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Well, we were talking about pests and bugs last week. These mantra-adorned “bug catchers,” which appear to be nothing more than sweet little boxes that can serve as holding tanks for your bugs as you walk them to the door, […]

I took my children to see an excellent revival of “West Side Story” yesterday and was happy to behold that they gave the show a standing ovation (kids generally love standing ovations). I drove home singing songs from the world-famous […]

As I was walking our dog down a country road in Western Massachusetts this morning, I was thinking about how taming the wilderness is such a natural human impulse. I’ve been unsettled by the disease-carrying deer ticks our dog keeps […]

Harry Potter fans anticipating the July 21st release of the last and seventh book in the series might enjoy (not quite the right word) this piece about whether or not the great boy wizard should sacrifice himself for the wellbeing […]

Here’s a nice article about the significant dreams people have that feature cameo appearances of deceased parents, children, spouses, or friends. Have you ever experienced such a dream at night, where a dead person appears to help, comfort, or offer […]

The best summer fireworks are provided by fireflies, those bliss-conjuring, blinking beetles that fly (I hope) in the backyards of your neighborhood. I had an intense, spiritual experience communing with fireflies two years ago while on a silent retreat near […]

The July-August Utne Reader publishes four articles on soy, attacking the hot subject from different angles. Starhawk, aaugh, I don’t want to shake your faith or heavy soy habits, but, really, take another look. None of these articles make me […]

Well, I’m sure your July 4th plans have shaped up by now. You’re going to wave the flag, praise our president, and feel proud as hell. Not. Or not exactly. I know you are a complete patriot though, marinated in […]

One thing I love about living in my in-law’s country house every summer is that I’m separated from much of my stuff–my shoes, clothes, books, photos, mail, and all those magazines piling up. Possessions and clutter inhibit us all from […]

Here’s a funny gallery of images showing how God has been portrayed in films and TV shows over the last several decades