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Reality TV has spawned plenty of garbage, but WE’s Downsized isn’t one such program.

The program shows the real-life struggles of a decent hard-working family living near Phoenix, AZ.

Todd and Laura Bruce and their seven children lived well before the recession, when his construction business was raking in $1.5 million annually.

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Being a good man, Bruce tried to keep his construction employees paid through some of the tougher times. The attempt backfires, however, as the recession lingered and clients’ payments got delayed and work dried up faster than a puddle in the Arizona heat.

That also put pressure on Bruce’s wife, Laura, to lead  fitness classes and waitress along with doing her regular teaching job. Oh yes, and she’s also  dealing with health issues along with helping to raise seven kids, including several teenagers.

The kids are above average in that they care about each other and show love and respect for their parents. They make sacrifices, behave well and look out for each other.

So perhaps the Bruce family is still “rich” after all, in some respects.


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