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January 1, 1970 Archives

I heart Michael Franti, the be-dreaded singer who “stands six-foot-six above sea level” and reminds us in his honeyed hip-hop baritone that you can “bomb the world to pieces but you can’t bomb it into peace.” (Go here for samples […]

At my still somewhat newish full-time post in a large, busy, tightly populated office, I’m perpetually creeped by germs. I got a big cold my first two weeks here and then a couple of tiny ones after that. Reading those […]

Deeep breath. Okay, so I just got the word. Four years worth of email correspondence, vanished from my trusty, now untrusty laptop…poof, gone, buh-bye. That’s about 5,000 emails from friends around the world—some of whom I won’t know how to […]

Maybe you’re trying to cut back on your coffee consumption? You could always wear it instead. No, not the way I usually end up wearing food (there’s a reason I always have an extra t-shirt nearby), but strung on a […]

Buddhism has experienced a surge of high-profile popularity among Westerners in recent years. That is, most kinds of Buddhism, the kinds that appeal to our American desire for a serene mind and settled body. But, according to a story in […]

Last night my boyfriend T, the newspaper man, brought home an advanced (unproofed) copy of “Cancer Vixen: A True Story.” It’s a graphic memoir coming out in October by The New Yorker and Glamour cartoonist Marisa Acocella Marchetto—she’s known for […]