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January 1, 1970 Archives

Annie Berthold-Bond, the “Green Heloise,” includes great tips for keeping your closets moth free in her most recent newsletter (which you can sign up for here). Here’s how to make your own non-toxic, moth repelling sachets: INGREDIENTS 2 ounces each […]

There’s a movement afoot to get the Bible taught as literature in more grade schools and high schools. Sounds like an idea that will really inflame a lot of people, but this study by William Jeynes (a non-resident scholar at […]

A new healthy snack bar called “Soy Joy” is trying to humorously capitalize upon the idea that anything affiliated with yoga might sell by calling itself “yoga for your mouth.” Soy Joy’s website additionally features an endorsement from a fit-looking […]

I was reading Valerie Reiss’s interview with spiritual teacher and medical intuitive Caroline Myss this morning, and I got caught up in what Myss says is today’s most common source of spiritual discontent. She said of her students: People say […]

I flew down to South Carolina over the weekend to help care for my 93-year-old dad. He’s had two terrible falls in recent weeks, seriously bruising the whole left side of his body, especially the upper arm and elbow. Thankfully, […]

They’re saying green is the “new black.” Vogue magazine has a whole section on green clothing, fashions, and shopping totes this month. At $15, this is the only affordable shopping bag the editors mentioned, but it appears to have sold […]