

    i am shocked by the islam beliefs. i am not judging you just not sure how you think that jesus was just a prophet. god sent his son to die for our sins,jesus. there is no other way to get into heaven except through jesus.the bible has been passed down through so many generations and it is still here today. the bible gives us so much knowledge about the father,son and holy ghost.i pray for the humans that are not understanding of his word.the lord jesus christ is our redeemer.may the father,son and holy spirit be with all.

  • Lawrence

    No one has ever laid their life down and raised it up again as Jesus of Nazareth did. Because of that I am compelled to believe what He said below:
    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”
    — John 14:6-7
    In the above Jesus clearly said that:
    1. He and the Father are one – that is, that He is God. We may not fully understand the Trinity. Just as others before us may not have understood electricity or nuclear radiation, but that does not make it untrue. We simply need to trust what Jesus said based on the credibility of His resurrection from the dead.
    2. That no one comes to the Father except through Him.
    Anyone who confesses Jesus as their savior and Lord (ruler of their life) will receive payment for their sins in the form of Jesus perfect and sinless life and receive Jesus spotless righteousness and be able to enter Heaven to spend eternity with God.
    Only God knows whether Michael Jackson did this or not, but I can guarantee you that at this moment Mr. Jackson would urge all to accept Jesus’ offer of eternal life.
    Bless you all, and may God comfort all who are grieving the loss of Michael Jackson.

  • Your Name

    i do not think so he converted becausze michael jackson once said: ” if i knew muslims are going to hear my music i would never have sung”

  • pagansister

    There are many religions/beliefs in this vast world…all are equal, none are superior. The value of a religion/belief is in the heart of the believer. Why would there be so many beliefs/religions if all human beings could agree on which one is THE religion?
    So whatever MJ believed really isn’t important. His shell is here, his energy left his body the minute he took his last breath. Fans and friends can believe he is where ever their faith taught them.

  • Tariq Yusef

    I don’t know, but only pray that MJ accepted Islam as his religion. However, no one except him and Allah will know that and Allah is the only and one true God and judge. I am definitely sending prayers his way.

  • Faisal

    Please read an interesting analysis of the statement by Hazrat Isa (a.s.) (Jesus Christ) “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”
    — John 14:6-7
    May the One true God guide whoever reads this to the truth. Inshallah.

  • PeaceBeautyTruth

    Especially when a celebrity is involved, an educated person should know not to believe anything except that which they see with their own eyes. Did Michael Jackson ever come outright and say he was “such and such” religion? Not directly. But Michael Jackson’s faith and beliefs are his own as they are for any individual. If he was a Muslim, do we accept him automatically for that? What if he had been a raging axe murderer? Is he still accepted because he is a Muslim? Or what about if he was a good man (all rumors set aside) who claimed to be a Christian? Do we then reject him despite any good he tried to bring to the world?
    All I am saying is that, as a Muslim, it doesn’t matter what beliefs Michael Jackson claimed– what is true comes from the heart. Just as it does for any individual in the world. Thus, we shouldn’t be staking claim on what Michael Jackson believed when only God knows. Instead, we should take him for how we see him, and leave the rest to God.

  • Your Name

    Michael Jackson’s death is a SURE loss to humanity, music world and of
    course his three children; above all his parents!
    We are just MORTAL beings ourselves; who possess NO right to comment
    on the cause or the aftermath of what religion, faith or ideals MJ
    believed in! There is an OMNIPOTENT force, to decide upon all of us;
    whether it pertains to Faith, belief, character and or “right or wrong” doings. Since what we might feel is our most “virtuous” deed;
    and vice versa; it could be judged by GOD otherwise! Who knows?
    I strongly feel that MJ was a real kind, warm and humane person; otherwise MJ could NOT by any means produced the “soulful and sublime”
    music; which was the PURE outcome of his soft and tender-heartedness.
    To be honest with you, all ARTISTS in the entire trade and field of
    FINE ARTS and AESTHETICS are supposed to have an ECCENTRIC STREAK in
    them, no matter what religion, caste, creed or colour they belong to!
    LOVE and REGARDS to one and all.
    Gubba ALI.

  • AShaheed

    How can anyone say for sure that MJ used bleaching chemicals to change his complexion! Instead of asuming and using terms to make us feel as though we know what went on, let us just be cool. If you knew anything of MJ, you knew he had a skin problem called Vitligo and that turns your skin beyond Albino. And He used a lot of makeup to cover his face and exposed areas.

  • music citizens

    all human beings are Allah’s and he will take care of them after death.I strongly feel that MJ was a real kind, warm and humane person.Thus, we shouldn’t be staking claim on what Michael Jackson believed when only God knows

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment JusSayn

    Listening to the many comments what comes through crystal clear is the ignorance of those of you who are narrow minded with tunnel vision. For you Christians, You are entitled to believe as you believe. That is all you’ve ever been taught and you have too much fear to think any other way. But your fears belong to YOU and not to other believers. I think taking religion out of schools has done Americans a great Injustice.

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