Changing Channels

First of all, I’ll just come clean on something … I am VERY jealous of Chris Berman.

The ESPN “personality” broadcasts the top sports for top dollars and then makes EVEN more money appearing in ads.

Chris Berman

He can even get away with doing ads for a weight loss product, Slim-Fast if I recall the name properly, and the calorie-laden restaurant chain Applebees … AT THE SAME TIME!

It’s funny seeing the same people pop up in different commercials, for instance the odd guy who bit into a stranger’s oatmeal at McDonald’s is the same man who waxes poetic about Stanley Steemer’s carpet cleaning service.

The same woman, too, who was part of a car company’s push to look like a typical American family (remember the supposedly stressed out mommy taking a nap in the mini-van)? is showing up in a fiber cereal commercial.

One of my favorite TV ad characters is the guy who concentrates on eating his Dunkin Donuts Big and Toasty sandwich rather than listen to his boss. That’s an egg-ceptional commercial …. sorry, couldn’t resist.

The same man appears in a new car ad with Phil Jackson, where a chef at a restaurant doesn’t recognize the each Lakers/NBA coach.

Good actor? The guy is less stiff than the ex-Knicks star, though I am admittedly jealous of “Jax” too for all those championships.


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