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Imam Warith Deen Mohammed

The leader of the Nation of Islam, credited with leading it towards mainstream Islamic practice, has passed away.

From his bio page at The Atlanta Jamaat:

IWDM.gifImam W. Deen Mohammed was born October 30, 1933, to the builder and leader of the Nation of Islam, the late Honorable Elijah (Poole) Muhammed and the late Clara (Evans) Muhammad. He is the leader of the largest identifiable consittuency of Muslim Americans and is recognized world wide as a leading Islamic Thinker and representative.


He succeeded his father in 1975 as the leader of the Nation of Islam with unanimous support of its followers and began its transformation to “Islam proper” as practiced by over 1 billion Muslims worldwide. He operned the Nation of Islam membership up to all races of Muslims and encouraged Muslim Americans to register to vote and become full participants in the politics and economics of America.

(via Koonj and Talk Islam)

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun

  • Anonymous

    He’s not the leader of the Nation, I’m going to have to ask somebody to correct that. The Nation is still the Nation, Imam Warith Deen Muhammad condemned the nation a long time ago.

  • draishalove

    May ALLAH bless you Imam Mohammad, for all the good you did and all those that came to Islam via your Wisdom and Dedication. “Allah Doth create us and to Him shall we return”, ameen!

  • Ahmed Saafir

    The head of the Nation of Islam would say he was his leader and his Imam.

  • Daoud Shariff

    Yes, it is true. Imam Abdul Haleem (Louis) Farrakhan would not hesitate to declare Imam Warith Deen Mohammed (A.S.) as his Imam, his teacher and his brother. The Imam did not ever condemn the “good” of the Nation of Islam, only that which was unislamic. He had declared that he was the true leader of the Nation of Islam, as all the regional and national leaders witnessed and pledged support, including Farrakhan. and also, including Malcolm X, Al Hajj Malik Al-shabazz.

  • ameena

    Ahmed Saafir,
    That’s incorrect. Imam Warith Deen Mohammed disbanned the Nation of Islam when his father passed away. He taught millions of MUslims the sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) In later years, the leader of the nation stated that Imam W.D. Mohammed was his leader as a sign of respect and terms of endearment. Imam Mohammed instructed the leaders of the Nation to follow the sunnah. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE do not distort facts or disrespect this honorable leader. We will have to indulge the mainstream media as it is. It’s a great blessing that he passed during this blessed month of Ramadan. He will be greatly missed, but his presence will carry on through millions of Muslims. By the way, the leaders of CAIR and MANA both said within the past year that Imam W.D. Mohammed was their Imam and their leader also.
    Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi raji un

  • Daoud Shariff

    We thank Allah for the life of Imam W. Deen Mohammed and for his spiritual insights! He had strong influence on my life, second only to my father as his impact on me eclipsed the impact of Malcolm X. He has indirectly impacted all of my children and my entire non-Muslim family, through his teachings to me. As a result of his life, the world is a much better place to be in, particularly, the United States of America.

  • Ruqayyah

    Please let us not start the petty arguing and fitnah already. The time is to celebrate his life and continue to celebrate the glorious month of Ramadan and the pleaces in our lives that the Almighty has so graciously brought us.



  • Charles Shabazz

    Imam Warith Deen Mohammed was certainly a powerful warrior for the cause of Al-Islam and Allah (SWT) will certainly bless him. Compared to the problems that Muslims are facing in other parts of the world, Muslims here in America are in a better situation mainly due to the dawah, or propagation that Imam Mohammed and those who taught Al-Islam in the most beautiful and proper manner like he did.

  • Alyssa

    May Allah grant this dear brother jannah al firdous. Insha’Allah his message and struggle to unite the muslim ummah will carry on after his death. Check on U-tube for Brother Umar Nasser’s interviews Muslims in America series (currently airs in Saudi Arabia). He recently did a GREAT 3 part interview with WD Mohammed that may clarify many misconceptions that Muslims as well as Non Muslims may have.

  • Khadeejah Hasan

    inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajeeun! May Allah make Imam Muhammad’s grave wide and peaceful, and give him the blessing of Jannah, amin! He will be greatly missed. His leadership helped me, in my young Islamic life, to seek further knowledge of the Deen. We should all remember his example and words to forever seek knowledge and grow to be true believers. More importantly,teach our children this deen,and be example for them, as he was, for all of us.

  • Nashid Abdul-Rahmaan

    The leader of the Nation of Islam is still alive. That would be Min. Louis Farrakan.
    Imam Mohammed’s organization was “The Mosque Cares”
    I can only echo some of heart felt words here about my Imam.
    When it came to getting the essence of Al-Islam, devoid of all the nationalistic and cultural baggage that a lot of my immigrant muslims brothers and sisters brought with them, there was no to him in America.
    We have lost a great leader.
    May Allah grant him the paradise.

  • Muhammad Abdur-Rahim

    With the Name of Allah, to the family of Imam W.D.Mohammed, I pray that he bless each of them with his peace and blessing in this time of great loss of our Muslim brother and leader. Our prayer go out to them and to the community of muslim who like myself seen only him as the leader of the world.
    May Allah grant him the paradise and for give him his sins.

  • Luqman Mubarak

    As Salaam Alaikuum,Ramadan Mubarak May Allah Grant Imam W.D.Muhammad the highest Level of Jannah an much light &peace in his grave May Allah Bless him for bringing us through the transformation to proper deening of This Religion of Al-Islam An i Pray we never forget what we have been taught by his example an teachings May Allah Bless his Family in this time of grieving

  • Herbert Sulaiman

    There is no G-d but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.
    We thank Allah for the beautiful loan of our beloved brother and we extend our condolences to his immediate family and all in hie extended family. We have been blessed to live in a time of true giants and to be transformed by the words that Allah put in their mouths. It has been a complete 360 degree cycle since September 1975 when W.D Muhammad-then the Supreme Minister of The Nation of Islam- brought us in tune with with the 1400 year traditional fast of Ramadan after his great,great father-The Honorable Elijah Muhammad- had prepared the deaf, dumb,and blind so-called negro for the fast by teaching us to fast during the month of December. It is a wonderful month to return to Allah. May Allah’s Blessings forever be upon the great deeds of our brother Iman W.D. Muhammad and may Allah grant this humble giant Peace and Eternal Paradise.
    ——-Myrtle Beach SC

  • Aziz Poonawalla

    His own biography at the Atlanta Jamaat page describes him as the leader of the NOI. I think it depends on what you believe the “true” NOI is, and thats really a debate that is tangential to the point at hand, which is to respect this revered, iconic muslim-American leader.

  • YaSin Abdul-Muhaimin

    Imam W. D. Mohammed had a positive impact on millions of lives/souls, his life’s work was living and teaching the Religion of Al-Islam. He utilized technology as teaching tools. I remember in the 1970’s he used a national radio broadcast to teach millions of Converts to Al-Islam how to perform Wudu and Salat (Cleansing and Prayer)correctly as taught Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). His influence is worldwide and well recieved and will continue to produce good works and good people. May the Peace and Blessing of Almighty Allah be with Him, His Family and His Followers. As-Salaam Alaikum

  • Dorothy Blake Fardan

    Ramadan Mubarak. What always stood out to me about the Imam was his very humble and simple way of being in this world, and of course his strong faith and consistent attitude towards his religion. I was called the first caucasian to be admitted to the Nation in 1975, and we moved to Chicago where I taught at the school, and we all heard those 1st Sunday lectures he gave, full of scriptural wisdom and spiritual inspiration. My prayers and condolences go to his immediate family and the general Islamic family as a whole. May Allah reward him for his best deeds with eternal peace. As-Salaam-Alaikum

  • Thema N Siddiqui

    Its from Allah (sap) we come and surely its to Allah that we must return. How can I begin to express my gratitude to the Most Merciful Redeemer. Allah u Akbar ! I had the opportunity to meet the Imam at my High School Graduation in Atlanta ( W.Deen Mohamed High). When he spoke he made a point to mention all of mankind. He truly taught the universal principals of Islam to the world. He was one of the strong figures that opened the doors to interfaith dialogs around the world….teaching that Islam is truly justice, freedom, and equality for all. May Allah’s mercies be on him and his family. May Allah have mercy on us all. May Allah bless him into the highest level of the Jannah for his good deeds and will to mankind. Surely Allah is the creator of all things.

  • Mohamed Nassir

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. From Allah we came and to Allah we shall return.
    May Allah bestow His Mercy on Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, and rest his soul among the Prophets, the Truthful, The Martyrs and the Pious Ones, Ameen.
    I had to honour of speaking to Imam Warith Deen many years ago to invite him to Singapore. The visit did not materialised, but he was certainly a nice person and was thinking about his community all the time.
    My condolences to his family and loved ones.
    Mohamed Nassir

  • Mike Harrison

    I have no words in the english language to describe this “Man”. He was simply the “Greatest”, living today. His example changed my life. He will truly be missed.
    May Peace and Blessing of ALLAH be with him and his family.

  • Alicia Newton

    As Salaam Aliekum,
    It is with great reverence and gratitude that I thank Allah for the life and teachings of The Honorable Warith D. Muhammad. His legacy of peace, compassion, and excellent example of submission to the will of Allah will live on in eternity.
    At first I was disturbed by the insidious practice of the American media to ignore and attempt to dismiss the unparalleled contributions to humanity this servant of Allah has made, however, it quickly turned into pity for anyone who missed his God-sent
    message for the progression and salvation of mankind.
    To the family I extend my heartfelt condolences and urge you to seek joy in the knowledge that he will now truly live in eternity, in paradise. As Patti Labelle so poignantly sings “I’m going walk around heaven all day”. His departure from the material world, as was his life, was marked by peace.
    This is truly the will of a merciful, loving, God, with whom The Honorable Warith D. Muhammad will reside forever.
    As Salaam Aliekum
    Ramadan Mubarak
    Much Love
    The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
    Martin Luther King Jr., Strength to Love, 1963

  • Nuriddin Ibn Muhammad

    Imam Wartih Deen Mohammed led an exemplary life during his 33 years as the leader of American Muslims. He spoke for all Muslims regardles to their ethinicity. I once had the privilege of visiting the home of Imam Mohammed in 1979 when a dear friend took me there. We arrived in a limousine and exited to what I saw was a small row house although neatly appointed. I stood at the front door and could only reflect that his house was smaller than the one I owned back in New York in a middle class neighborhood in Queens. I was actually impressed with the simplicity of the man. He answered the bell through a speaker and greet my friend and I. He told us through the speaker that he was a little tied up and could not receive us just at that moment. We never got in to meet with him however I was not all that disappointed. I had seen what I had come to see. A man that lived simply and modestly unlike many of the other leaders I had come to know in the former Nation of Islam. Imam Mohammed was real. What you saw was what you got. He never made you feel as if he was some great dignatary or important person for that matter. He was just another brother. But yet he was to me one of the most influential human beings on my life including moreso than his father, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, whom I would have stepped in front of a bullet for. Imam Mohammed was so profound. I miss him so much. I miss his voice; his words. “Man is mind” he would say. He was so profound. I became a quiet millionaire listening and studying his teachings. I know this would have not been possible without his teachings. I was able to shake off the ignorance of racism that I had embraced as a member of the Nation of Islam to become a free thinker under Imam Mohammed’s teachings. Yes I think “freedom” is what he gave to us. He was an emancipator. I love this man and pray Allah that he will receive him with open arms. May Allah bless your soul Imam Mohammed and I thank you for making me a better person, a better father, a better husband, a stronger believer and a more humble servant of Allah. Travel well. As-Salaam-U-Alaikum.

  • LaMar Fuller

    May Allah bestow his bleesings on the Muhammad family and all Muslims alike.Truly a great leader and a beloved brother.May Allow grant him a level of paradise suitable for that of a prophet.

  • Ismail Bilal

    May Allah, bless Imam Warith Deen Muhammad and forgive him of his sins and allow him to have paradise and a peaceful rest in his grave. Ameen.
    I was raised in the Nation of Islam when I was 5yrs old and have always followed the leadership of Imam Muhammad when he took over the as leader of the Muslims in America and became a wonderful worldwide figure of Islam. He will truly be missed and may Allah reward him and allow him to have peace.
    Ismail Bilal

  • Jihad Rasheed Shabazz

    In the innermost compartments of my mind, heart, body, and soul,the
    passing over to paradise of Imam W.D.Mohammed shall always move me
    to try harder to become the best Muslim I can attain to be. Because
    of his sincere devotion to plant the seed of Al-Islam into the world
    as it revolves today, we all have benefitted, one way or another,even
    if we don’t know it. Mere words alone can not express the great im-
    pact this humble soldier of Allah has had on millions of African-
    Americans, as well as the many other people of all races this meek,
    mild, Brother has influenced to establish a true relationship with
    Allah and to follow the example of His Messenger, Prophet Muhammed
    (Peace be upon him) of 1,429 years ago.
    May the peace and blessings of Allah be with Imam Mohammed,may Allah
    forgive him for his sins and grant him paradise forever.
    Jihad Rasheed Shabazz

  • Hassan Shabazz

    As Salaam Alaikum,
    May Allah (G’d) grant his mercy and favor upon our beloved Imam W. Deen Mohammed and grant him the highest reaches of paradise. I believe the Imams’ biggest contribution to the Islamic movement in America is that he showed us how to be comfortable with our Islamic life. He showed us how to accept the the Qur’an and the Sunnah without taking on the Arab, Pakistani or Iranian culture.

  • R.C. Beckom

    “I’m shocked,” I’m beginning to wonder where I’ve been, this is something that I did not know had happen. Someone whom words that I hang on to dearly has left and I was unaware of it.
    Being a product of the city of Chicago myself, I have been exposed to the many ideaolgies of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, his sons, Min. Farakkan, Muhammad Ali, and Malcolm X , to name a few. Tt is because of guys like these existing in my world that I have become the Man that I am, I will be for ever beholding to the Iman for the life style that I have chosen to live, for with out the wisdom of the Iman and others like him being shared with people like me, I would be clueless to the thoughts of this world about people like me.
    I would not have the sightest understanding of what it would takes to be a Black Man In America or anywhere else in this world. My heart and insight will be forever pointed in the direction that you have shown me, for in my heart, mind, body, and soul I know that it is the true direction to go in, and about this, with me “There is no Doubt.” For you have assured me that Faith is the tool to use, and that “Doubt is the Enemy of Faith, and Fear is Doubt’s cousin.
    Thank you for beening there when you was truely needed.
    “Bless you in the name of Allah.” (That means God in arabic, pronounced God in english, which is pronounced Yahweh in Hebrew) For we who know, know that you was sent by the Creator of all, to truelly be a witness of his word. So rest my Brother and know: “JOB WELL DONE.”

  • Ron El-Amin

    Imam Mohammed taught us that Christ entered into the world and departed like a’thief in the night’, meaning, that he came into a world absorbed in itself, did his great work, and departed without most realizing the significance of this great teacher. This is a fitting analogy of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, the man and his mission. He was in a world that knew him not. For so many who missed his personal witnessing, a second opportunity exist with Visit this sight, hear his message regarding ‘The Creator and the Fair and Open Promotion of the Human Potential.
    “Our Lord forgive us if we forget or fall into error”.

  • Sandra Shabazz

    I pray and ask our father,our Lord,our Creator,and our God,the one and only true God,Allah ,to grant you peace my brother.Much love and respect is given to your memory to those that I teach everyday. You and my brother,Muhammad Abdul Shabazz truly gave me a profound knowledge and love of Allah,this I thank you. Find peace with Allah my brother.
    Sis,Sandra Shabazz
    Teacher,Jacksons Gap,Alabama

  • Tonia Malloy

    What’s new?

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment JOHN COBB

    May peace and blessings be upon Imam W Deen Muhammad
    allways.If we respect Imam W Deen Muhammad,we should also respect his wife.They are both very beautiful people.

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