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January 1, 1970 Archives

Oh, now we understand. An Italian lip reader seems to think that French World Cup captain Zinedine Zidane delivered that head butt because his Italian opponent had insulted the whole Zidane family, AND Zidane’s mother had recently received some bad […]

“I am happy, and I think full of an energy, an energy I had despaired of. It seems to me that I have found what I wanted. When I try to put all into a phrase I say, ‘Man can […]

CM reader Kathy asks: “Are you aware of a site that lists different chants that can be incorporated into a meditation practice?” Yes, actually, Beliefnet has an extensive section about chanting.

This Chris Bliss juggling video has been making the rounds. Just imagine all the hours of mindful practice. You’ve got to watch all four and a half mesmerizing minitues, and show it to your kids. Thanks to healthy home products […]