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January 1, 1970 Archives

Well, the 10-year-old Chattering gets braces put on his teeth today. What’s interesting is that there’s no stigma to having metal in your mouth these days because so many kids have braces, and in our case, they all go to […]

Planning a more spiritual summer than last year’s? Here’s how to go about it.

For 16 years, journalist and Washington Monthly president Markos Kounalakis has been wanting to bring Mark Twain’s bitterly anti-war prose piece “The War Prayer” more fully into the public square. Kounalakis read and connected to the famous short story just […]

Here’s an excerpt from Twain’s story “The War Prayer.” It is the text of a dark, sardonic prayer uttered in church by a stranger who reveals to a gung-ho, pro-war community what real war often is. “O Lord our Father, […]

Get ready, parents. School art work is about to come home–heaps of tissue paper collages, posterboard paintings, and charcoal drawings. You’ll want to frame some, hang some, and then store everything you don’t pitch or recycle. In a feng shui […]

Bravo, for running this symposium on what’s causing the seeming demise of the honey bee. The good news is that cell phone usage probably isn’t responsible. Bees may well be adapting to climate change and pesticide use. Says Wayne […]