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January 1, 1970 Archives

“Pray as if everything depends upon God; act as if everything depends upon you.” —Abraham Joshua Heschel.

Every time I go to synagogue with my husband and kids, one or two passages will leap off the prayer book page and touch me deeply. Here’s one I gravitated toward last Friday at Temple Beth Elohim, on the eve […]

Today, I noodled around a website called, and I realized, quite frankly, that I’m not as green as I like to think. Green Home markets a vast collection of hard-to-find products, all environmentally sound. I like the site’s no-frills […]

I upset a reader last Sunday with my post that said that while I favor natural medicines to conventional ones, I am trying not to judge those who go the conventional route because I’ve come to see that mood-altering medicines […]

When I look back on the days when I was either nursing or carrying my children constantly, I remember two things: The way Mr. Chattering would rush home to help me (since he’s generally worked in offices and I’ve mostly […]