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Varun Gandhi vows to “cut heads” of muslims in India

This is disgusting and vile – Varun Gandhi, son of the late Sanjay Gandhi and grandson of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, went on a wild rant against muslims while campaigning in a rural area:

Raising his hands, he repeatedly said that this not the Congress’ symbol of hand but is the BJP’s arm that will behead these K&t*%*
(extremely derogatory word which is a highly offensive slang to
describe the community). It was both sad and shocking, coming from a
28-year-old politician.

[Yeh itne ghinaune shabd hain ki ham
aapko sunaa bhi nahiN sakte: The anchor had to say that some words and
remarks were so disgusting that they couldn’t be aired. Though the
channel inserted a sound at that partiular word, still it could be


Amid chants of Jai Shri Ram, the young face of BJP
and the scion of Nehru-Gandhi delivered not just a speech of extreme
vitriol but threatened to kill and cut heads and hands. He didn’t even
spare the Congress either.

Varun has delivered a number of speeches in various meetings. In one
meeting he says that the Muslims have names that appear scary. They
also look dangerous. If one comes across them at night, he may get

Then Varun takes the pledge of Gita and says that he would cut all such hands and taken on them solely.

Coverage of the incident from Thaindian News mentions that the local BJP party members – no strangers to anti-muslim incitement – were taken aback and are scrambling to distance themselves/deny the event outright:


What has come as a shocker is his staunchly pro-Hindu and rabid
anti-Muslim vitriolic that his opponents and supporters say could
trigger a communal clash.

From taking up issues like the ban on cow slaughter to asking a Sikh
leader to leave a Hindu meeting, Varun Gandhi has been ruffling
feathers everywhere.

Though just one offensive remark captured by a TV channel drew the
attention of the local authorities, the scion of the estranged Gandhi
family has been busy making such statements all over Pilibhit.

On March 6, he said at the Dalchand meeting: … “If somebody lifts a hand against Hindus, or thinks they are
weak, there is nobody behind them, then I swear on the (Bhagvad) Gita
that I will cut off that hand.”


It has left even leaders who are working for his victory flabbergasted.

Naresh Verma, a popular BJP leader in Puranpur – within the
constituency – told IANS: “I am a BJP activist and a Hindu too. But I
am not in favour of launching a communally charged campaign. If Varun
Gandhi persists with such style of campaigning, I would be compelled to
keep myself away from it.”

Added another BJP veteran Gurdial Singh: “Varun is going out of
hand. If he is not restrained, this election could end in a bloody
communal clash.”

The 70-year-old Sikh froom Ramnagar village was even asked to leave one of the Hindu meets being addressed by Varun Gandhi.

The worst thing that the muslim community in the region could do would be to react and take the bait for these provocations. The other parties are making complaints to the Indian Election Commission; however the best way to reign in Varun would be for his own party to condemn him unequivically. Thus far, that doesn’t seem likely to happen.

UPDATE: Varun denies it, blaming a “political conspiracy”. Maybe he is assuming that his target audience doesn’t watch television?

  • Gwyddion9

    It’s unfortunate that this is even happening, as it is the general civilian who is being killed. Fundamentalist from both religions are to blame for their behavior and actions. Neither is innocent of killings but it appears, from my perspective, that they really don’t care other than getting power, gaining land and killing people of the other faith.
    Both have brought it on themselves and both complain to the world of their treatment by the other, yet the killing continues in the name of their religion and God(s). It’s getting really old and worse is that the killing has become such a common occurrence that people are losing interest and becoming apathetic about the situation. People and governments can try to stop the bloodshed but until the religious fanatics on both sides to stop, it won’t and more and more innocent people will die. To me, the whole issues shows that either side of the religious fanatics really don’t care about human life, only their power and their quest for religious dominance regardless of the cost.

  • Steve

    Listen up you dirty muslims, your days are numbered…good will prevail…your demonic race is doomed

  • shashi

    everyone should realise this is politics, and nothing to do with religion.
    it is sad that such (young) politician with no religious understanding, study start using such words and create bad feelings for the good name of raam, who never started violence or talked disrespectfully or rudely even to his sworn enemy!
    it is ok to be dirty in politics, but why drag other things, like the ‘ideal man’ lord raam in this mud! only people who have no idea of what his character stands for, do such provocative things.

  • Govind

    Finally some non-Muslim has the courage to say something like this about Muslims. The so-called holy book of this faith has similar statements in which Allah asks Muslims to cut off the unbelievers heads. If what Varun Gandhi says is condemned why is the hate speech in the Quran not condemned and Muslims asked to discard their religion?

  • Surya

    @Govind of above comment
    Well said man! Well said! What a twist! Exactly these mullahs should practice self-probation before complaining about others.
    But I think what Varun has done is completely disastrous, and also stupidic.
    Oh My God, when will these leaders finally understand that Hindus(unlike the Muslims) in masses will never respond to rhetoric like these.
    Instead of being factual and tacit, these blunt methods will only result in loss.
    And asking a SIKH to leave a HINDU MEETING?
    What the F was that, when he is himself a half-sikh!
    How would one feel if some SARDAR asks you not to enter a Gurudwara!?
    Either Varun is completely stupid or he is hand-in-gloves with his italian cousin Ra(h)ul.



  • Sana

    My hindu Brothers,
    Please don’t be proud if some ‘non-Muslims has the courage to say something like this about Muslims’ as pointed by Govind and endorsed by Surya. There is no manliness in talking like this. Nor is there any manliness when some muslim clerics talk of taking revenge from kafirs. Varun and some mullahs who talk like this are hungry for power, have a huge sense of self importance (all wrong) and feel they can win popular support of the people – be they common hindus or muslims by such ugly rhetoric. But this will never happen – we all, including my brothers govind and Surya should not allow this to happen. Even if hindus and muslims have not lived happily before (which is absolute rubbish, as they actually have been coexisting for centuries together in this great land), we must not recollect the distorted past today to justify hatred for each other and destroy our COMMON future. It is not at all that difficult to defeat hatred and say NO to anyone teaching violence and hatred in the name of religion.
    In Europe the protestants and the catholics used to kill each other, but because of past hatred have they keep the enmity alive? NO.
    There might have been a time when Gaznavi came and destroyed temples. But today largely muslims live in fear – a stupid fear where some, not all feel that they are going to face exixtential threat from hindus. This is not a good feeling but muslims too must rise from this. They have to get out of the fear psychosis and say NO to it.
    And yes, the Quran never says behead hindus. There are paragraphs where there is a mention of killing kafirs but these kafirs were arabs who were engaged in a fight with the muslim arabs! The prophet at first didnot want to wage a war against his own arab people though his companions were egging him to go forward, but when muslims were attacked it was told by revealed to him (as mentioned in the Quran)to reltaliate and kill, but only those who do not want peace and those who were attacking prophet’s followers. The quran says that those who come forward wanting truce they should always be treated with kindness.
    Let us all promise ourselves we will let peace and vanity prevail. Amen

  • Harshad Patel

    VARUN GANDHI must be BJP’s All-India Star Campaigner. Narendra Modi and Varun Gandhi. Leave alone cutting hands and cutting necks, the levels of abuse should reach even more vulgar expletives. Gali-Galouj.. Maa-Bahen ki gaaliyaan… Varun Gandhi should make such speeches.
    Thru his cheap language/behavior/vulgarity, Sanjay Gandhi ensured the defeat of his mother Mrs. Indira Gandhi (in 1977). Varun Gandhi, is the son of Sanjay Gandhi (i am told he is the son of a Muslim., Mr. Akbar Ahmed Dumpy… his DNA Test must be taken to clarify it once and for all); so when he says he is “Doosra Sanjay Gandhi”., thats great. He will ensure BJP is defeated … and badly.
    Varun Gandhi has come as a BOON to the Congress (I). The contrast is striking… JAI HO.

  • maroof

    let people decide what they want.This man has to burned in a forest.this is only varun sanjay.The great Gandhi title is not for this man.

  • Arsalan Taj


  • Gus

    This may be a manipulated CD or speech …why this happens at election time. No person is that stupid to shoot himself in foot.
    That speech is making all BJP leaders hide /looking for cover…so it is not a civil society speech. It is not possible for a educated Indian boy who lives and intermingles with all sect of people in school abnd colleges can say that…it is difficult to swallow.
    Think of Indian films the actual villian is always somebody else but apparent villian is the diff. let us not judge and find out who is real culprit..if Varun has said that I will hate him
    I do not believe any sane person will go to such extent and demonize other person except for those who are jihadis who don’t think twice about lives of people.

  • Govind

    Following is a verse which explicitly commands Muslims to chop off the disbelievers heads: Sura (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”
    The Quran is loaded with these hate-filled violent verses.
    My question to my dear Islamic convert brothers of Hindu ancestry is: Do only Muslims have the exclusive, god-given right to cut off unbelievers heads whenever they think that the unbelievers are attacking them? What was Varun Gandhi saying? That if Hindus are attacked then kill the attackers. This is exactly the same thing that one finds in the Qu’ran about ALL unbelievers, not just Hindus, but atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs even Jews and Christians.
    Again, if you condemn Varun Gandhi then condemn equally Muhammad, the Quran and this supposed god Allah who talks EXACTLY like Varun Gandhi. Why cling to this religion and then selectively condemn the same hatred that it preaches, when you see it in others? We are living in times where you have the freedom to change your religion. Unlike other “peaceful” Islamic countries where the peaceful Islamic law murders ex-Muslims for renouncing Islam, you have the great good fortune of living in a modern, progressive and tolerant Hindu country. You can become Buddhist or Jain, which are REAL religions of peace.

  • Vivek

    Every community has its share of nutcases. Hindus(Ram Sena, Varun Gandhi) are no different and for that matter Christians and so is the same for Muslims. So stop getting worked up all of you.The majority of us folks are peace loving and reasonably sane.
    And coming back to the matter of Varun, he will most probably be booted out of politics unless there is divine intervention – pun intended:)
    And in case this information is crucial, I am Christian.

  • Your Name

    Looking at it dispassionately, Varun is just doing a stress test to check the limits till which he can go. Voters and the law will do whatever they have to do anyways.

  • Arjun

    Varun is stupid and idiotic.. doesnt he know that instead of saying Jai Shri Ram and taking an oath to protect Hindu Dharma, he should have done the following:
    1. Assumed the last name of Hussein and drawn a portrait of Maa Durga naked and copulating with dogs, pigs and cattle.
    2. Hurled abuses at Shri Ram (instead of chanting Jai Shri Ram) as a drunkard and unprintable abuses, just to win favor with evangelical missionaries.
    3. Supported SIMI, IM, LASHKAR, MADANI, AFZAL GURU and all terrorist organizations as “social welfare organizations”.
    5. Ignores the 6000+ Hindus murdered by Muslims in the past 5 years, but thinks the death of 6 muslims in Malegaon is a NATIONAL TRAGEDY !
    If he had done those things, he would have automatically become “SICKULAR” and a DARLING OF THE SICKULARIST media.
    Since he cannot do those things and foolishly talked about DEFENDING AND PROTECTING HINDUS, instead of following the SICKULARIST STAND OF PERSECUTING HINDUS, he is indeed GUILTY….

  • Jimmy

    My friends look what is happening to minority in Bangladesh.Pakistan and other country Varun-Gandhi is much better he knows the pain of Indira Gandhi(Ganchy)mistake of marrying a Muslim

  • sameer khan

    this tipe of speech making a more terror, in our comunities , and then u will say .muslims r doin this nda that, politicien are getin banifit. norma ppl r payin for that, narinder modi did in that tome setuation is front of u .so if ppl like varun gandhi ill speech like this.then he is makin more muslim to join the terrmm,im muslim and i love my cuntry.

  • R.Subburaj

    Dear Friends,
    I fail to understand as to why there is such a hue and cry over such a non issue. Afterall, Varun is reported to have said that he would chop-off the hands which subjugate hindus. Is it a big crime to take sides with hindus in there defence atleast orally. At no point of time Varun has referred anybody at the receiving end of his ire. This pseudo-secular society of ours bays for blood at the first cry of assertion by hindus, but shows hamletian procrastination in punishing criminals from other community who have the cheeks to target MP s in the parliament. Pray are we living in a country in which Hindus are supposed to be the majority ?

  • Desi Politicker

    This is standard double-speack by Islamo-fascists and pseudo-secular forces in the country. When the Ulemas say “Islam khatre mein hai” and that “agar koi musalmaanon ki aur aankh bhi uthaa ke dekhe, to hum kehar machaa denge” the media ignores it. But when someone says they will defend Hindus, that is communal? I saw the video. Assuming that it was actually Varun, all he spoke was about defending Hinduism. He did not name any community. So stop this nonsense.

  • mina

    Comments made by Arjun are so correct. He is absolutely right. If Varun had done all the things he has mentioned above he would be a hero of the media and the politicians. Varun are you dumb or what. Defending and protecting the Hindu’s who cannot even stand up for themselves. Money from the Hindu temples is being used to support Haj and christian pilgrims. Jama Masjid is given a face lift on public money. And Muslims and Christians need extra protection from Hindu Fundamentalist. If only they were fundamentalist the country would not be in this shape. There is a church now every 500 feet in the south and openly they are propagating how evil it is to be a Hindu and that is all ok in a Hindu majority India. But a young politician stands and says he will protect the Hindu’s and all hell breaks loose.

  • Maya

    We are going back to the same square. Is this necessary? why are we discussing and publicizing this all. We just need to shun the person making such comments and ensure that he gets punished for trying to provoke people. Not Hindus not Muslims but trying to provoke Indians and create a rift. We need to send a message across that no Gandhi or Nehru can any more divide us to have his rule. C’mon lets grow up and be literate. Instead of accusing Hindus and Muslims and going back on who gave the first threat and who cant stand for themselves lets ensure we all stand one and guard and save each other. Hindus and Muslims… whoever we are after all we all are Indians first…PLEASE Lets NOT REPEAT OUR MISTAKES….

  • kaushik

    When i was studying in London, a Pakistani guy was chatting with a Spanish and he was commenting on India. India and Pak are divided for religion. There are more muslims in India than in pakistan.that is because of Gandhi(who i dont respect). we are suffring because of his(Gandhi’s) idea of keeping muslims in India.
    Now Hindus are comming out of Pakistan and there are no one to save them.
    we should have people like Varun Gandhi to talk for Hindus.

  • jorrie

    Varun Gandhi should be called Varun Ghandu henceforth.He makes all kinds of inflamatory speech…and then denies it saying it is doctored.
    Varun beta…sorry ghandu…..You think the people of India are dumb? We have seen enough of denying in the past and blame games…your action speaks louder than words.
    Spend some time in jail and then learn the Gita…properly in your free time there. Then come and speak about how you may be of service to mankind.
    You are young learn and grow ..and mature.
    Good Luck Mr Ghandu.

  • Mohammad Tanvir shariff

    Muslims and Hindus are the two wheels of the chariot,,But varun made some discrimination to these religion and dazzling to all the community..We are Indian, Many Muslims sacrifice their lives for the freedom,But this rediculus chap adding fuel on the fire,,Definitly it will lead communal clash in this peaceful country..stop varun from using such kind of discriminatory act…jai ho!!!

  • Debadeep

    How long shall Hindus stay quiet and accept thrashing in their own homeland? We should look into why Varun Gandhi could even think of saying such words at a public rally…it’s because Hindus in India are sick and tired of Muslim whims which doesn’t let them sleep in peace. People are scared to walk the streets or board a train – because Muslim terrorists from inside and outside India have publicly vowed to kill as many Hindus as they can (and they are doing precisely that). My friend, I am not an Islam-hater…but you should understand – the power to pacify the crowd lies in the hands of the Muslims. Why are you taking so long to denounce the mindless people who are intent on killing Hindu masses in the name of Islam? Do you really think this is doing Islam a lot good? I know, this way, you Muslims will probably “win” a long-fought battle and have the world at your feet, but you won’t have anybody to rule over… you will only have a blood-soaked empire stinking of dead flesh – corpses of people whom you have slain with your own hands!
    Think twice – the choice is yours!


    When I heard the speech the first time, I didn’t hear any threats against any particular community. How is it when I hear the different news media, the story keeps changes. For example one media says he is 28 year old and he used inflammatory word to describe Muslims, other says he 30 year old, and he threatened to cut off hands but did not mention any inflammatory word, other just quote what he says. Honestly, if I go by the first time and the quote, I really don’t see where the communal hatred is. Maybe Varun is a little hot headed and upset, but I thought India has freedom of speech. So if Varun is charged with all this incitation of hatred, what about all the mullahs, muftis, and malaunas I hear in the damm streets cursing Hindus,Sikhs,Buddhists,Jains,Christians, or whomever is the hot topic of the day and claiming Islam is the only way, and some going to extent of killing non-Muslims. How come they don’t get charged for their hate speeches? When did India start obey Sharia law?

  • Sam Kumar

    A naked display of insanity. While is mother is hyper-sensitive about someone causing injury to a gold-fish, this self proclaimed guardian of Hindus incites people to kill each other.
    Despite his high education, Varun displays his lack of integrity in his moral character. What difference lies between him and terrorists elsewhere? Oh, only that he is guarded by policemen who live on our (taxpayers) money.
    No human would own him, forget a Hindu. Greed and selfish desire to come to power has pushed Varun to support violence, hatred, and insecurity among communities.
    I hope his teacher taught him at school that the constitution upholds the ‘RIGHT TO LIFE’ in high-esteem.
    No matter what, no human has the right to injure another human. And that is all that matters.
    Insecurity about your identity will certainly push you to insanity. I am born into a Hindu family but my parents would hand me to the police if I go out and rape or murder anyone, no matter what religion. That’s the mark of civility, rationality, and humanity. Any person who is a threat to the life of any other person should be put into the jail.
    I’ve had the opportunity to study at Jamia University, New Delhi and seen the warmth of Muslim hospitality. Despite being roughed up by a few fanatical Muslim guys, I would still say that I loved the hospitality that most Muslims showed me for two years at Jamia.
    So, my Muslim friends, what matters is that we learn to be HEROES in life. Protecting good people from evil. Protecting the weak from the exploitative powerful people. Helping each other is the way to a better future.
    Do not be misled into fury and frustration due to the hollow speeches of fanatical Hindus. Varun, or any other religious fanatic, has the balls to makes such pompous speeches only when in a gathering of their own community. He doesn’t have the balls to speak that in a Muslim gathering. If he had the balls he wouldn’t have said that the CD is fake. Poor Varun doesn’t understand that a camera never lies.
    Be a MAN. Save your strength to crush villains. And villains have no religion. Read for some real insight into the hollowness of our politicians.

  • Jayawanth

    Partition was the worst mistake and guess who insisted on it. If the people were forced to under go the trauma of partition we should have agreed to a Hindu and muslim country. Instead Pakistan (Land of the Pure Idiots) could butcher Hindus but Hindus had to tolerate Muslims in India under the guise of Secularism – grand leadership of Nehru. Has muslim religion ever done anything good to India or anyone? It has wiped out all Hindu temples/communities under the mad belief against idol worship, killed millions all in the name of Allah and Peace. Give us a break. If this is what you mean by Islam/Peace, please keep it to yourself in Pakistan. Most of the Indian muslims were formely Hindus – were forcibly converted after abduction or attack. No right minded person would convert to Islam. Now these Indian muslims dream of creating a Pakistan in India. Go to Pakistan and enjoy its wonderful history and non-existent glorious future of Army, Terrorism and madness. I am sure you will get lots of sponsorships for free one way tickets. “Converts cannot claim Nationhood” M K Gandhi. I can trust an individual Muslim but never the community. All the women instead of suffocating in the community should boycott it.

  • Jayawanth

    If Varun did really say this (cutting heads) at least he has not done it. Muslims have done it in the past and continue to do it. Which is better?
    Indian muslims (result of forced conversions) should stop dreaming about Pakistan and live in the present – in India as Indians.
    If Pakistan can be a muslim country murdering Hindus and could uproot them with impunity why did we have to accommodate these trouble makers. We are willing to sponsor one way tickets to the Land of the Pure (Idiots).

  • Peaceful Hindu

    Obviously, Varun Gandhi was referring to Muslim terrorists and not peace-loving Muslims when he said those words. Even a 3rd standard student can understand that he was only trying to address the anti-national and terror-seeking elements in his speech.
    Trying to interpret anything beyond that is a waste of time !

  • apoorva srivastava

    dear goole hindi is so bad here is writen varun gandhi is the the son of indira gandhi’s grand son how shameful hinmdi google write

  • Aleem Jan

    My friend Jayawanth, it is really easy to get carried away with one’s hatred for others and start saying or doing things, that one knows are bound to hurt others.
    If I respond in your language and words, I will be insulting the rest of Hindus and the Indians in a very generalized fashion and I don’t want to do that.
    I know that you (like Varun) don’t represent Hindus and India, same as some people claim to be Muslims, but in effect are as murderers as Colonel Parohat.
    I would have appreciated your hatred and would have congratulated you for these noble emotions of yours, if only you could quote from your religious books (all the four Vedas, Ramaain, Bhagvat Geeta, Puranas, Upnishid,…, anything) that has taught you this hatred towards other people (no out of context things please).
    The other thing is that I wish your hatred would be only towards Muslims and Pakistan, and you love everything and everyone else. You love Dalits, you love Christians, your love Jews, you love Budhists, you love people from all four corners of India and you love each and every cast and creed of Hindus. And you don’t think that only your caste in Hindu religion is the best, Or only your clan is the best in your community and only your family is the best in all of India. Or only your province in India is the best and only your city is the best in your province and only your neighborhood is the best in your city and only your street is the best in your neighborhood and only your house is the best in your street and only your room is the best in your house and only you are the best in your house. And thus try to prove that you and your thoughts are the best in your home, street, neighborhood, city, province, India, sub-continent, Asia, the world, the universe and history past and the coming future, and that rest can go to hell.
    It never ends Mr. Jayawanth; it (hatred) only consumes human soul. I believe, if a man has (developed) a capacity to hate one single thing, he sure can hate anything. And your words show that you are at a chronic stage.

  • Mahesh Jain

    sir Aleem Jan,,
    Please tell more about ‘Dar ul uloom’ & ‘Dar ul Harb’,,, if the muslim countries dont allow people of other religions to practice their religion( ex: building temples, churches & Gurudwaras etc & spreading their religion), then why should muslims expect to swamp all other places on earth forcefully ?
    1) None of the previous 24 prophets mentioned in ‘Quran’ ever visited the ‘desert city of Mecca’. Its history & fact & also ‘Torah’ & ‘Bible’ give the correct information about that….
    2)Vedas clearly mention ‘Monogamy’ is the best marriage practice, in very rare cases, a man can practice celibacy(Sanyas) for the welfare & spiritual being of the society….
    Even ‘Adam’ also had only one wife. Even if he wanted also God created only one woman as wife ( didnt create many for satisfying his lust). Check out current sex ratio of the whole world.
    See my friend, if you are following the right person as your Prophet,
    definitely your deeds are very good & enlightening for the society.
    If you are following a wrong person(not prophet, indeed profit), your deeds will destroy the society.
    Choice is yours…..

  • Human Being

    Mr. Aleem Jan,
    I dont understand why you people dont make a stand when it comes to your religion.
    With comments you have made do you agree to say the Original National Anthem ” Vande Mataram” which means ” All GOD of different communities are ONE/SAME” DO you agree to say that ?
    No my dear friend your holy scripts says not to coexist with other religion !!!
    Believe me I am not a religious person , its the frustration about Religion and the Stupid GOD we all believe in that makes me Furious !!!

  • Truth

    Mahesh Jain, You have started this (and people like you only deserve this when they offend other religions with their little knowledge). Sorry my other hindu brothers, please don’t be offended by the foll :
    Do you know what is the relation between Brahma (creator of Hindu Universe), Saraswati and Swayambhumaru. If not, read “Saraswati Puran”. It goes like this : When Brahma (father of sarwswati) saw the beauty of Saraswati he became amorous. To escape from her father’s passionate approach Saraswati ran to the lands in all four directions, but she could not escape from her father. She succumbed to Brahma’s wish. Brahma and his daughter Saraswati lived as husband and wife indulging in incest for 100 years. They had a son Swayambhumaru. Swayambhumaru made love with his sister Satarpa. Through the incest of Brahma’s son and daughter Brahma got two grandsons and two grand-daughters”.
    Brahma is one of the three main gods-Trimurti-of the Hindu pantheon. He is the creator of the universe, Saraswati, who became the wife of her own father, was the daughter of Brahma. (Read Saraswti Puran).
    Now I hope you will not cast aspersions on other religions based on silly instances that are found everywhere irrespecive of any religion.
    Also read relation between Shiva, Parvati, Madhura and Mandadori.
    Also read how Sabarimalai Sastha (Ayappa) was born. His parents were Shiva and Vishnu (both males). Just find out what had happened.
    Now just don’t please blame other religions.
    Krishna God had 16000 plus wives & concubines.
    Shiva God had many other wives besides Parvati, Ganga, Madhura etc.
    Sabarimalai Sastha or Ayyapa is a sylvan god. He is the son born to Siva & Vishnu as a result of a homosexual act.
    Jagannath is the god enshrined in the famous Hindu temple at Puri. At the Jaya-Vijiya gate of this temple various type of sexual orgies of the god Jagannath can be seen sculptured on granite stones. On the outer walls of this temple are life-size sculptures of the 64 types of sexual mating of men and women as described in the Kamasutra of Vatsyayana.
    Do you know what is the relation between Brahma (creator of Hindu Universe), Saraswati and Swayambhumaru. As per “Saraswati Puran” it goes like this : When Brahma (father of sarwswati) saw the beauty of Saraswati he became amorous. To escape from her father’s passionate approach Saraswati ran to the lands in all four directions, but she could not escape from her father. She succumbed to Brahma’s wish. Brahma and his daughter Saraswati lived as husband and wife indulging in incest for 100 years. They had a son Swayambhumaru. Swayambhumaru made love with his sister Satarpa. Through the incest of Brahma’s son and daughter Brahma got two grandsons and two grand-daughters”.
    So friends, don’t insult other religions. Muslims are allowed Four wives as per their religion, based on those times when men were slayed in battle fields and women and children back home needed protection.

  • Ramesh Manghirmalani

    I am shocked at Varun Gandhi’s garbage,I would be compelled to kee away from him, he is talking utter garbage.

  • Your Name

    I hate to see how some comments of an individual should digress into a clash of philosophies. As a Hindu I am strongly opposed to anyone who says only their philosophy is right and everything or everyone else is wrong. Otherwise Hinduism would not have multiple forms of worship of multiple deities or multiple paths (Sanyas or Grahastha) or have Rama (Monogamy) and Krishna (Polygamy) or involve support for Gay people and more. Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life that allows you to seek your own path based on certain guidelines and values and let others seek their own way. Do not persecute and do not allow yourself to be persecuted. Regarding Varun Gandhi he claims his voice was doctored. I do not seek to judge anyone based on media reports. There is an FIR against him. Let the courts decide while we continue on our unique paths for salvation.

  • Your Name

    Well,my very tame muslim blogger friends..i must bring it to your vision that hinduism is a polytheistic,morely a syncretic faith.if a few ppl make up some items for the purpose of worship,we dont go about shouting “rafiz..kaffir!” we allow them to go on and about their lives.and for the sake of argument,lets say the incest stories are not false,Bramha,saraswati,vishnu etc had fun.where,my friend,does the idea of the kaffir gods being true and committing all those purported crimes leave Allah??a figment of imagination?

  • Your Name

    Dear Brother!!
    Lets talk about everything which are common in our religion and lets not deviate.
    Its only about Varun Ghandhi’s comments,which i think that was not right and he should be punished for the same.
    Being a Muslim i beleive that if in future some muslim talks the same language then he should also be punished.
    Varun is doing only for politics and for this he can do anything.
    And Varun should understand that neither Hindus and nor Muslims are week,we all have guts and lets not waste it.Go and do something constructive instead of communially dividing people!!!
    And people dont give new explanations that muslims do,done that..or hindus do,that,done..this ..

  • ranjith

    This is the curse of Hinduism. As long as Hindu’s have difference of opinion amoung themselves, minorities with the support of external forces will take the country for granted. Not sure what is wrong in what Rahul Gandhi mentioned. It is not Muslims who are not the curse for Hindu’s. It is a small section of Hindu’s who will screw the Hindus.

  • Sam

    Wow Indira and Feroze Gandhi are now rolling on their graves hearing what Varun has said about Muslims. Before bashing muslims, maybe he should thank his muslim grandfather, without whome he would not even exist. OH sweet irony!

  • Your Name

    If muslims are free to call others kaffirs; others also are free to call muslim kaffirs! why not?

  • Khan

    This article is not about kafir, allah, or hindu. This is about a person who is not right in his mind. Hitler started this way, and look what happened.

  • Debadeep

    I do not understand – why are the Muslims upset with Varun Gandhi’s comments? Look, I will quote from the blog here what Varun Gandhi said –
    …On March 6, he said at the Dalchand meeting: … “If somebody lifts a hand against Hindus, or thinks they are weak, there is nobody behind them, then I swear on the (Bhagvad) Gita that I will cut off that hand.” …
    If you read the above lines carefully, you will find that THERE ISN’T A SINGLE WORD SAID AGAINST MUSLIMS OR ISLAM!!!
    If somebody is being communal, it a person like Shahnawz Hussain, who deliberately made the (gullible) Muslims believe that Varun Gandhi has actually threatened Islam (our very own blog owner is unfortunately under the same mistaken belief – look at the title of this blog!)
    Or should I suppose that Muslims in India WERE ACTUALLY PLANNING TO LAUNCH AN ATTACK ON HINDUS AND THEY JUST GOT SCARED??? Because, there is no other way that a Muslim should find himself scared, instigated or feel insecure as a result of Varun’s comment!

  • Muhammed

    its worrying for muslim nations to see these illiterate and annoying remarks from Indian leaders.It should be reminded to india in gujrat killings india narrowly escaped Organization of Islamic countries boycott and sanctions.If india tries to repeat gujrat killings, they will be dealt with and they will enter our boycott list.We will kick all hindus out from our arab if they dare to hurt muslims. also don’t forget that muslims ruled india for centuries so muslims have more right to live in india and hindus should be kicked out.

  • Your Name

    Hello Dear Friend
    As my previous Friend says Muslims are having more rights to live in India, Will my friend allow if an Hindu rule the Arab world for 100 more years and say Hindus are having more right than muslims to live in Arab. Its not like that my dear friend. Your Muslim rulers ruled India and we have lot of muslim population in India and we give respect for all muslims in India. Can Mr. Muhammed can challange , Is Hindu having more rights in Arab or Is Muslim having more rights in India. Defenitely my friend will keep quite.
    If Varun has said something wrong about muslims defenitely he should be punished. But If he had jus told that he will cut the hands of those who are against Hindus then No body even Muslims dont have to worry about his speech. It just shows his Hindutva..

  • Pushpa Rajguru

    To the Editors at Belief Net: You got it all wrong!
    And what a crude attempt to mislead the reader! The title “Varun Gandhi vows to “cut heads” of muslims in India” appears to be deliberately skewed to send the wrong message.
    Varun Gandhi never uttered the “M” word during his entire speech. For those that would care to know the truth, the audio & text of the speech are available at:

  • Abhishek

    Just another bourgeois politician looking for votes.

  • http://Shameful Kaushik

    It s really shameful that a prominent figure and most importantly an young politician like Varun Gandhi is indulging in such lewd comments. Who does he want to impress. The Indian Janta is too clever to see through this. May be he should vent his anger towards the hostile neighbor that is causing India so much bloddshed. And there are so many things to be done to build India as a nation. We can hardly afford such meaningless hate speech. Much less a leader like him to take control of the country. Jail is the place he should be in.

  • Akhand

    Have you actually seen the video? It’s a grainy image, the voice doesn’t sound like Varun Gandhi’s and no one can say anything conclusively. There’s also the mystery of why it took 11 days for the tape to surface. With digital technology today, it’s so easy to doctor tapes. And plenty on the Left/Congress would have a motive to do so. It is Congress that is trying to pit Muslim against Hindu and Indian against Indian.
    To say Varun Gandhi said these things is to say the fellow is a fool – for only a fool would say such things and destroy his political career. To attribute these remarks to him is to insult the intelligence of the young fellow. In any event, as politicians go, there’s no such thing as bad publicity! This move by the forces behind the doctoring of this tape will backfire. Varun Gandhi is winning more sympathy and is outdoing Rahul Gandhi for ‘brand awareness.’
    Many pseudo-secular and emotional Indians jump at the chance to pull down a clearly articulate young fellow. I urge my fellow Indian Muslims not to buy into this rubbish that Varun has said this.
    In any case, he is innocent until proven guilty. Though, of course, the CEC has decided, in its wisdom, that he is guilty until proven innocent. What a circus!

  • Akhand

    Have you actually seen the video? It’s a grainy image, the voice doesn’t sound like Varun Gandhi’s and no one can say anything conclusively. There’s also the mystery of why it took 11 days for the tape to surface. With digital technology today, it’s so easy to doctor tapes.
    To say Varun Gandhi said these things is to say the fellow is a fool – for only a fool would say such things and destroy his political career. To attribute these remarks to him is to insult the intelligence of the young fellow. In any event, as politicians go, there’s no such thing as bad publicity! This move by the forces behind the doctoring of this tape will backfire. Varun Gandhi is winning more sympathy and is outdoing Rahul Gandhi for ‘brand awareness.’
    Many pseudo-secular and emotional Indians jump at the chance to pull down a clearly articulate young fellow.
    In any case, he is innocent until proven guilty. Though, of course, the CEC has decided, in its wisdom, that he is guilty until proven innocent. What a circus!

  • umakant dixit

    i don’t get the piont why nation is taking the issue of varun gandhi,if anyone can hear properly plz listen he has not mentioned to “cutt heads of muslims” however he mentioned to “cutt hands who raise against hindu”thats ok it can be of anyone hindhu,muslim or any religion why media is highlighting in wrong way to make money and issue.
    people don’t use their brains it seems anyone can make fool and guide them in wrong direction where they want to take.
    specialy with muslims this happens like in pakistan, they make some video against india how muslims are treated in india and everybody just follow it without confirming, look muslims in india everyone is free to do what they want in media,politics,bollywood,sports everywhere.
    i suggest anyone should come to conclusion only after confirming on the issue and media,political leaders should stop playing games on religions.

  • Jinda dil

    This guy needs to be made to walk the breadth and width of our country with folded hands begging for forgivness

  • kk

    varun is shouting just like the way muslims behave in muslim domianted countries like pakistan,arania.we are secular and we dont need to go down liek muslims.these muslims are ignorant and have no repsect for other religons.we dont need to behave ike that


    Hello Muhamad , the Laden !
    PLease dont send any indians from your country(UAE) becoz all indians over there are dirty muslims.Please hang them and you commit suicide BECOZ U BORN AS MUSLIM IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!.
    And Mr Mooohamadddd IS THERE ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHICH IS HAVING 85% population belogs to one religion,Still minority people getting all benifits from govt and enjoying reservations????
    Fionally I dont think muslim religion will give HEALTHY SOCIETY.Unlike other religions it doesnt change in its custom and culture which is harmful to mankind.

  • Rajeev (UAE)

    Hold on a moment guys!! Look I am a Hindu, but tell me one thing, what we will ultimately get in this communal flame. And can not you understand, Varun’s speech is totally steered towards getting votes on religious ground. We need healthy development in the form of infrastructure, industry, and education. And that should be the primary objective of our leaders. I respect Indian Muslim society, remember Ajim Premji, Dr. Kalam are from Muslim community and so are top Bollywood celebrities. I accept problems are there, but so are in our communities (e.g., Bajrang Party, putting christian missionaries in fire in Orissa, beheading in the name of witchcraft in orissa, bihar…). Guyz we are living in 21st century. We are not going to get any thing from communal disturbance. Varun is a sick guy and a shame to Gandhi family.

  • Rajeev (UAE)

    Hold on a moment guys!! Look I am a Hindu, but tell me one thing, what we will ultimately get in this communal flame. And can not you understand, Varun’s speech is totally steered towards getting votes on religious ground. We need healthy development in the form of infrastructure, industry, and education. And that should be the primary objective of our leaders. I respect Indian Muslim society, remember Ajim Premji, Dr. Kalam are from Muslim community and so are top Bollywood celebrities. I accept problems are there, but so are in our communities (e.g., Bajrang Party, putting christian missionaries in fire in Orissa, beheading in the name of witchcraft in orissa, bihar…). Guyz we are living in 21st century. We are not going to get any thing from communal disturbance. Varun is a sick guy and a shame to Gandhi family.

  • XXX

    Hey You Mulla
    Your heads shouldnt be there in the first place for him to cut. What rightdo you have to even exist in India? You are just aliens. In gulf you dont let us practice our religion & you want reservations here?
    I wont rant along but just one thing you SUCK.
    Rajiv You suck too.


    Indian Hindu, very good name but you are not worthy of using that name for yourself because of your negative thinking and XXX, I don’t know who you are but dear friends go to great original hindu scholars (not baba’s) and get to know what is hinduism is and what are the basic of hinduism after that comment on any communal issues. Don’t just blame or use bad slang for other it just against Hindu culture.
    Don’t talk about other community, just think about yourself.. you are making comments on others there are many who can comment on you. Hinduism is way of life… and I know it for sure the above comments from my dear friends don’ts reflect hinduism.
    Friends, if you really know the HEART PAIN when people use bad language or bad comments on your community or religion you will never ever think to make vulgar or bad comments which may hurts others.
    Dont think which minority is getting benefited, just tell yourself what your country got benefits from you. Common friend, we are INDIAN first, lets talk about progress, education, Health, Technology… Why we don’t want to comment on this issues?
    I wish i could able to produce a second thought in your mind before thinking in negative way.

  • Govind

    One thing that can be established here is that it is not Muslims but Hindus who are to blame. They are so busy licking the boots of their enemies that they hurl insults at their own fellow-Hindus who take up their cause. 14 centuries of Islamic genocide against Hindus which culminated in the creation of the Islamic republics of Pakistan and Bangladesh was not enough. The islamization and ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir in just the last decade was not enough. The continuous terrorist attacks my Islamic militants against them is not enough. All they know is how to lick the boots of their brutalizers and fearfully shut the mouths of their own Hindu well-wishers like Varun Gandhi. Shame on such Hindus. You do not have the right to call yourself Hindus, nor do you have the right to your freedom. May you once again live in an Islamic caliphate or under Islamic rule. May you be relocated to Pakistan or Kashmir or Bangladesh. Then go and see how much brotherhood the loving brainwashed Islamized descendants of Hindu converts show towards you.

  • Jay

    On March 6, he said at the Dalchand meeting: … “If somebody lifts a hand against Hindus, or thinks they are weak, there is nobody behind them, then I swear on the (Bhagvad) Gita that I will cut off that hand.”
    heyy guys what’s wrong in it? where is any anti muslim remark in it?

  • Your Name

    also visit
    Now, the most important questions based on facts.
    Varun is a poet. He is telling that if one sees a Pakisthani Muslim in night, one would be scared, since we cant know if that man is a terrorist. Also, he says that he would cut the others hands if one lifts his hands to torture a Hindu. Dont you think that it is the word of a young politician who has seen his ancestral family was wiped off from Jammu & Kashmir? Dont you think that somebody should bell the cat of pseudo secularism? He did not say that one fine morning he would wake up, take a sword and go after Muslims. Why do you forget that these type of partisan attitude by Congress and Left have resulted in Kerala Muslims pro-pak and the younger generation attending militant training in Pak. In Mumbai, they came in dark. So there is nothing to condemn Varun’s speech since you cant say who is a true Muslim, that too unbiased, living in India. The fact is that very few. Do you think that protecting one’s community from those lifting hands to harm it is an offence? Thank God you have a Varun. In fact, the youth of India should back him. Who ever speaks against his words are your enemies, since he vouched to kill or cut hands only if it was lifted to torture you! And if such a speech is unwelcome, were all other communal violences in India precipitated due to speech of Varun or RSS? Have you seen or heard what takes place in mosques or churches during election? It is an open platform to canvass votes for religion. Have you heard some of the so called muslim secular leaders speech or read their books? It is purely communal. Or how do you approve a league or group or cluster of Muslims called Muslim league to contest the secular parliamentary election? I suggest you back Varun. He is the leader of tomorrow. Not LK Advani. We need people like him.

  • Your Name

    Im evn more appalle by some of the comments made on here about the speach. Im not a muslim, but i feel we can’t club all muslims together just as we can’t say all hinu’s are vile and ignorant like varun gandhi. Im very proud to be indian. Im proud that india is a secular nation. If this wa happeneing abroad for eg in the uk or US and politicians were using religion or colour as a voting tool, India as a nation would react violently and call it racism. So why in should we allow varun gandhi to incite division, he comes across so ignorant, and as black mark on the youth of India, im Neither a cingress supporter, or a BJP supporter as im not allowed to vote, so as a unbias observer, who decides who india is for, who is more important, VARUN GANDHI?? And is he has broken the law and EC code of conduct, should he not be banned or jailed?? Doesn’t it come back to the Jessica lal, and BMW cases, that if you have money and power you think you can get away with anything?? It time for India to be bold and strong and make new electionrules, starting with no criminals, infact no one with charge sheets at all, or cases pending against them should be given a ticket, elections should be fought on policies, of health, weallth, education, terorism etc in what way it can help its citizens, not for personal gain of wealth and power. Wake up india and choos ewhats best for you. That s a good start

  • samantha

    I’d also like to add, that yes muslims do do bad things, but if you start this kind of ethnic cleansing who are next, the sikhs, then the christians, we are all indians, its not called HINDUA it is called india. Elections shouldn’t be fought on religion, and more is expected of politicians.
    I hate to say it that im the 1st to blame muslims for so many things, and point a finger at pakistan for surporting terrorism, the muslims who don’t want harmony in india should be shipped back to pakistan, but its not Varun gandhi’s right or choice to deflame them, or encourage violence against them. If a politician in England said our pandits look scary would we be quiet?? if they said that brown people were steeling there britisg peoples jobs and money, would be aaccept it??no because its unacceptable to say it!

  • Govind

    Before it was called India it was called “Hindustan”, and it continues to be called that. FYI Hindu is not a religious but a geographic term which derives from Persian. As such the term Hindu refers to all Indians, including Muslims.
    As far as comparison with England goes it is invalid. 1) England does not have centuries of history when it comes to brutalization at the hands of Islamic invaders. India does. England was not partitioned my Muslims demanding a separate state. India was. 2) The English have not been ethnically cleaned by Muslims from an entire province. In “Hindu-majority” India it is the poor Hindu Pandits who have been ethnically cleansed out of Kashmir after a brutal campaign of slaughter, rape and terror. Hindus have been cleansed by Islam out of erstwhile Hindu-buddhist Afghanistan, nearly cleansed out of Pakistan (the birth-place of Hinduism), and continue to be slowly but systematically decimated in Bangladesh to this very day. The English have not had to face anything of the sort YET (but indiscriminate multiculturalism is taking them there). 3) England has only had to face a few stray incidents of Islamic terror. India has had to withstand a quarter-century of non-stop blood-letting at the hands of Islamic Jihadists out to earn brownie points with Allah as Kafir-murdering ghazis.
    In response to this genocidal frenzy of Islam Hindus have produced innumerable saints and mahatmas like Gandhi who have offered Muslims unconditional love and acceptance and regarded Islam as a great and valid religion. Even after partition, Muslims have continued to multiply in India. They are free to practice their religion and they get any amount of sops from the government by way of “minority protection”, and these only continue to increase day by day.
    Unfortunately Islam is a predatory religion. In the entire Quran there is nary a single word of praise for followers of other religions outside of the semitic fold. It preaches only HATRED for people following non-Semitic religious traditions and it is also rabidly antagonistic towards followers of the other two semitic faiths of Christianity and Judaism. The religion is based on the entirely intolerant, false and fascistic claim that the monotheistic religion preached by Mohammad is the only true religion, that only One God must be worshiped and therefore all other religions should be conquered. This is crazy!
    This totalitarian faith has for centuries tried to eradicate and conquer Hinduism. So many millions of Hindus (and I use the term to refer to all Indian traditions like Buddhism, jainism and Sikshism that all share the same fundamentals) have been slaughtered and millions more have been converted into enemies of their own Indian brethren, their loyalties commanded exclusively by this intolerant and supremacist creed.
    For decades now Hindus have tried the path of love and peace. A Hindu leader like Gandhi was willing to bend over backwards to show his love for Muslims. But he was stabbed in the back with partition. More recently the so-called Hindu nationalist leader Vajpayee unilaterally visited Pakistan to extend a hand of friendship and at the same time Pakistan was moving it’s troops into Indian Kashmir. No. Enough is enough. Hindus can’t keep singing songs of love while continuing to be brutalized at the hands of Islam which only views them with contempt and sheer HATRED. It would be a crime to suggest that Hindus continue to do so. It is akin to signing their death warrant at the hands of this violent religion that has been spilling their blood with abandon for centuries.
    What Varun Gandhi said is therefore reasonable. People of all races, faiths and persuasions are welcome in India. However, predatory religions and ideologies with their blood-thirsty minions eager to slaughter and convert Hindus in the name of their intolerant creeds need be dealt with on their own terms. It is the basic necessity for the self-preservation of Hindus and their India.

  • raj dutta

    @Jay —
    What’s wrong? Well, even talking of such sheer violence, of beheading and decapacitation and chopping ands, is a vulgar display of uncouth, uncultured Jat-ism. Religion has nothing to do with it, how can a grown up political person even use such violent and disgustingly filmi language?

  • raj dutta

    @Govind — i’d love to slaughter each off your ignorant points, but there’s a great cricket match on, and some incredible pork momos and beef fry waiting for me at lunch.

  • Govind

    @Mr.Dutta (or whatever your real name is) – You have not even begun to debate. My advice: Go easy on the pork and beef. All that meat guzzling will certainly increase your aggressiveness but at the same time it will dim the capacity to sit back and think dispassionately and express your thoughts (not emotions) logically without having to attack anyone personally or “slaughter” anything in the process.

  • Your Name

    For those who missed the ship, read
    Though a muslim, I fully agree with the views in it. Because, some persons have disgraced this community for 3Ws. They spoiled the image of Islam. If Mr.Varun Gandhi takes such an initiative, there will be thousands of true muslims with him, as we had done during freedom movement, to expose these criminals. We are not against India. We have read Gita. We respect its contents. We dont approve of militancy. The mind of our youth was spoiled by politicians.

  • Abdurahiman Haji

    Also read
    It has interesting comments on Congress, LK Advani and Left parties.
    A poem about our Lalu. When one clicks on each state, it gives statistics of each state. It is interesting to read about Delhi, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala etc.

  • Vinay Shivakumar

    If somebody lifts a hand against Hindus, or thinks they are weak, there is nobody behind them, then I swear on the (Bhagvad) Gita that I will cut off that hand.”
    Can you explain whats wrong with this comment ? Why should someone take offence over this ?
    I guess you’ll agree to this comment if you substitute hindu with moslem and gita with quran , and if it were uttered by some extremist cleric.
    But i thought the other comment about beheading was a little over the top.
    Just like world peace , Secularism is a farce , it can never exist , when each one thinks the other is inferior there will always be tensions , unless people become sane and turn areligious(my own word meaning dont take the religious text by word – not synonymous with atheist) like me :)

  • Ranga Chandramohan

    IF anyone disturbs the IDEA of India., if anyone spreads terror and divides Indian society, IF anyone tears the social fabric of India., then I., Ranga Chandramohan., will chop off his cock… and throw it to the dogs.

  • Raaj Sundar

    Please dont be harsh to Varun. Agreed he is a terrorist, but he is my boyfriend and lover. Yes, he is gay., and a great bottom. If he goes to Jail, i would go lonely… so please forgive Varun. For my sake… for the sake of his lover/boyfriend… phleaaase…

  • Kshitij srivastava

    i totally agree with Mr. Varun Gandhi that if any person of other community ( mulla ) tries to damage HINDU prestige then he should taught a harsh lesson that hindus are not weak . we r united

  • Charan

    Menaka is a Sikh. Varun is half Sikh. Maybe he is on drugs, just like Rahul Mahajan.

  • Your Name

    This is a country of hypocrites. It is okay when a Muslim in a Muslim country says infidels should be wiped out, if it is not possible to draw them into the Islamic fold. In India, it is not possible for a Hindu to profess similar ideas. Pseudo secularists, the non-Sangh Parivar outfits, at once will pounce on such a person like a rabid dog. But India is a Hindu Rashtra, though it has always welcomed alien cultures and people belonging to other religions, assimilating the best of their tenets. Hinduism is an assimilating religion, renowned for its tolerance. But if people belonging to such alien religions, misconstrue this as a sign of Hindu weakness, then they are sadly mistaken.Hindus are not wanting in courage that they will just look on as mute spectators and brook unprovoked violence by Muslims. A Hindu will extend an olive branch and bouquets to peace-loving citizens. But if someone is hell-bent on war, saying it is endorsed by their religion, then a Hindu will gift that person with a wreath. Varun had not said anything wrong.

  • Ramudu

    I dont see anything wrong in what Varun had said. He had only overtly stated what every Hindu has been feeling. The Congress is ruining India with its Muslim appeasement policy. India will be redeemed only if Congress is taught a fitting lesson in the coming elections. Dhananjoy Chatterjee was hanged without a second thought. I am not shielding Dhananjoy. But what Parliament attack mastermind Mohammed Afzal did was far worse than Dhananjoy’s crime. By not executing Afzal, Congress has not only dealt a death-blow to justice but also dishonoured the memory of the very martyrs who sacrificed their lives to save many politicians in the House, Congress members including, from the onslaught of the terrorists’ bullets in the Parliament attack of December 13, 2001. I feel if Dhananjoy had been named Dawood or Masood, he will be still roaming among our midst.

  • syed Hassan

    Varun your mom has been championing environmental issues and love to animals. being a son of such a person doesnt speak good to start an election campaign by saying you will amputuate the hand or head. initiate some good thoughts that will speak that you are going to represent the constituency on healthy issues that will address peoples concern about inflation, unemployment, rising prices, development work in the area, and maintaining unity and cooperation between various communities. Remember, politics of hate is like walking on sword, you need to do meditation and yoga every day to make you cool and a patient person. a young person like you must understand in India every body says Om shanti! Shanti! Shanti! as it is with love and care one can win hearts. Eshwar bless you son!

  • tariq

    If such comments would have been uttered by a Muslim, He would be hanged till now. If the law will not reign varun then very soon these extremist hidu terrorists will reign the law and then “God Save India”

  • sad indian
    Varun Gandhi is a true ‘Indira Ganshian’ as he himself claims. He should be appreciated for being honest and speaking his mind. He has atleast not hidden his true feelings like other Nehru-Gandhi members. Another interesting comment he makes is about fulfilling the dream of his father Sanjay Gandhi and mentions sterilizing all Muslims to contain their population. It is a well known fact that Sanjay Gandhi had carried out forced sterilization of Muslim youth in Delhi and North India. Sanjay Gandhi was also responsible for the massacre of Muslims in Turkaman Gate area during the Emergency. What Varun is speaking about is the long tradition of Nehru-Gandhi family. The only way he differs from his other family members is by being frank and open about his true feelings.

  • raj dutta

    @ Ramudu –
    Regards your comment “He had only overtly stated what every Hindu has been feeling.”, lemme assure you that most Hindus don’t feel this way. At least not people like me, who love drinking Single Malts on every puja, eating fresh beef on Kali Puja, and yet believe in Param Brahma as much as we do in Christ or Mohammed or Guru Gobind Singh.
    @ Kshitij Srivastav –
    Regarding your comment ” hindus are not weak . we r united”, no sir, we know your Brahmin kind are not weak–after all you’ve spent the last 20 generations oppressing and whiplashing the poor, the downtrodden and the Dalits and other lower castes. You Brahmins deserve all the posterior-whipping that VP Singh meted out to you.
    @ Govind–
    From your English it seems are reasonably educated. Which makes it even harder to explain your vitriol against a culture and religion like Islam, which has also produced visionaries like Al-Jabeer (the founder of algebra), Zinedine Zidane (a muslim whom I’m sure even you or your sons have cheered on the football field), Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan (frontier Gandhi), Kabir, Amir Khusrau, AR Rehman, Sahir Ludhianvi etc etc etc. Do NOT stereotype a religion based on a few rotten apples.
    It’s like saying all lefthanders are bad just because Adolf Hitler was a leftie himself. Rise, open your eyes to reason, chant ‘Om’, try pranayama, first cleanse the temple within before visiting the temple without.

  • Govind

    @tariq. Muslims regularly say such things. This is what the Imam of India’s largest mosque and one of its most prominent leaders had to say last year to a huge mass of Muslims in a rally: “this country is in for another partition, so let us be prepared for nation wide riots and violence.” This is an open call to rebellion and violence against Hindus on a mass-scale and it is just one example. What has happened to him? Has he been denounced or criticized or has a case been slapped against him or has he been thrown in prison? In India in fact Muslims get away with saying these things. It is in fact Hindus like Varun Gandhi who are punished for opening their mouths.
    Such comments are made regularly by many Muslims leaders in India. And this is in Delhi. If you look at Kashmir even the children openly spew hatred on non-Muslims. The very “holy book” of the Muslims is replete with hateful comments against non-Muslims. There is nothing of the kind in the Hindu Gita which does not even differentiate between Hindus and non-Hindus. The biggest difference between Hindus and Muslims is that Muslims don’t just say these things but do them. Hindus are finally beginning to pay back Muslims in kind after centuries of brutalization. The situation is bound to get worse as long as Muslim converts in India continue to be driven to acts of violence and hatred against non-Muslims by the intolerant and violent teachings of the religion.

  • abbu


  • Your Name

    By the way, Raj Dutta, are you a Brahmin? I dont think you qualify to be one after following every norm in breach. Dont ever say you follow all the ablutions after professing that you eat beef, that is like Goddess Lakshmi. You are a standing shame on Brahmins.

  • True indian

    This is what he believes in he is not an indian as noindian thinks in such a way This is rubbish non sense ir responsible act by a slut and insane person.Idf he is not stopped here then there will be no time left b4 there r communal riots in india get that FU**** out of this

  • Brahma

    Varun is not considered as a Hindu at all. Brahmins are the true Hindus. Like the others Shudras, Vaishyas, Kshatriyas, Varun needs to be kicked out from our land to the Indian Ocean…..

  • Your Name

    @ Your Name
    oh wow now he is not even hindu 😀
    hindusim = fail

  • Your Name

    If your father is a Parsi and your mother is Sikh how you become a Hindu. (Parsi+Sikh= Hindu ) Sorry I cannot prove this equation….

  • Your Name

    Media has created problem for Varun Gandhi,about a statment Hindus rights about self defence. If any body talk about hindu cause, he is branded communal N unaccepted. Media never talk about injustice done to Hindus in Kashmir (Pandits)Pakistan & Bangladesh.
    If hindu want to fight inself defence what is wrong with that.
    Hindus are on target of terrorist,but no body is ready to fight terrorism.


    In the world of Politics, people say something and mean something else. Then comes a person like Sanjay Gandhi, was said what he meant and did what he said. Today his son, stands in his father’s footsteps doing exactly what he fells for his “mother India”, while you people stand there, knowing full well, India is under siege, and the people next door to us are trying their best to undermine our efforts and terrorize all of us.
    Whether you agree or not, people in Islamabad, people in “Occupied” Kashmir, know what he is saying. People in India, Muslims included, he is standing there fighting for India against foreign aggression, and the Muslims in India should have no problem, if they feel offended because they empathize with their counterparts in Islamabad and in “occupied” Kashmir. Only an idiot Indian-Muslim will raise his sword against a Hindu, if he does his only motive will be his love and loyalty to Pakistan. If so let the Lotus do its thing, there is no harm in that. Muslims are welcome to stay in harmony with the Hindus, there is no issue there.
    So, Hindus and Muslims, who are against foreign aggression against India, rally your support to Varun Gandhi, Hindus/Muslims who know the significance of the Lotus in Hindu Mythology will be glad to know; Varun will raise himself from the controversy of being a Parsi, Hindu, Sikh and become an Indian Leader. Hinduism does not need a conversion, it is a journey, let the kid go through his journey. He has the Gandhi-Nehru Dynasty and he incredible gene pool behind him.
    Remember the Caste system, we are born where we are because of all the things we have done in all our previous lives. He is a proof that he is where is because of generation of incredible past lives.

  • Sadson

    While Hindus clamour to be seen as secular in India, anyone who dares to speak up for Hindus are villified and demonised!! Its time all Hindus stop apologising to other religions at the cost of their own religion. Muslims especially have more freedom in India than in Islamic states like Saudi, Pakisthan, etc..
    India was partioned because muslims wanted a seperate state as they did not want to live with Hindus. Then what are they doing in India?
    How much more tolerant do Hindus need to become? Until extinction??

  • JJ

    Please this kind of language doesn’t suit to anyone,bcoz no religion allows to do so. And we must say that he is wrong and if he don’t stop to continue then he must be punished very hardly

  • Your Name

    All the hindus should discard Samajwadi party, Rashtriya Janata Dal and the so called Indian National Congress party as long as they play vote bank politics and just appease the islamic clerics for votes.
    why 99.99% of terrorist attacks are zero’ed onto only 1 religion or 1 community. There are many religions in this country.

  • K Bhaead

    Varun no doubt has exceeded the limits of what a decent election speech should remains within: however I continue to wonder how to access the hearts of our Muslim brothers & country men who crave for muslim rule in AREAS wherever they r in a majority and and a clean unbiased DEMOCRATIC rule where ever they are in minority .

  • Siddhu

    I still remember the day Mr. Sanajay Gandhi died by air crash accident. I was in my home town in Karnataka. I saw some Konkani Hindu RSS community were enjoying the news and distributing sweets openly and celebrating the death of Mr. Varun Gandhi’s father. I am surprised and shocked to see the only son of Sanjay Gandhi has joined the same group and speaking against Muslims. If there are bad people in a community then are good people too and that too in majority. No community can say that they have angels only in their community. Its not Islam or Bhagwad Geeta creats terrorists but the hadred fed in them from the corrupt community leaders. Does any one here think what could happen if civil war kind of thing break in our beloved country. Has any country in History benefited from communal hatred, civil wars or calshes between the communities. Our Government must control this.
    We dont require any sena’s as our country has the best Defence System in the world. India must not allow to talibanization of any community.If it is Muslims in Afghanistan, It is BJP, RSS, Shiv Sena, Bajrng Dal Ram Sena etc in India which will destroy our beautiful country.
    Jai Hind

  • Your Name

    This are the terrorist organisation we see in India.25% of them are Islamic organisation but what about the others?????
    United Liberation Front of Assam ( ULFA )
    National Democratic Front of Bodoland ( NDFB ) in Assam
    People’s Liberation Army ( PLA )
    United National Liberation Front ( UNLF )
    People’s Revolutionary party of Kangleipak ( PREPAK )
    Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP)
    Kanglei Yaol Kanba Lup ( KYKL )
    Manipur People’s Liberation Front ( MPLF )
    Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF ) in Manipur
    All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF)
    National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT ) in Tripura
    Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC)
    Achik National Volunteer Council ( ANVC ) in Meghalaya
    Babbar Khalsa International
    Khalistan Commando Force
    International Sikh Youth Federation
    Lashkar-E-Taiba/Pasban-E-Ahle Hadis
    Hizb-Ul-Mujahideen/Hizb-Ul-Mujahideen Pir Panjal Regiment
    Jammu And Kashmir Islamic Front
    Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)
    Students Islamic Movement Of India
    Deendar Anjuman
    Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-People’s War, All Its Formations And Front Organisations
    Maoist Communist Centre (MCC), All Its Formations And Front Organisations
    Al Badr
    Dukhtaran-E-Millat (DEM)
    Tamil Nadu Liberation Army (TNLA)
    Tamil National Retrieval Troops (TNRT)
    Akhil Bharat Nepali Ekta Samaj (ABNES)

  • chaithanya

    Varun has certainly exceeded limits,but whatever he said was true,but there is a way to say it,I mean he shouldnt go on publicly saying all those things in an election campaign,whatever he’s got in his mind,he should do it secretly999

  • Ramudu

    I dont think that the action of the Election Commission in asking the BJP to withdraw Varun’s candidature was proper. Later, the CEC clarified that ii was only an advisory. But if was intended to be an advisory, why should the CEC make it public? After all, Varun is a political novice. He could have been let off with a warning. Asking a party not to field a candidate is certainly not in the jurisdiction of the EC. How about thug sons of bigwigs like M.K. Alagiri, M.K. Stalin, the DMK hooligan leaders, PMK ruffians, Dalit Panthers Party rowdies and the non-entity called the Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam, the memebers of this party recently flaunted their ‘bravery’ in pulling off the sacred thread of a 65-year-old man.Not only that, this loafer outfit called the Dravidar Kazhagam also barge into temples and break the idols of the deities there. This outfit is headed by a loafer named K. Veeramani. The Dalit Panthers is headed by an opportunist money-maker named Thirumavalavan. The PMK, headed by one Ramadoss, the father of health Minister, Anbumani, sometime ago felld lakhs of trees and he has the cheek to tell the youth not to smoke in public.

  • Your Name

    Mr.Varun Gandhi has nothing said wrong. He has been targeted by the EC at the behest of some political parties to tarnish his image and keep him out from political arena. Varun is not a child who is going to talk like this, everything is doctored against him.
    But, the people of the country will reply adequately within a short span.
    Jai Varun, Jai hindu, Jai hindustan.

  • Hindu

    He is the real Hindu. Whatever he said it is true.
    Proud to be a Hindu.

  • Your Name

    Firstly, what Mr. Varun Gandhi had said is absolutely foolish and in addition to that the so called Hindus or pro-hindus encouraging his action directly or indirectly is really haunting, particulalry Mr. Chitanya referred “whatever he’s got in his mind,he should do it secretly999″.
    Lets us not forget the fact that, many muslims have sacrified their lives for India and every muslim do love India and simultaneously have believe, respect for the religion Islam.

  • Hindu

    Varun is innocent, he recently got to know he is not being his fathers son.

  • Master

    Did you people see the propaganda CD sent by a terrorist outfit based in North West Frontier Province that showed a pre-teen Taliban boy beheading a Pakistan prisoner of war in Waziristan, some one or one-and-a-half years ago. Three or four four hooded militants stood behind as the the prisoner made some sort of confession. Then the PoW was made to lie down. The boy in question came to the front and just began sawing the man’s head. At some points, the boy was cutting with more ferocity as blood spurted out from the unfortunate man’s neck. There were convulsive movements of the body that showed that that the man must have felt the pain of the sword severing his head. This is the brutality of a boy. Later on, the boy was seen playing with the severed head as if it were a toy. No remorse on his face. Is there any other religion which permits such perverse brutality, I would like to know. Or at least acted as a motivating factor? This is graphic, I know, but I think this posting would serve as an eye-opener to people who justify the Taliban. The very people nurtured meticulously by Pakistan are now taking it out on the country.
    And this will have adverse effects on India. But is any one at the helm even as much as bothered. Our PM is too weak both physically and mentally to act against Islamist terrorists. How about Sonia Gandhi? She is busy looting Indian antiquities and sending them to Italy to her family for safekeep. The DMK Ministers are also busy looting money. Lalu Prasad rascal showed that you can make crores even from fodder. Mulayam rowdy is colluding with SIMI to orchestrate attacks in non-Congress States. There is a non-existent and ignorant Defence Minister. The Left has no other agenda except to stop the Sangh Parivar from coming to power. Mayawati is a master swindler while seemingly professing to espouse the cause of the Dalits. And talking of the Third Front, it comprises diametrically opposite forces whose aims are sky-high. Tamil Nadu CM and his blood-sucking cohort Ministers are busy amassing the maximum wealth in the availabe time. THE FUTURE BODES NO GOOD FOR INDIA, WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE. For all its faults, only the BJP is incorruptible and the best from among the available choices. We need a strong Prime Minister who takes orders on his own. Not a servile PM who stands smiling like a puppet and takes orders from a foreign woman while people with nefarious designs go about killing people.

  • Bharat Mitra

    Good postings and hell a lot of them. Looks like the Congress’s plans have backfired. At the end of it all, Varun Gandhi is having the last laugh. Thanks to India’s stupid and sensationalising media and his detractors making a mountain of a molehill, he has now gained more popularity than even his party would have wanted. His comments which were made in just one place in India has made him an instant hero nationwide, with our electronic channels beaming his speech over and over again. And the BJP must be patting him on the back. He may even win the polls from Pilibhit on this one issue. Instead of allowing his comments as coming from a political novice, his adversaries have only ironically enhanced his popularity graph.

  • Your Name

    Hello Master, it is true that every time there is a terror attack, invariably there are Muslim names involved.This is because of bellicose Mullahs and Ulemas giving a wrong connotation of the Quran. But let me assure you that there are many Muslims who dont subscribe to the terrorists’ ideology. My patriotism and love for India is as much as any other Indian. I am a peace-loving Muslim wanting to co-exist peacefully with friends belonging to other religions. Terrorists have no religion. Their religion is that of gore and hate. They have no place in our society. Let us all stay united. From now on, there should be only 2 reigions. People united against such militants. Let us also denounce politicians spreading fissiparous tendencies, playing on our emotions and dividing our country. Let us all unite to build a strong India and root out corruption at every level.

  • Gyandeep Mittal

    Whatever Varun has told is unfortunate, but whatever happened after that is more unfortunate.
    I am unable to understand our politics and their double standard. If Muslim league or SIMI would have not been taken as secular speech. But comments of Varun Gandhi, candidate of BJP, is taken as communal.
    In democracy everyone has right to say. It means everyone even majorities also. We should not debate on this matter and should leave this topic for politicians, so they can earn some votes on that.

  • rahil

    rahul says under the influence of the other BJP leaders teaching.He is eligible to say these type of words if his grandfather is not a muslim.

  • Your Name

    I have no problems with Muslims in Pakistan if they just stuck to their own land. Their earlier crime – abuse of non-muslim women,killing all non-circumcised men will remain unpardonable. This very choice demonstrates your priorities – killing for lust in the name of religion – I wish muslims around the world had disowned Pakistan. Pakistan never allowed any of the non-muslims driven out of Pakistan to come back unlike India. If they did, they would be forced to convert at knife point – what a wonderful religion! Before people talk about great Muslim scriptures, demonstrate common sense and fairness first.
    For centuries muslims abused Hindus in India in our country. Can you ever lay any claim to sanity? Now you want to live in India and support Pakistan mentally and covertly always. You keep quoting Godra, babri masjid, but these were reactions – so few of them. I am ashamed of the cowardly Hindus and the bullying muslim who gets away with crime century after century. These half baked secularists are the biggest criminals – wipe them out first.

  • Anil Mehat

    Varun we are so produ of you. Your a a future of the next Indian generation. I am so grateful, the entire country is so grateful to you. it is our great Honor to have a loeader like.
    By a Very proud indian.

  • mani

    i am from a hindu/sikh family. its realy sad to see that we Indians are till revolving around religious politics rather than practical achievements.
    varun ghandi has done his job. congrats varun .
    now millions hindus will followw him as their welwishing leader.
    All Indian Muslims are not terrorist, they r brothers. But muslim extremist make life of all muslims hell in india and pakistan.
    Please, keep a sense of brotherhood. LORD Sri RAM JI , SHIV SHAKAR JI, never told us to hit innocent people. they always fought against enemy of humanity.
    today we following sri ram sena, shiv sena, bajrang dal……rather than RAM himself.
    pity on indian generation.

  • DB

    This is what should be done . Please spread the word
    1) All embassies of India should be ordered not to provide Varun Gandhi any visa . He should not be able to enter any country in future.
    2) The media should immediately stop viewing and writing anything related to Varun Gandhi.
    3) He should be kept in jail for at least an year if not more
    4) He should be made to apologise in public about what he said.
    5) Maneka Gandhi is no leader. This should be spread to everyone.

  • Kshitij

    BJP just lost my vote!!

  • raj

    in his speach no wer mentioned any relegious how u wrote the heading as “Varun Gandhi vows to “cut heads” of muslims in India” first u should be booked for airing comunal devide the country..

  • pooja

    Varun is the best!

  • Your Name

    I fail to understand that why such a hopla is created on comments made by Mr Varun. Where were all these when mayawati was no wild spree of fring all venom Gandhi Ji, what were the soft hearted people of India doing when people like mukhtaar ansari & shabuddin were openly roiting against hindus????
    Why wake up now?? why create a smoke curtain of anti India for Mr Varun Gandhi.
    I respect him for what he said & I appriciate him for his brains to have formulated such a speech..

  • hindu nation

    Varun gandhi is right.I appriciate him.indian politics is suffring from muslim appeasement.Sometime i have a thought am i refugee in my own nation.No one dare to speak about hindus.Communilism is reffred to hindu voice.Varun gandhi is our new hero.Jai Sri Ram

  • Rajan

    I think Mayawati went overboard in invoking the NSA against Varun Gandhi. NSA is usually invoked against someone for indulging in criminal and anti-national activities. Varun had only used some unpleasant words against the Muslims. He could have been left off, considering that he is a first-timer. Real criminals are standing in the elections and are roaming scot-free. I dont think Varun constitutes a bigger threat to India’s unity than these people. It is pure political vendetta and misuse of the act to settle political scores on the part of Mayawati, who is herself a key player in the Taj Corridor scandal. Also, it is minority appeasement at its worst by Mayawati.
    Mayawati is a selfish woman. What has she done for the people of Bundelkhand? Of course, she has set a trend by inducting Brahmins as part of a social justice policy. She has crammed U.P. with statues. Other than that, what achievement is there that she can boast of?

  • Aziz Poonawalla

    San-J: Jai Hind.

  • Yash

    varun is right and a victim of vote politics, hindus shoul unite and root out the corrupt politicians, united hindus will be better for muslims and their security also, Muslims should support varun also as they are also the victims of vote politics.
    jai varun

  • Asim

    I think that Mayawati has done a great job and we should be proud that our country has got a bold leader after decades who can take decisions without any fear and favour.

  • Zakir

    What i have always observed from hindu community is they are always keen to produce spark against muslim community in India. And as said by a person named “hindu nation” may be he is afraid of revealing his/her name on internet i would like to comment that he is going totally opposite in this regard. study the history of India, look for the mughal rulers who were muslims and made so many monuments that hindus cant even dream of and look for investment by tourist in India who only visit these muslims assets, and also would to bring your attention that at the time of british rule hindus were victims of many superstitious activities including sati, bali and child marriage and were a slaves of brits it was then muslim leaders who came to defend our own country.what i am trying to say that its not only the role of hindus in keeping India moving but a great hands of muslims too, do you know much do we respect your religion we dont even slaughter cows as we know it hurts you.

  • Your Name

    it is india where a some one vows to protect hindus gets rasuka. If the same words were used by lalu prasad then the so called secular people does not utter a single word against him. it is irony of this country that appeasing minority is not communal but protecting hindus is communal.

  • Shree

    Varun Gandhi is scum and that is the bottom line. I would like to address a few of the issues raised in this forum. Before I do that I must mention that I am as secular as they come and I feel that religion is a personal thing and in a country there should not be any competition two religions. Zakir, it is interesting that you go back only 800 years to the beginning of the Mughal rule. Go back a little further and you will read about the architectural marvels that were destroyed by the marauding muslim invaders from central asia. India was a cultural and economic powerhouse long before the birth of Islam. More `recently’ the nawab of bengal Siraj Ud Daula was betrayed by Mir Jaffer in the battle of Plassey, considered to be the turning point of Indian history, allowing British colonisation. You also mention, Sati and child marriages…interesting, considering the case of the 8 year old girl being married to a 50 year old man in saudi 2 weeks ago.
    As you see, there is a problem with quoting history out of context. This is precisely the problem with Ayodhya and the BJP. They quote the alleged destruction of a temple few hundred years ago. People have always caused evil down the centuries and we cannot go on begrudging one community one incident of cruelty committed 500 years ago.The easiest and most rational thing to do would be to get along with each other peacefully in the here and now and treasure the memories our history, both high and low equally for we can still learn from them. Babri Masjid was an architectural treasure from the pages of history and I literally wept at its destruction; not just for the historical loss but because I could also see the demise of what I was so proud of – a secular India.

  • Reva

    In response to Asim ‘Mayawati, a bold leader’-
    Very interesting, very very interesting. Everyday, I watch news of so many crimes in UP, particularly Noida. This bold leader is failed to control them but she is very bold to control people’s speech, no matter if other people commit serious crimes. Do you know that in Pilibhit area, 3 rapes of Hindu women have been done recentlty by Muslims without any action???? Where was your bold leader? You won’t care about it because it was not you or your family who were a victim of those crimes. I will tell why she was bold to control Varun’s speech because she is highly INSECURE of Varun Gandhi’s popularity.
    I respect all religions by all my heart and have least interest in politics but I started to feel that rasuka on Varun is a highly unfair act and it’s totally a political propaganda and if it will continue, I am very positive that the people of India will, eventually hand Varun Gandhi power to teach those hippocrate politicians a lesson where a senior union minister who currently hold a position can make similar comment but no rasuka, not even any arrest?????????
    India need a leader like Varun Gandhi today.

  • AK

    I just have one comment to make. I understand your concerns about what he said but he did not say any specific religion. He just said he would stand for hindus, does that mean muslims are always against hindus ??No right??
    Why are only hindus supposed to be secular? if I stand and say Jai shri ram I become communal and if you stand and say allah hu akbar you are secular and muslim ?? Now tell me who is the discrimination against?
    Hindus who even though are majorities but cannot chant the name of their god or muslims against whom noone can even speak a word?
    Secular means to respect all religions equally not to suppress the majority and thats where pseudosecularism comes into picture. Yes we will stand for ourselves but that does not mean we would go against minorities. Above all we will stand for everyone who is in favor of india irrespective of nething but we need the same support back.
    I dunn think Varun gandhi was wrong newhere, yes his speech was not written properly rather it was not politically correct in the dirty vote politics played in India.

  • AK

    This message is in response to Zakir for the above statement of his “and were a slaves of brits it was then muslim leaders who came to defend our own country”.
    I am sorry but you are incorrect. All the social evils crept in india before britishers even came to india. Mughal empire was long before Brits landed in india. East india company made ventures with bahadur shah jafar the almost last of them. A lot of social evils like sati started during mughal empire where specially women in rajputana used to kill themselves before they could be made slaves by jumping with in fire with their dieing husband during invasions. Britishers actually helped us a lot by giving us education system, railways, postal system even the government system. They along with revolutionaries like raja ram mohan roy worked a lot for social movement. I do not deny muslims have a huge hand in taking this country forward. I was just correcting the information you posted. Muslims, christians, sikhs and all other religions have been an integral part of india and its difficult for india to survive without any one of them but for that we need to stop debating who is better and respect all religions equally instead of falling for vote politics. No indian should vote a leader who says he will take care of a religion and that should apply to all hindus,muslims, everyone. We give them a chance to divide us and then we have problems. We are the ones who die when there is a riot not the leaders.

  • Your Name

    see i a muslim i having lot of hindus friends but we never find the difficulties in us its a politically move from ghandhi family… and india is an secular country its an property of varun ghandhi or else first i would like to request to all my indians people we are one we hate voilonce we are the people who will decide the future of india and the india will develop through development works and getting the jobs to youngster…… according to me varun ghandhi is biggest terrorist by making a casteism issue for is personal use to become a m.p… iam happy wit my hindus friends even they wit me…. they treat me more than a brother to me… i love my country and my sweet indian people except leaders like varun ghandhi….

  • saptarshi Ray

    he looks like a boiled potato, and without any surprise he has proved that he is a big time idiot , i think he needs to see a doctor for what he had said….. , india is in a strong road right now,and no one can divide us on basis of religion, i think people like him should be punished badly.. he just sucks man……….

  • Rahil

    I know my words will not get published still let me write, I along with so many or say more number of people in India are tired of looking after these minorities while allowing them to do every possible bad to our country. I know its kind of impossible in todays times but to make India any where its better to shut these so called minorities like Muslims and etc who don’t even call them selves Indians, to be routed out. Not today but soon or one day come the leader who will make things right. And how can we do that??? Ask or force them to be Indian or get out from our country.Pakistan was created for Muslims then why Muslims are in India?? They shall go and live in their places.They only know how to cry and create babies.

  • Your Name

    As my dear brother told varun is correct, I can only pray to almighty to give him little humanity.
    I Also want to add a comment on my another brother that “Pakistan was given to muslims then why muslims are staying in india” ?
    Let it be clear, this is our country we will not leave at any cost.
    Asper seperation of pakistan if you peaple give 10% of the country as pakistan and keep 90 % with you that is not a proper partition.
    Presently peaple are educated and aware of what is good and what is bad so no one can divide india…..
    I love my india,,,


    varun tum pagal ho aur tumhari maa bhi pagal hain jinhone tumhe yeh sab sikhaya hai beta main tujhe darta nhi hoon india ke sab muslim mere saath hain agar tu mere mazhab ki tauheen karega to zyada nhi jee payega teri maa se zyada achchi to soniya gandhi hain jinhain sab chahte hain par to kutta hai

  • Darrel Steele

    You have done it once again. Incredible read!

  • Suraj

    I think what varun gandhi ji said is correct . I am proud that I am born in century where there are brave men like Varun Gandhi atleast he has courge to fight against muslims . If this whole religion is killed from this earth.I am sure ther will be no wars and fights.And listen you all bastard netas who have still not hanged afzal guru and kasab atleast give one chance to varun and I am sure he will teach good leasson to all muslim and pakistan .Please I requeast you all In past the country and congress bitch Indra Gandhi was un fair towards his father now is time to correct that mistake.All hindus give him support so that he can wash out this garbage from this earth.And mean garbage means muslims and pakistani

  • RobertsonAlyce31

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Steve

    Guys, Kooool, medical report has revealed that Varun was drunk and has some pysco problem while he was about to give speech. All Minorities are on one side to demolish such speech. I swear If i get a chance to meet this B*****D, then I can show him what my hands will do. He is a man who wants to push Secular strong economic India to dark. No more these nonsense can be accomodate. We need job, strong economy, peaceful environment without hatered and strong development and moreover regular salary to live happily. These hatered only weeks our economy and prosperity. With secular India (64% hindus, 20% Muslims, 11% christians, 3% sikhs, 1% budhist, 1% others)..India is still a strong economic country with good peoples around.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Mark

    How derogatory is the statement about killing kaffirs in islam ?

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment ANSHUL SHARMA

    Did you ever see any comment of any muslim when a muslim preacher says kill the unbelievers. No you won’t find, But we Hindus are like that we criticize those who actually want to protect us.

    Be united my Hindu Brothers and Sisters…..

  • Carolyn

    Hello, every body on this forum
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