Changing Channels

Michael Phelps

I forgot where I first saw the  question, but it has certainly stuck with me:

Does it really matter what nation wins the most medals at the Olympics?

Ummm…I’ll take that one … YES!

Of course I am an American and am very proud of my nation’s athletes, including the swimmers, gymnasts, basketball players, water polo competitors, track and field stars and anyone else I am neglecting to mention.

That point aside, it DOES matter that the U.S. captured the most gold medals and the most medals overall because we are a free nation.

I am biased toward our system, and have taken hits for that but you know what:


I enjoyed the fact the U.S. got more medals than a state-run nation that withheld information from one of its athletes about a grandparent’s death.

That was the wrong thing to do and showed an athletic program out of whack with it priorities.

We’re a nation of mostly very good people that more often than not do the right things for the right reasons.

So congratulations U.S. … and keep those medals coming so we can keep count!

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