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Regarding free speech

I’ve written a statement about my support for free speech, for reference. I will update it over time but I welcome feedback.

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posted October 5, 2008 at 4:20 am

I welcome the day when a non-Muslim may recite Moslem Scripture without commentary and with impunity.
Perhaps a respectful manner befitting a Muezzin in a minaret should be employed.
I have listed links to passages of Scripture that do not pertain to immorality, which were provided by the Muslim Students Association at the Univ. of So. Cal.,
i.e. @
The list is located at the message board that Cal. St. Univ., Northridge used @
The Hindustan Times (add .com) was cited as saying that these passages have been conveyed in a book to a dozen radical Muslims (the location & time were not stated). It contains only Molsem Scripture and allusions to it. The Mulism became moderate there-after (according to
That website identifies the book as “Mohammed’s Believe It Or Else!” which I have. Its introduction is listed by Robert A. Morey —
He commissioned the book’s production.
(He wrote “The Islamic Invasion ca. 1989 — confer

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