by Dr. Susan Corso

For almost 20 years, I have manifested Type II Diabetes. The medical pundits say that, these days, it’s become a veritable epidemic, especially in our young people. What’s going on?

Oh yeah, I know. Computers, less-than-healthy eating habits, lack of exercise. Those are the physical reasons for diabetes. What I’m asking instead is: what are the metaphysical reasons? (N.B. This is not, I repeat, not an opportunity for what I call Metaphysical Malpractice. That’s code for: blame the sufferer—and some of modern medicine has this tactic down to a… um, science.)

I think the so-called diabetes epidemic is a message. Track with me the etymologies of the words involved in the “dis-ease.” First, diabetes itself. Diabetes comes from the Greek, meaning passing through. It is an inability to use the food one eats, namely sugar, which passes through the body instead of nourishing one. The pancreas is the principle gland involved in the dis-ease. Pancreas means all flesh. Without the pancreas and its function, one starves, quite literally. Insulin is the principle hormone involved in the dis-ease. Insulin comes from the root word island; it is about isolation.

I think that, metaphysically, diabetes is about a soul pattern of emotional isolation—starving for love, and unable to get enough of its sweetness. When I figured it out for myself, I began to heal the symptoms of the dis-ease. Western medicine along with several modalities of energy healing including The Healing Codes, allowed my doctor and me to take me off insulin this week.

Why the epidemic? And especially in young people? Here’s my take: these youth are carrying a soul memory for the rest of us. That soul memory is: Life is sweet, life is nourishing, life is to be savored. If we’ll slow down, spend some time within ourselves, listen deeply, and take action as guided, we who manifest diabetes can give the world a gift. We’ll remember that life is sweet, and because our very nature is to give, we’ll give that reminder of sweetness to everyone.

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