Chattering Mind

by Dr. Susan Corso

Cosmic Bridge People are born to build a bridge from an old consciousness to a new one. Bridge People come in all sizes, shapes, formats, genders, and ages. The insightful and talented
Anna Quindlen wrote about a Bridge Person in Newsweek’s “The Last Word” column this week. Her column is entitled “The Brand New and the Same Old,” and it’s about Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Now whether you’re fer Hillary or agin her (is anyone neutral about Hillary?), hear me out. Anna Quindlen makes an important point. She writes, although not in this order:

“The fantasy was that the first woman president would be someone who would turn the whole lousy system inside out and upside down. But with Senator Clinton’s candidacy, the brand new is the same old, revolution and throwback simultaneously. Senator Clinton has been described so often as a transitional figure that she must be sick to death of the term. But perhaps that is what she will inevitably be….”

Transitional figures are Bridge People. Sometimes Bridge People work from within the system to make changes. Sometimes, like the Berrigan brothers, they work from outside the system to make changes. They have spiritual commitments to sow seeds for a new consciousness amidst the old. Seeds aren’t bombs. They’re not drastic or even dramatic. Seeds are about letting things grow.

Columnist Quindlen goes on: “…it may be that all those… who dreamed of Ms. President are realizing that there was always going to be a way station between guy politics as usual and a new female style of leadership.”

Of course! I smacked my forehead in a V-8 sort of gesture. There would have to be a transitional figure. Have to. Because there’s a bridge that needs building. No, make that bridges. Bridges between communities in our own country, bridges between the people of our country and the government of our country, bridges between our country and the countries of the world, and bridges between the countries of the world and our planet.

Hillary’s assignment notwithstanding, where are you called to sow the seeds to build a bridge?

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