The trendy, high-in-antioxidants pomegranate (read all about it in The Bible and Qu’ran!) now occupies a place of status alongside the reliable lemon, lime, and cherry. Polar Beverages is peddling a nice pomegranate-flavored seltzer. I saw it in the grocery store last week.

Actually, what I’ve been getting is organic, unrefined, unsweetened pomegranate juice (look around, there are several brands). Then I pour a generous splash of it into a large glass of organic kefir in the mornings. This sometimes passes as my pre-blogging breakfast of champions. Throw in some ground flax seed and you’re doing even better. I got this idea from the best-selling author and anti-aging guru
Dr. Nicholas Perricone. He says you’ll keep down the calories by flavoring the kefir with only a tablespoon of pomegranate juice; I have to admit, I’m pouring in a good quarter cup. Delicious.

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