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January 1, 1970 Archives

No frills. Great prices. The Vedanta Society of Southern California publishes a Vedanta Catalog with all manner of meditation books and tapes. I’ve just ordered a rare taped lecture of Aldous Huxley speaking on “Knowledge and Understanding.” Seventy-eight minutes long […]

The Reverend Tony Campolo, one of the most spunky and passionate representatives for what is being called the “Christian Evangelical Left,” was on “The Colbert Report” a few nights ago speaking about how the teachings of Jesus transcend party politics. […]

“…I still instinctively tighten my grip when things feel out of my control. But that’s okay. I’m used to the drill: Something I didn’t want to happen, happens. I feel the resistance build within. I feel the pressure to control […]

Have you ever gotten so mad at your children that you’ve pinched or scratched or hurt them in the process of trying to behave “properly” and hold your emotions in? Brian Doyle, the editor of Portland Magazine, has a piece […]