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He has two arrests and a no contest on his “checkered” resume. He had a too-well reported on “ahem” operation to have something removed off a body part I will not mention. Mike “Boogie” Malin should not be anywhere NEAR […]

Clay Aiken raised over $100,000 more for his charity in The Apprentice finale than his competitor Arsenio Hall. He also got the nod from three of five competitors from ‘The Donald’ when they were asked who should win the reality […]

Gentle and smooth enough to show off homes on NBC’s Today Show, but tough and grizzled  enough to mix it up with business superstars on ABC’s Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran is one winning woman. I had to blog about her […]

Maybe I’m making too much of this, but at the end of Sunday’s The Apprentice it seems clear to me host Donald Trump is clearly looking in one direction when he fires the last of the remaining three competitors. The […]

To say Mark Teixeira has been a solid contributor with the New York Yankees would be an understatement. The first baseman, entering his fourth season in the Bronx after signing  as a free agent, has belted over 30 homers and […]

Pardon the grammar but “Beyond Scared Straight” ain’t no joke. The A&E series gives would be convicts a real look, a real CLOSE look, at what life behind bars would be like. What it IS like, actually. And it’s no […]

The next season of The Apprentice hasn’t even started and the sparks are already flying on Donald Trump’s hit NBC reality show. One of the contestants, Dee Snider, complained to “The Donald” about members of the other team. “Listen, Mr. […]

What happened during that hour? I’ll never know. I am referring to this morning from 7 am to 8 am when I couldn’t find my remote control and decided to do some writing instead … pity the poor readers of […]

Perhaps David Stern is a fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians? The NBA commissioner probably isn’t a fan of reality shows, however, as the NBA IS its own reality show. The Kardashians probably breathed a sigh of relief when […]

I am going to be a hypocrite here in today’s feature, but just a little bit. I often rail on reality shows, for instance, but in reality not all of them are bad. The Duggars on TLC, for instance, are […]