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VIDEO – Obama’s 30-minute infomercial

I missed this as a live broadcast, but fortunately the Obama campaign just put the full video up on YouTube. Here it is:

  • Marzuki

    Awesome video!
    That’s Obama’s final nail in McCain’c coffin!

  • Cherrianna Love

    I registered as a Republican when I became a citizen, not really knowing what each party is all about. This election has taught me a lot that I am going to change my mind. It seems like the majority of the Republican are always worrying about their lives when it is not necessary. When the time comes to really care about their country, they are out they’re sacraficing the whole coutry’s lives.
    When daddy Bush was a President, there was a war that never end. Then Clintont came to fix the mess. Now the son is doing the same thing except it’s worst. His terms had turned the country upside down. Now, I feel that we should try a different President. A new type of President and see if it will take this country to a new direction. Haven’t anyone heard of the term “It takes a crook to catch a crook”? I truly think that this country needs a President that comes in all shapes and form. Someone that no matter which crowd you throw him into that he will be able to mingle, but yet, still have good consience.
    So, I’ll say this to all the people in this coutry, do you want to gample with a new President who might take us to a new direction or stick with almost the same President and this country may only get worst. No President have a perfect egg, so sometimes we have to leap just like we do at love. Of course it might hurt a little sometimes, but it won’t be as bad as walking back to the same hole again. Someone once told me “Weigh all the goods and the bads and if the good overcomes the bad, it’s worth the risk. If the bad overcomes the good, it’s time to let it go.”
    Barak will be a great President. If all the Republican’s are freighten of is that he has no experience in crisis, why do you think there are such people as General Powell. When it comes to McCain and the Republican’s, the can’t even get along but point fingers like children. What makes us think that McCain and his team will be able to lead this country with one mind. Please think again….. before it’s too late.
    Thank you.

  • LShonn Chaw

    Obama, you’ve rocked since the beginning that I saw you campaigning. I had faith you will win regardless of this commerical or not. I am a Republican but leaders like you have shown me that I may not be what I thought I can be. You are smart and wise. Watching this long commercial, you know what it takes to win and I hope you will do the same to this country. I hope you will show this country that you can do it and let those that had put you down or didn’t vote for you, feel like a dog just bite them in the a**! Way to go!

  • Your Name

    Change? To socialism? Not if i can help it. Vot for McCain.

  • tom

    Thank you!

  • D Nicol

    Compare this to the ugly negativity of the Republicans. Republicans use God’s name to attack their rivals, but Obama embodies the scriptures’ teachings. Look at the comments by Republicans: ugly insults, not positive discussion. It’s night and day. Vote for day: vote Obama.

  • kina


  • seriously

    Its so stupid to call his plan socialism. It funny the entire rublican nation is sheep once one person uses a word “socialism” then the entire group uses it. Look up Socialism what he is offering is not even close. Mccains owns 7 homes married into a ubber rich family and come from money himself. What does he know about a struggling family. Palin doesn’t even know what the vice president does and she wants more power. People like her should not be in positions of power you don’t give a child a loaded gun and release him on his freinds.

  • Nana

    Let me say this. I know many American questions comments from people not living in the united States. Even though many do not live there, they have family member living there. I for one have half of my family living there. Some serving in the military and Doctors serving the people. I, for one do not want to hear the news that my brother is harmed in Iraq. That’s why I comment about these things. I live in Canada and hope to come to US after Obama wins the white house. I know he would do the right thing to bring my brother home from unnecessary war. I firmly believe America would do the right thing. We love American but we can only continue to love America when America do the right thing. This moment in your history, the right thing is to elect Obama as the rightful man to lead the country poor judgment and slacking economy. Whatever happens in America extends its borders and affect my millions outside America. This is they reason my the whole world is counting on America to get it right this time.
    Thank you for reading.
    I deeply appreciate it

  • CED

    I am still so amazed Senator Obama, is a politician who not only gets it but cares about the people. Bush and his buddies never did.
    I will be so Proud to call Barack Obama Our President!!

  • Roy

    Anytime you make the almighy dollar stonger than moral values, you are in for a bad ride. Obama will screw us all in the end. Hide and watch, you’ll see. At least McCain has principles that are his own. Obama is for whatever he thinks you want to hear. If he wins,(Obama) will lose jobs for people by hurting businesses, spoil the already lazy welfare abusers, and become friends with everyone we’ve been trying to kill over the last 8 years. It will be a sad day for Americans. God help us.

  • Claudia Watson

    Thank you. I missed it too. Just a note to all. It is easy to forget that while he is doing all this, a woman so close to his heart, his grandmother and mother really, is in her last days. I lost my mom some years back and it was a very hard time. I cannot imagine the strength it is taking to do it all. Think of that when you are voting.

  • Mia

    Thank you for posting this! I was at the televised Sunrise, FL rally last night and missed it. As I watch it now, Sarah Palin is on TV at a rally in Cape Girardeau, MO, spreading her vicious lies and spewing venomous hate. The contrast couldn’t be more stark! Please, God, let Barack Obama win… Our country is so angry and divided. The Republicans will only make that worse, and their policies will continue to damage our economy, contribute to our failing schools and crumbling infrastructure, and make us less safe by fanning the flames of anti-Americanism around the world! Obama will lift and unite us as a nation and restore our standing in the world!
    God bless America!
    God bless Barack Obama!
    Obama/Biden ’08!!!

  • Jim

    Vicious Lies? Venemous hate?
    At least she not toasting terriost?

  • http://Pray Rachael Fisher

    i think no matter who u vote for we all need to vote and pray for this country!!
    Go America EVERYBODY VOTE!!!!

  • Laura

    This is a very well crafted piece of advertisement, but Americans need to keep in mind what this is, it’s an advertisement. It has soft, soothing music in the background with Obama saying what we want to hear. It is more important for Americans to not just listen, but “hear” what he has said, he plans to increase government spending by $1 Trillion, his past record he has raised taxes, he believes in income redistribution (no one should receive more money back from their tax return than they paid in), he does not have any foreign policy experience which is a fundamental qualification to be President of the United States, especially at such a crucial time in history. When it comes to who you vote for on November 4th, I hope that Americans will base their choice for the future of our Country on the experience and strength of character of our next President. If Americans do this, there is only one clear choice, JOHN McCAIN. He is solid, he is steady, and HE IS READY TO LEAD!!!

  • Andrew

    You McCain supporters need to understand just because you know someone that doesn’t mean your just like them.
    Now if we want to talk criminals McCain and his S&L Scandal. Americans lost over 190Million. If he could do that to a Company think of what he can do to a country.
    Moral Value is nothing i see more moral value in Obama then McCain and Palin combined. so Moral Value is not an issue..

  • Clay

    Obamas can deff. count on my vote. All yall haters need to check ur shit. Basically its a lose lose situation we take Mcaine his ass will prolly die mid term of oldness and Palin will take over and she can barely keep her shit straight. Obama people say he will get assassinated most likely not because technology today is so advanced but in the case it does happen his vice has more brains than the other 2 anyday. How much power does the president really have if he was terrorist do you really think he would get the rest of congress and shit to agree to do bad to our soils that many have fought for for years. Yall need to shut the hell up its time for change b!tches and Obama is here…..
    Please dont take this to offense im jus saying the haters need to get a life and start thinking. But you know what hate him or love him your still thinking about him and your makin him more famous.
    God bless the united states.
    God bless obama

  • Momof3

    What about the Health care coverage that cost a $1000 a month, 2500 a year doesn’t cover much for my family. We Own our own Business and I hear no plans in this Infomercial to benefit my family; and the 3 men and families who work with us. Americans are Greedy, they WANT everything… They pay for a house they really can not afford and cars that look nice… America and Greed is one of the reason our country is in such great trouble…. I was thinking I might would change my opinion on who I plan to vote for, but I think it was 30 Min’s of time wasted.

  • True American

    Okay, that was the most ridiculous point of view I have read yet. It is obvious that you know nothing about politics – and instead of utilizing your right to a free and public education, God knows what in the hell you were doing. Just remember, those who follow blindly deserve what they get, a socialism county. But if you are too lazy to get out there and work, I guess that would give you a leg up in life. Do yourself a favor, do not speak unless you know what you are talking about.

  • Just another soul

    True American, socialism is not a bad thing…don’t get it mixed up with comunism. Anyhow, there are republics like Spain (yes, a Republic…the King is just a part of the landscaping), that progress under these ideals.
    Sadly, you really are a true unitedstadian,…I can tell by your lack of tolerance…America is not the United States only…so, please re-check your name…coz the American name belongs to everybody from Canada to the very last corner of Argentina (yeah, Hugo Chavez is American as well, booooooooo, that’s so scary).
    I wonder who is the one talking without knowing…

  • Momof3

    Reply: True American
    Okay Maybe you need to stop using the same line of defense for your reply… There are by all means other words you should know with that FREE Education you have !
    You are attacking people and not telling me why Obama is better then McCain… apperentaly you don’t know much about Politics either… I have a Family, My husband works on his knees everyday. I live in side my means. I am educated with college degree. I choose to care for my family and insure my Children are getting a Good education. I Choose McCain b/c I hear nothing that can or will benefit my family isn’t that why you choose Obama b/c you believe his plans work for you and your life ????

  • JenB

    You go Roy! I could not have said it better myself. Look, my father is a vet of WWII, my 3 brothers are all Vietnam vets, my daughter’s husband has been in the Military for over 25 years. They are all heros just as much as John McCain is. John McCain voted with Geo Bush over 90% of the time for their own selfish reasons and then turned around and gave us Sarah Palin. We should thank God for sending us Sen. Obama. Now, we need to do our part and stand behind this man and get things rolling! Thank you Sen. Obama

  • Clnan

    I am proud to say I have alrerady voted for Obama. He is my choice. I have looked at both parties and know this is the correct one. McCain will only leave us in the same position as we are now or worse. I have not heard one Republician say anything about what they would do to make this country better, they can only put down Obama. Can someone tell me what I am missing? Tell me what McCain will do, not slam everyone else.
    This campaign has clearly shown that RED people talk bad about people and BLUE people try to tell you what can be done about our future. I am tired of the smears.
    Obama is a bright, confident man that can run this country and have all people in one classification: AMERICAN We need to stop the colors, stop the fighting and pull together for a better country and a productive future.

  • FJK

    America is truly a great country. However the point most Republicans don’t get is that the last 8 years have seen America on the decline. The Republican administration has made several mistakes – an expensive campaign in Iraq, resistance to regulate the financial markets because it is socialism and possibly communist – and the list is long. Should America vote in John McCain, the decline shall continue. Interestingly a socialist/ communist country (China)shall take over as the next super power.

  • True American

    Momof3 – I am not for Obama – I am for McCain also. I was simply responding to a blind faith in Obama. I agree with your views.
    As for Just Another Soul: Where do I start. I am aware that there are other countries in North America and South America, but we here in the United States call ourselves “Americans,” and we are not referring to any other country but the United States of America. And just because my opinion does not agree with yours does not mean that I do not know anything about politics. I actually am very tolerant and respect the views of others (as long as they have a logical and real belief for such views). I just so happen to believe that Obama has no real, applicable experience to bring to the table. Alomost the entire time he has been in the U.S. Senate, he has been campaigning for the presidency. Give me a break, he did not write one single bill in Congress – I agree that Bush has not been a fabulous President, but voting in the most liberal senator in Congress is not the right choice for America. People just want to vote for him to make a statement – that an African American can be elected as President. To quote your own VP – mark my words – if you think it was bad with Bush, wait and see what you get with Obama.

  • Jose Hinohoto

    Oh my goodness, I love Obama! And I really wanna be his baby mamma!

  • Larry Lunchmeat

    Good point True American!
    Every blog on this for Obama has attacked with no facts to back their
    candidate. Repeaters of propoganda-
    We’re not socialist! McCain’s old! Republicans are not educated!
    They ought to add “Bush is a Nazi”. It so popular and cool.
    Maybe when they get out of school and start paying taxes, they’ll think about what, If anything, they learned and think for themself.

  • K.V.


  • Momof3

    I apologize, True American…


    No problem Momof3 – can get a little confusing in here. ; )
    K.V. – are you kidding me. Can’t you have your opinion without taking a jab at someone who doesn’t agree with you. You don’t even know me and what education level is. Telling me to “get smart” – you see him for who he really is… Who wants to reduce government spending? McCain. Who wants to increase government speading? Obama. If you believe that Obama will not raise your taxes, then you are blind. Look at his record, he has voted to raise taxes over 90% of the time. How do you think he is going to pay for his $1 Trillion increase in government spending – with Monopoly money? No, he is going to raise our taxes and create bigger government. Perhaps you don’t really appreciate the freedom that we have here in the United States. In the rare, but unlikely, event that he does not raise our taxes and only raises the upper 5% – do you really think that corporations are not going to raise the prices of their goods and services to balance out the tax increases. Give me a break, if Obama is elected President, we will pay dearly one way or another.

  • Jman

    Obama has some good ideas. He and many other citizens fail to understand that we live in a global economy and we must approach these good ideas correctly. If obama gets the presidency, his ideas will be implimented in the wrong ways. This not only effects americans but also the world economy. He talks about increasing his involvement in such issues as health care and jobs. He talks of not creating a bigger government but anytime you increase your involvement inappropriately, you have a bigger government. More importantly, socialization of such large and delicate issues is an even bigger no no. He touched on a few issues currently going on but what about immigration? Where does the money come from to support his energy plan? Where does the oil come from instead of the middle east? I see a lot of good ideas but very bad solutions. Because of this and many other concerns including his 30min speach, I’ve decided to switch and vote republican. I was really hoping to see a good change come from him. Now I see I cannot.

  • Anonymous

    do you guys not see? are you all blind? Obama is going to kill America, giving OUR money to people who do not even work. you must like it, because you are either the one who gets the money or are so rich it will not affect you! and do you know what it is called when people are forced to be charitable? Socialism! this will make it so that nobody works because they will get money even if they don’t work, lack of workers will cause company’s to go over seas, then the people who WANT to work won’t be able to because all the jobs are gone. the country will go deep into debt because they are only giving money away and not getting anything in return, causing markets everywhere to fail, plunging the whole world into a great depression. America will have no military, we will be forced out of Iraq, there will be Riots and Terrorist attacks, ending in Civil War (Pro-Democracy V Socialists).

  • Momof3

    I agree(True American) I am truly worried If Obama is elected… This Dang on video we just watched cost How MUCH ??? Do we really need to be spending so much money on all this ? Most ppl have made there decision by this point who they plan to vote for on the 4th or have already voted. What a Waste of money for a video that is saying the same things he has been saying. He is just putting a face and a story to what he is saying.. Many ppl are struggling the economy is horrible, work is not good for lots of ppl. I just don’t see it possible to get in office and wipe America clean from all her problems and CHANGE Everything… Its not possible !

  • True American

    Your blogs advocating for the Republican Party at this time are a sight for sore eyes. I have been talking till I’m blue in the face to get Americans to “wake up” before it is too late. Jman – my hats off to your for phrasing it so well. I agree that Obama is a smart guy – but his solutions will not fix the economy. His methods will sink us into a bigger hole. VOTE McCAIN ON NOVEMBER 4TH!!!

  • Esther

    God bless America and God bless Obama!

  • Anonymous

    You know what no matter who you vote for….they are men they are imperfect and they cannot fix the problems of the world today….so no matter who you vote for you will still have many problems…I dont think they would allow a person to run for president if they were going to kill america…or be a socialist…. and remember the president cannot pass any of these ideas with out the back up from congress and the senate…. And I dont think that they would alow a presidential canidate to continue to run if it was against the law to buy is VP clothes…Right now ALL humans are imperfect so no matter who gets in the white house EVERYONE will not be happy only some people will be happy because there are millions of people in america and you cant please all of them…period…. Just remember that weather a person is white black green purple yellow or silver we are all human and imperfect…

  • Amanda

    What most of these Republicans are speaking of here is a bunch of ‘slippery slope’ faulty logic that has very weak foundation. McCain has said very little about what he promises the US. In fact, before the poop hit the fan, he was the one quoted as saying something to the effect of “the economy will fix itself.” Didn’t happen in the last 8 years, and it won’t if you elect a president that makes snap decisions like that on everything. I am a true, natural born American that believes in a certain degree of socialism and believes in what it says on the Statue of Liberty. THAT is what our country is supposed to represent. So comparing democrats to socialists is like comparing Republicans to fascists. Letting big businesses “trickle down the wealth” to the middle class has been the economic strategy we’ve had for some time now. It is obviously not working. Just how these CEO’s can sit in Tahiti while their employees starve is beyond me. All wealth comes from God, and we are tested with it. What will these folks have to say for themselves on judgment day? I hope they start rehearsing it in front of the mirror. Break some bread with your neighbor before it is too late. I agree though that the lazy shouldn’t be rewarded. Propose some legislation to deal with such things. If we stick with slippery slope logic, then I would say that voting in McCain will cause USA to become a Banana Republic. Is THAT fair?!

  • Amanda

    And, no, I don’t mean the retail store!

  • Amanda

    By the way, Salam 3alekom and thank you, Br. Aziz Poonawalla, for posting this video. I was looking for it for hours last night because I don’t have a TV. Insha’Allah, I hope Barack will live up to his name–a blessing for the United States. Ma sha Allah that he has made it this far. May all US citizens (including myself) increase our knowledge and our humility. May we all set aside our arrogance, and work together to fix the state of affairs we are in now. Ameen.

  • Hewantsto unityus

    Stop Obama! he wants to unity us, give us hope, force us to work for a cause, let us have one love and one heart. Stop him! because he loves American and see us all as one.
    Its time us Americans start looking out for each other instead of fighting against each other.
    Obama 08

  • Young American

    I am a young gay college student, I am about to become a teacher. You’d think i would throw myself at Obama… but your sadly mistaken. I also live in his city of Chicago. I KNOW how he has voted in the past and people it does not look good. And no I’m not voting for McCain because I’m raciest or this or that, cause I’d love to vote for Clinton. But I know how he is and it’s not good. He voted again raising the minimum wage!!!! ( He voted against keeping criminal illegal aliens out of america; this mean if a mexican kills a child and wants to become an american citizen and live in the U.S. Obama says YES! How can you lower taxes yet spend more money?!?! What about the %50 of america that does not pay taxes? Make them pay taxes so the government can create jobs. By the way, someone pointed out how he can’t do everything himself…. well he can. FDR told the american people to vote for something every week in his fire-side chats, well they did and congress became a rubber stamp for FDR. So with the support Obama has from the media i believe he can do it again just like FDR. PLEASE before you vote blindly because he is popular and the media loves him and he promisses so much, please look at the facts and votesmart.

  • james

    This man is a natural born leader. I have not been involved in politics in the past. I’ve always taken the view of “no matter who is in the White House, I am the only one looking out for me.”. Im sure i’m not the only one with this view. But seeing how the economy has deteriorated, losing my (rather successful) business over the last two years because of the housing mess, and the ongoing war in Iraq, I’ve realized it’s time to stop being selfish, and we all need to pull together as a country. JUST LOOK AT THE TWO CANDIDATES, and you do not need to be a rocket scientist to see who is more presidential. Even Mccant supporters acknowledge obamas’ charisma, and that is part of being a president. “sorry!”. Mccant relies on one thing. His military service record. NEWSFLASH…. It takes more than a service record to run the country. Obama brings a new , fresh look to america and truly represents “change” in the right direction.

  • Baker

    Obama is right we have been talking about the same problems for years and nobody has actually fixed them but, my question is can Obama really fix the U.S’s problems, without bring us into more debt? What I’ve seen is, is Obama traveling the world and not really thinking about the U.S. Also, i can see why people are worried about how much they are making and if they can pay off there bills, but in this video I’ve seen how people are concerned about what i just said but they also have a big house, or at least the first one. People also have to live within there means. Also are national debt is pretty high, and that billion dollar stimulus plan Obama made didn’t help either.

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