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Cute. sweet and funny.

Judging by the trailer and reviews for Larry Crowne, that appears to be the best way to describe the new movie release.

Despite solid performances by Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, however, is that enough to plunk down $8 or more to go see it?

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Although Kevin James is not quite of Tom Hanks’ caliber he is a pretty big star.

I bring the King of Queens star up because I found Paul Blart: Mall Cop cute, sweet and funny too.

James carried the movie, such as it was, but the performances around him, including a supposed love interest were so weak I wish I had saved my money.

I may be a notorious cheap-skate, but I felt Paul Blart would have been a decent made-for-TV movie.

Going to the movies should be a special experience to see a really good flick.

Sorry Tom and Julia, but a mediocre gift, even if it’s in nice packaging doesn’t make it for me.

I’ll wait to see Larry Crowne on the small screen.

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