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January 1, 1970 Archives

My best Acquaintances are thoseWith Whom I spoke no Word—The Stars that stated come to TownEsteemed Me never rudeAlthough to their Celestial CallI failed to make reply—My constant—reverential FaceSufficient Courtesy. Oh MatchlessEarth, Weunderrate thechance todwell in thee. —Emily Dickinson

Last night, I drove the kids from Brooklyn to Western Massachusetts where Mr. Chattering’s parents(my inlaws) have a house in the woods. The plan was to say here and blog for the next two weeks while the kids attend an […]

Nina Utne has a good article in the July/August Utne Readeron how Mathew Sanford, then 13, survived the trauma of losing a father and a sister and becoming paralyzed himself in the same car accident. Twenty years later, Sanford is […]

Hey guys, I’m wondering why nobody responded to that William B. Yeats quote I posted a few days ago. It made my week, so I was hoping it would leave you similarly dazzled. The fact that the great Irish poet […]