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Muslim & S. Asian Women’s Groups Condemn Beheading of Aasiya Hassan

posted by Aziz Poonawalla

This is a joint press release by Turning Point for Women and Families and the Domestic Harmony Foundation regarding the brutal murder of Aasiya Hassan last Thursday in Buffalo, NY. Below that is a press release from the Peaceful Families Project that also condemns the gruesome murder.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 16, 2009

Two New York Muslim and South Asian Women’s Groups Condemn the Gruesome Beheading of Aasiya Hassan in Buffalo

Turning Point for Women and Families and Domestic Harmony Foundation (Long Island), both nonprofits providing services for battered women in New York area Muslim communities, strongly condemn the tragic and gruesome beheading of Aasiya Hassan in Buffalo on February 12, 2009.

Police have charged Muzzammil Hassan, with second degree murder in the killing of his wife, a 37-year-old mother of two, ages 4 and 6. She secured an order of protection against her husband on February 6 and had filed for divorce. Her body was found Thursday evening after Hassan directed police to look for her in his office at Bridges TV.

Shaida Khan, executive director of the Domestic Harmony Foundation stated: “DHF is appalled and saddened by the tragic murder of Aasiya Hassan. As an organization that works towards bringing awareness, empowerment and support for women and children who are exposed to this epidemic of domestic violence, we strongly condemn this heinous act.”

Robina Niaz, Executive Director of Turning Point, said “We send our heartfelt condolences to Aasiya’s family and pray that they find the strength to cope with this tragic loss. We also hope the perpetrator of this shocking crime is prosecuted and punished to the fullest
extent of the law.”

“This is a reminder of how vulnerable women and children are even when they try and get out of abusive marriages,” Niaz continued. “This horrible crime underscores the urgent need for our entire community to step up and speak out against domestic violence and support and endorse the work ” of organizations who are working to end to domestic violence in the Muslim community.”

This is not an isolated story of a prominent man who has committed such a act. We have seen police, physicians, and judges who have killed or maimed their partners in acts of rage. Domestic violence crosses all socioeconomic lines. And no religion in any way or form condones or encourages abuse, whether it be physical, sexual, emotional or financial.

Turning Point for Women and Families based in Queens is the first community based agency to directly address domestic violence in the New York Muslim community. It addresses domestic violence through direct services for women and children, community outreach and education, referrals and advocacy. It also runs a youth program for Muslim girls. For more information about Turning Point please visit

The Domestic Harmony Foundation is a community-based nonprofit organization in Long Island, NY created to fill a void in concrete services responding to the social, emotional and psychological needs of the area’s growing South Asian and Muslim community. DHF is committed in promoting peace, safety and harmony within South Asian and Muslim families by providing support and guidance and working towards addressing and ending domestic abuse and violations of their basic human rights. For more information about DHF please go to

Press release from Peaceful Families Project, a nationwide nonprofit also addressing domestic violence in muslim-American communities:

February 14, 2009

GREAT FALLS, VA – The Peaceful Families Project (PFP) strongly condemns the tragic beheading of Aasiya Hassan of Buffalo, NY, on February 12th. Police have taken her husband, Muzzammil Hassan into custody and charged him with second degree murder. Aasiya Hassan was found on Thursday evening following Muzzammil Hassan’s arrival at the police station indicating she could be found in his office at Bridges TV. Aasiya Hassan had recently filed for divorce, and had a protective order issued against Muzzammil Hassan on February 6th. Police continue to search for the murder weapon.

In a statement today, PFP said: “As the national Muslim organization in the United States solely devoted to ending domestic violence, we at PFP condemn, in the strongest terms possible, the horrific, brutal, and sadistic beheading of Aasiya Hassan. There is no justification for domestic violence of any kind, including psychological, verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. We have heard from numerous Muslim leaders, imams, activists, and families voicing their outrage against this calamity. We call upon Muslim families and leaders across the country to vocally address this tragedy in their communities by clarifying Islam’s stance against domestic violence. We hope that every Muslim community will actively join us in working to end all forms of domestic violence in Muslim families by raising awareness and developing effective programming. We send our sincere prayers and heartfelt condolences to Aasiya Hassan’s family and friends, and hope that the perpetrator of this monstrous crime will be brought to

About Peaceful Families Project

As the only national organization solely devoted to ending domestic violence among Muslim families, the Peaceful Families Project facilitates awareness workshops for Muslim leaders and communities, provides cultural sensitivity trainings for professionals, and develops resources regarding abuse in Muslim communities. To donate to PFP, and to learn more about PFP programs and resources, visit

  • asma

    He was torturing my sister since morning. But till 4.30 she save his image by not letting police interfere as I called lawyer from South Africa to alert them that my sister is in trouble. She went to the office to drop his personal things. There he murdered her so brutly.

  • Nadirj

    Brownwyn, why do you consider this an honor killing just because this man is a Muslim. If he had been a Jew or a Christian, wouldn’t you have regarded this as a case of domestic violence? What is it about this particular killing that makes it an honor killing??

  • Henrietta22

    Asma, I’m so sorry for the pain you and your family must be feeling. You did all you could do. She is with God and will never hurt again.

  • ajboston

    Dear Browyn,
    I feel a lot of hatred towards islam & moslims.
    let me tell you that you are wrong about what you think about Islam.
    Islam is a religion of peace and respect .Do not take an excluded example of violence here and there to promote your bad publicity and propaganda about Islam.You really need to learn about Islam from the source and not from some fanatics.
    by the way,the works of Dr. Phylis Chesler do not mean anything,because it is not the word of God.She is promoting a certain ideology,it does not mean necessarily she is 100% right.Do not take your information from one sound like a bright should research your information first before you start batching others.
    good luck with your research

  • Savita

    My condolence to this family. I can imagine what a horrific ordeal this inteligent and beautiful woman went through with Muzzammil Hassan a monster. Men are supposed to protect and provide for his family. It doesn’t matter what religion, country or culture you come from, there are such monster like Muzzammil Hassan and I don’t think he should be spare but to also be beheaded for his action and lets call it a honor killing also. It’s a shame he call himself a Muslim. Islam teaches peace and respect just like any other religions. Fanatics always thinks they are right and everyone else is wrong. I married a man from India and all he did was controlled everything. He used to say to me and my children that nothing belongs to us, he just let us use them. Our home also belongs to him and he just let us live in it. I’m now in the divorce court for the past three years and so far, I’ve been counting my blessing that me and my children are still alive.

  • James P. McCampbell

    I find it interesting that people are saying this man was not a real muslim or this has no relationship to Islam. There is plenty of valid evidence to support that position. But what I am intrigued by in this tragic case is the stories coming out about Mr. Hassan. The stories of constant domestic abuse of this woman by Mr. Hassan are very disturbing. The apparent fact that her body was stabbed numerous times before being beheaded, that there maybe video footage of the killing by security cameras in the TV studio and that previous women apparently divorced him because of violence. Despite all the ghoulish aspects of his life that are spilling out like a river into the mainstream press this man still managed to become a noted and respected member of the American Muslim community. This kind of information seems so profound it is simply not plausible that those around him who praised his work on behalf of the muslim community were oblivious to these abuses. There is even a picture of this man receiving an award from the CAIR organization. How could this man be considered a viable spokesman for any cause?
    I do know this man is of Pakistani extraction, and I have heard of polling done in that country where so-called honor killings have widespread support. A beheading video of a polish worker was released recently and there have been reports of numerous decapitated bodies strung up for public viewing in the lawless SWAT areas by Pakistani Taliban. It just seems to me that the mutilation of this woman by her estranged husband goes beyond your typical case of domestic violence. I just think that it is possible that other cultural forces may have been at work.
    Has anyone thought about finding out about his family’s history in that country? Were there instances of honor killings in his family or place of origin? Is there a possibility that as the owner of that TV station that he chose that location to kill her to get some kind grand message out? He knew there were security cameras present in the studio and the police have yet to state if the assault was videotaped. As horrifying as it is to contemplate it maybe possible he wanted her beheading videotaped.
    It is hard for me to think of a recent case in which a woman has been tortured this extensively. I think more disturbing revelations about her murder are inevitable. Based on the reports I have read she sounded like a very nice and talented woman.

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